Open Letter To Robert Fisk

Dear Mr. Fisk,

I found your recent article published in The Independent on 25th August 2007, very interesting indeed.

Robert FiskIt is a welcome change that a highly respected journalist as yourself, described by the New York Times as "probably the most famous foreign correspondent in Britain", finally has some "questions". Great! However, there are some insinuations in your article that suggest you have not informed yourself about the wealth of factual, undisputed evidence that is available in support of the 9/11 Truth position, while at the same time you have introduced new “evidence” which on the face of it seems rather ill-considered, and for which you provide no references.

Firstly, however, I want to point out that the tone of this article is very self-serving and insulting to many who have been researching this subject for years.  These people you call "ravers", are in reality people like me who got fed up with the stone-walling of mainstream media on the most important single issue of our time. This is enough to make anyone with a conscience angry. I am angry, and you should be angry too. Anger is warranted here.

You said:

“Usually, I have tried to tell the ‘truth’; that while there are unanswered questions about 9/11, I am the Middle East correspondent of The Independent, not the conspiracy correspondent; that I have quite enough real plots on my hands in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Iran, the Gulf, etc, to worry about imaginary ones in Manhattan.”

Mr. Fisk, nobody wants to be a “conspiracy theorist”! We are driven to this by conscience, and because we see that if we don’t speak up that the tyrants will simply have their way unopposed. Ultimatey, we speak out because we know that if the crimes of  9/11 are allowed then our liberal democratic way of life is over, and we would be fools to expect to be safe from the murderous cabal which is pulling the strings of world governments.

According to your wikipedia entry, you interviewed Osama Bin Laden no less than three times, yet you claim that investigating 9/11 is outside the scope of your professional expertise. Why, for example, have you remained silent all this time about the glaring discrepancies in the famous "Fatty" bin Laden confession tape released by the Pentagon on December 13, 2001? Surely you agree that, even if we trust the CIA “authentication” of this tape, the use of a blurry video to justify an invasion of a sovereign nation is a type of propaganda which is worthy of  Joseph Goebbels?

4 Images of Osama bin Laden

Immediately after 9/11 you were stationed in Pakistan. Surely you are aware of the report from the Times of India that ISI Director-General Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad  authorised the wiring of $100,000 to lead 9/11 Hijacker Muhammed Atta? You probably also know that General Ahmad was in the US when the attacks occurred and that he had meetings at the State Department after the attacks on the WTC, and that he also had a regular consultations with his US counterparts at the CIA and the Pentagon during the week prior to September 11?

I say probably - because you were stationed in Pakistan shortly after 11th September 2001. However, I may be wrong - if so I impore you to investigate this story and write it up in The Independent.

you go on to say in your article:

“My final argument – a clincher, in my view – is that the Bush administration has screwed up everything – militarily, politically diplomatically – it has tried to do in the Middle East; so how on earth could it successfully bring off the international crimes against humanity in the United States on 11 September 2001?”

This is the famous incompetency argument which has been used by every apologist for the official 9/11 story, and it is growing very lame and very stale. Let me point out just one thing: the fact that the government bureaucracy and the field commanders in Iraq are incompetent does not speak to the issue of the rigging of the WTC for controlled demolition, or the stand down of NORAD, or the shoot down of flight 93. Firstly, we don’t know who the demolition team was, but they appear to have done a pretty good job, so, whoever they were, they were competent enough to destroy three massive buildings and kill around 2,700 human beings. Now, we know that the “hijackers” were not competent even as pilots, yet we are expected to believe they got lucky and managed to bring down these 3 buildings exactly in the manner of a controlled demolition? Which is the more outrageous theory?

Mr. Fisk, by your silence all these years, you have been part of the cover-up, and you are still clinging to the shreds of your straw-man defenses of the official position, and by disparaging truth seekers who have confronted you, you demonstrate that you are still the loyal servant of the elites who fund your comfortable life-style.

You have pointed out that WTC 7 collapsed into its own footprint in 6.6 seconds - for that I congratulate you, however, you have also introduced pure hearsay as evidence when you say that:

“the body of a female air crew member was found in a Manhattan street with her hands bound.”

I find this rather odd, because in the same sentence you say it is easy to “dismiss” claims that explosions were reported in the towers. Wrong! It is not at all easy to dismiss these reports. Please inform yourself by watching this short presentation, or have a read of this article:

118 Witnesses: The Firefighter's Testimony to Explosions in the Twin Towers

Perhaps you are simply unaware of the mountain of factual evidence which can be adduced in support of the proposition that 9/11 was an “inside job” rather than an attack by a foreign enemy. If so, can I suggest you visit , and my own website without further delay.

Finally Mr. Fisk, are you prepared to take the next step by showing real support for the 9/11 Truth Movement and addressing the real issues? If so, you will have to be prepared to lose some of your current privileges. You may have to quit your job. You may have to face the scorn of your colleagues and the wrath of trained attack-dogs such as George Monbiot, who will surely write an article insinuating you have lost your marbles and need to be "retired"? Are you prepared to be marginalised and ignored by the all the press except for these scathing attacks?

This is what you must face.

best regards,
Hereward Fenton

I'm don't think

that this letter provides a very warm welcome to the 9/11 truth movement. Its difficult for reporters within the mainstream media to bring up the questions like Mr. Fisk has. Perhaps if we are less critical, and more suportive, he will likely keep moving our direction.

Condescension pratically

Condescension pratically drips from Mr Fisks article. There is little chance he will ever embrace the Truth movement.

I heartily disagree. Mr.

I heartily disagree.

Mr. Fisk will almost certainly enthusiastically support 9/11 truth one day. (Whether he'll embrace the truth movement is an open question.)

He'll do that once a 9/11 truth consensus emerges among the informed public, and the MSM he devotes his life to is reeling in humiliation.

In other words, when it's too late to do 9/11 truth any good. He'll be there, pretending he was speaking out about "9/11 questions" all along, and desperately striving for credit for opening this thing up, or some such.

The Noam Chomskys, the Alexander Cockburns, the Justin Raimondos, the Norman Solomons -- they'll all be there too. Saying stuff like, "It was obvious all along," "We were preparing the public to understand something of such enormity," ad nauseum.

Archivists out there: Collect what these gatekeepers have been saying. When the great change comes, an awful lot of material is suddenly going to disappear off the Internet. (I distinctly remember a WSJ column by Peggy Noonan as the Iraq invasion commenced, prophesizing how the Iraqis would be rejoicing in the streets and embracing the American invader once the Hussein regime was overthrown. Some time later that column mysteriously disappeared from her online WSJ archive.)

These opportunists will try to claim credit for a changed America, and we need to be prepared to expose them as the traitors to truth and justice that they are.

When Monbiots Fly

9/11 Truth Ends War

I disagree with Runner

I disagree with Runner above. This is an excellent reply to Mr Fisk, exactly the right tone

I wrote as well

Here is what I had to say to him..... Although, I see that my spell checker did not function. :(

Dear Sir,

I read your article and your reasoning behind why you think that the Bush Administration "could not have been behind 9/11", but I offer you this.

The "incompetence" you speak of is probably by design. We could have been in and out of Iraq by now, which is your point to a degree. However, your missing a VERY big point to the US not being out of Iraq by now.

In CHAOS they could steal!!!!!

If we completed the task in a hurry, who is going to get all those MILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars????

If we went in there and kicked butt, and left with a secure Iraq, who is there to make the big money???? This is what it is all about!!! All of those KBR/Haliburton, Blackwater, etc. contracts would be gone... Then where oh where will that money be obtained without Iraq???

Just look at who Bush puts into important positions that are suppose to watch after the public, but instead look after the corporations. It's about the money!!!!

I agree that Bush is an Incompetant bafoon, but the people behind the curtain certainly are not. Just look at the recent video of Cheney telling what would happen if we did go into Iraq during the Gulf war, and we had 650,000 soldiers from all around the world on the ground then. They knew that with just 150,000 troops what would happen, and they drooled at the prospects of all that money.

They knew that they could keep stating that they needed more money and that Congress would give it without any, or very little questions. This, from 9/11, has become the largest bank robbery in history. If you don't think so, then ask yourself this????? If Iraq is so important, why have they not pulled all but a few 100 people from all the foriegn bases and put them into Iraq???? As a veteran, I can tell you that there would be no problem in pulling troops from Germany, Korea, Japan, etc to put into this fight. They don't want to because it will show signs of stability and progress, and then they will be forced to have to leave.

Another thing to ask yourself, and someone from Congress if you can. If they made a law that stated that there could be ZERO profiting during a war, would we still be in Iraq several months after that law was passed????? If the law stated that the company had to manufacture and sell the product to the government for the COST of the item, and that no profits were to be made, do you think those contractors would still be there????

This war would never have been started, and it would stop IMMEDIATELY if this type of law exixted. So by that alone, this tells you what this war is about...... It NEVER was about anything other than MONEY!!!!

So if you look at 9/11 in that context, then you can see that the incompetence theory does not hold water. They needed this to happen, and how convienent that it did, in order for them to get into Iraq! Do you think that they could have invaded Iraq WITHOUT 9/11???? Don't you find it odd, that there were 10+ countries warning of an attack occuring soon, but they did nothing????? Don't you find it odd that 3 buildings came crashing down on that day, yet at no time ever before has a building fell like this (EXCEPT WHEN IT WAS DEMOLISHED)???? Even structural engineers are speaking out now, after actually looking at the data and insist that those buildings could not have fallen that way without being demolished. See for engineers, and and for people in the government and elsewhere who do not believe the official story.

There is proof of demolition, it's simply that the media is not listening!!!!! They call people who point out the problems with the official story as "kooks". Let this veteran "kook" tell you that there is NO WAY that our military did nothing on 9/11 out of "confussion"!!!! If they were confussed, they still would have sent fighters into the air and TRIED to do something. The military was ordered to do nothing!!!!!! Especially over the MOST guarded air space in the world, Washington D.C.!!!!

I encourage you to think about this, and ask yourself if what I have stated could be true????? Would the US still be in Iraq if it were not for 9/11, and would we have gone or still be there if there were no profiting allowed?????

It's all about the MONEY!!!!!! Nothing else what so ever!!!!

Thank you for your time, and if possible I would like to know your thoughts about this.


I agree with almost everything you say here

But use of capitalized words and of multiple exclamation marks and question marks doesn't help your cause. Skilled writers -- and Fisk fits that bill -- look at them as signs of fanaticism and irrationality. Resist the temptation to use them, and just let your words do the talking.

People unfortunately need to be shamed as they have shamed us!

Great letter Hereward and you were right to be critical in this case!

This article gives us new hope!

Kind regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

thank you Mr Fenton

I think your letter was excellent. Despite any harshness, every word rings true. At this point we have a right to be angry at these insults and every so-called journalist has an obligation to feel guilt over there lack of honest reporting. Those of us who have been paying attention are 100% certain that there's more than meets the eye. Bravo to Mr Fisk for acknowledging that. Beyond that, he owes his so-called ravers not only an enormous apology but an even larger debt of gratitude for their bravery on behalf of all of us. I'm not certain but hopeful the universe holds all guilty accountable. Including those of you masquerading as journalists who fail to cover the most damning questions and facts regarding 911, the story of our generations. And instead substitute it with insults for those brave enough to stand up in a crowded hostile room and tell it like it is.
Thank you to Mr. Fenton and every single one of you brave ravers.

I Agree

Respecting that someone here doesn't think that this is the way to go, I would have to agree with Mr Fenton. As the lady said on the Titanic "I'm through with being polite"!

We cannot be naive. There *is* a New World Order, there is an elite, and we should not suppose that mainstream journalists are all as uninformed as they might like us to think - though of course we should give Mr Fisk the benefit of the doubt. If the man has any conscience he will understand how strongly people feel... and hopefully take the next step. Whether that goes as far as Mr Fenton would like is another matter.

And... most importantly, as Mr Fenton has observed, new evidence has been introduced. We must insist upon Robert Fisk telling us immediately more about the rumour of the air stewardess whose hands were bound.... that is a new one for me!

Bush couldn't pull off 911,

Bush couldn't pull off 911, but Cheney could. All Bush had to do was sit down and wag his tail.

Cracks in the absolutist firmament...

The tremors are getting more intense and problematical.

Robert Fisk spasms jerkily towards awareness that must surely blow his mind.

This is way out of bounds. But hopefully, even in his backhanded and dismissive and red-herring-laden way, Mr. Fisk has done some good for the cause of truth.

Sure beats Cock-burn.

Good review too. You bring up important and valid points. I think it's a net gain for the truth, though. You rightly point out the perils a high-visibility journalist risks by even discussing the matter with ANY suggestion that there might be anything but stark raving lunacy and unpatriotic hatred behind the 9/11 Truth thesis.

I appreciate this bravery. I hope it inspires many to research the subject more. I think the sheer volume of the exposure and attention it will garner will accomplish this.

Every eye opened is a blessing we must value, so I thank Mr. Fisk for whatever good he may have provoked, despite the article's many flaws.

News and Commentary by David Caputo

Great response to Fisk

I don't think it needs to be toned down. Anyone associated with Washington, whether through politics or journalism, knows it was an inside job...almost impossible to not "get it" at this point, unless suffering from some extreme mental deficiency. As long as they continue to receive their blood soaked paychecks, they are content to be part of the cover up.

Fatty Bin Laden Pal / NTSC conversion problem ?

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour Hereward ,

Thank you for helping Robert Fisk to move on to the truth.

My friends and family have been duped to believe the official version of 911 with the help of collaborating journalists. My friends and family have been duped into accepting the invasion of Afghanistan and the Middle East. Like you I am angry with the journalists and insulted by the articles like Robert Fisk and others ...

George Monbiot Tuesday February 6, 2007 ==>,,2006831,00.html

BBC's 'Conspiracy Files' on 9/11 ==>
other newspaper articles ==>
“La religion du complot” ==>

I wrote to the French national newspaper "Libération" four weeks before the 5th anniversary in September 2006 asking them to inform the French about the millions of Americans that do not believe in the official version of 911. This is what they replied :

and the reactions of the readers are even more informative

My friends and family think that I am ill "nuts" with 911 and they just cannot support anymore that I bring up the subject.

Since January 2002 I have been investigating the 911 mass murder and over the months became familiar with Bin Laden's picture. That is why in
November 2002 I posted on my 911 web site that the "Fatty" Bin Laden was a false

Three weeks ago I read on the internet some one explaining that the fatty face could be due to the conversion pal
Taking the fat out of the fat bin Laden confession video (720 x 576 for PAL – 720 x 480 for NTSC)

It could be that my entry is wrong and I will change correct it if necessary. I am trying to find out the truth and admit that I can make mistakes. I just wish the journalists would do the same.



Robert Fisk Article


Whilst I am all for free speech, why on earth, when the single most respected foreign correspondent puts his toe in the water concerning the 9/11 issue, would you want to shoot his foot off. You and I know that to most people, we do come across as a slightly 'batty' fringe.You of all people should know that our views are difficult for many people to assimilate, and that the higher up the intellectual food chain we go, eg the Monbiots and the Chomsky's of this world, the harder our views become. To the average joe, of which I count myself one, seeing is believing, we can't accept WTC7 just collapsed, because clearly this is impossible. However to people whose whole lives have been invested in a very specific 'word-view' be it from the left or the right, the idea that they, the clever people, could have been hoaxed over 9/11 is simply to difficult to grasp and deeply troubling for them......

Saying all of that, the assumptions around which our society is built are beginning to shift. The clever people are starting to ask questions, our message is getting through. We now have the support of leading physicists, architects, mechanical engineers, and we have corroborated evidence from witnesses from 9/11 who are now gaining the strength to speak out. The evidence that the official story cannot be true is now so utterly overwhelming that it will be become unfashionable in the not to distant future to criticise the 9/11 movement, and its aims

I understand your frustration, our road to 9/11 Truth has been bumpy and filled with craters and forks. I have been called every name under the sun, I have been threatened and ridiculed. My reputation as a film-maker has been tarnished for my association with the quest for 9/11 Truth. But to get angry with individuals who can't quite bring themselves to align themselves with us completely is counter-productive. I would ask that you re-direct your antipathy to Mr Fisk....we need him and his newspaper on our side not against his article was the nearest to mainstream respectability we have so far achieved.

With all best wishes

Tim Sparke
Executive Producer
Loose Change Final Cut

I Don't Think He Needs To be Handled With Kid Gloves

Hi Tim,

Mr. Fisk needlessly disparages people who he calls "ravers" but who are in fact heroes of the truth revolution. His tone is haughty and condescending. For six years he has ignored this topic and now he writes an article which is so badly informed it suggests he has not even bothered to google "9/11 Truth". I did congratulate him on WTC7, but he needs a splash of cold water in the face.

thanks for your feedback all the same

(: hereward

I agree, lets not be afraid

I agree, lets not be afraid to take the fight to these guys, they've been ignoring us for too long. As long as we're being professional about it, it is perfectly reasonable to let our lack of respect and distrust for the mainstream media to show through in our letters to them. You should see the daggers I throw at my local media and politicians.


At first I was a little troubled by the tone. I agreed with Tim, that we should try to shed the "raver" image instead of feeding it more. However, if it weren't for those people kicking over chairs and getting under his skin, Fisk probably wouldn't have come around this soon (if ever).

Anyway, I'm glad we have people using both approaches. People are reached in different ways.


No Planes ??

Does Mr Fisk believe in the 'No-Planes" theory ?
A esteemed member of this site has a signature that reads something like :
The CIA owns everybody who is anything in the media ..
Why should it be any different in the UK ?
Image Hosted by

If you look closely you will see that "concerns" are being aired from many new sources who previously ridiculed
"the conspiracy-nuts" . I take it as a sign : The non-idiot members of the conspiracy realise that they have been made,
so in order to not piss people off to much by insulting their intelligence they now allow their "agents" in some selected
media to air their "concerns" . Fisk is one of those agents. He may well not even know it himself .
But to me his previous years of ridiculing "conspiracy-nuts ("ravers" as he calls them) speaks for itself .

"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

dont show Fisk the fat bin laden

Please, the Jalalabad video of Bin Laden dosnt show a 'fake' fatter Bin Laden. i believe its him alright. What is interesting about that tape is the translation of what Bin laden has to say, how the tape was procured and just how it was that Bin Laden was set-up by the crippled sheikh who bin laden has come to visit -- and who, i understand, now resides in Saudi Arabia no charges pending.

I never bought this fat Bin Laden and to use this dubious claim as an introductoion to the questions surrounding 9/11 - especially someone as astute as Fisk will more likely send him running.
I dont understand why even amongst the 'truthers' not more is made of the celebrating mossad agents otherwise known as a the 'dancing israelis'--theres a smoking gun if ever i saw one.


The Fatty Bin Laden charge has been thoroughly debunked. It is Bin Laden in that video, but his face appears fat because of the PAL video transfer.

Scholars have, however, challenged the Pentagon's translation of that video, and Bruce Lawrence of Duke University, who has edited a book on Bin Laden's writings, calls the video "bogus". So Fisk should treat the video, and the timing of its appearance, as suspect. It is also never discussed why Bin Laden would withhold his claim of responsibility, and even issue three denials of involvement. On previous occasions Bin Laden rushed to take credit for terrorism. Why would he be bashful about his most successful act of all?

At the very least, however, Fisk should recognize the very shaky grounds on which the official story rests, and proceed from there like a proper journalist.

All I want to know is are

All I want to know is are the faces of the others equally distorted? Are there any geometric objects in the video which would show the same level of aspect ratio distortion?

Either everything in video is distorted or it is not bin laden.
11/11 Never Forget - Fetzer Flips

A better question

In my opinion, a better question to ask about the video is, "If it was obtained by a sting operation, how did intelligence people get close enough to film him but not close enough to capture or kill him?" I realize, as well, that people speculate about a possible double for Bin Laden. It's possible, I guess, but I don't know how we would prove that without an eyewitness.

The Fatty Bin Laden thing is a dead end. It doesn't necessarily mean the video is legitimate. There could be other manipulations. And we have scholarly testimony that the translation is problematic.

At the very least, that stupid video cannot pass as the government's case against Bin Laden.

Bin Laden has not been pursued by US gov

Remember that FBI dropped the case against him. The CIA has closed its intel office.

What I want to know is doesn't Robt Fisk contact Bin Laden and ask him what he thinks.

Could you provide some links

Could you provide some links to the scholarly research? Again you know what I am looking for, If it truely is objective it should address not only bin laden's appearance but everything in the video. Its not difficult to correct for PAL-NTSC conversion via cropping, and when reversed does the bin laden appear like the other images of him??
11/11 Never Forget - Fetzer Flips

thoroughly debunked

"The Fatty Bin Laden charge has been thoroughly debunked"
..but the charge that the Fatty Bin Laden charge has been thoroughly debunked has been thoroughly debunked.

and BTW everybody knows that "PAL transfer" makes people look fatter. And it turns left-handers into right-handers too.

I didn't say anything about right-handed, left-handed

I merely pointed out that the "fatty" charge has been explained. Speculate all you like about the other anomalies.

If the gov. say it is OBL it must OBL

" I didn't say anything about right-handed, left-handed "

Precisely. How do you explain that?

" Speculate all you like about the other anomalies. " Like they are completely irrelevant.

Fatty bin Laden

The situation isn't conclusive. Ed Haas put in his RfC with Wood, Reynolds and Fetzer, so one has to wonder what level of debunking really went on. Video people who aren't connected to Haas need to review it.

I don't think it's a great point but it hasn't been debunked from what I can tell.

This is on JREF -

"Ironically, a major blow to the 9/11 fantasists' tissue of lies was struck by Ed Haas, creator of the "Muckraker Report." Haas, who has been openly sympathetic to the false and irrational claims of the loons, has completely destroyed the myth of the Osama "confession" video. Check out
I find it nothing short of hilarious that Ed can now expect to be the latest target of the conspiracy liars' trademark verbal assault, as absolutely predictable as it is deranged and dishonest."

Taking the fat out of the fat bin Laden confession video

Why did dancing agents fall down the memory hole?

Because if there's one outfit that has more inside control over Western media than the CIA, it's Mossad.


that was a good read.

I understand the confusion

I wrote "if there's one outfit that has more inside control over Western media" -- and, had it been convenient to do so, I would've italicized the word "if".

I didn't mean that Mossad is more powerful media-wise than the CIA, merely that it gives it a run for the money.

I do think it's very much an open question whether the CIA or Mossad exert more influence on the American media. But it's obvious the CIA has the relative upper hand, so to speak, respecting the non-English language media.

I should add that

Mossad's interests are focused on its perception of Israel's interests, whereas the CIA knows no bounds -- no corner of the world is too remote -- in the execution of its interests.


I find the whole "fatty" business rather confusing. I thought the only difference bewtween PAL and NTSC was frame rate? Anyway... why would the FBI release a distorted video? Why didn't they correct the scaling? This makes no sense to me. Also, if the video is distorted that means the faces of all the others must be fatter than usual too, yes? Has this been checked?

Editor -

As for Fisk's claim that

As for Fisk's claim that “the body of a female air crew member was found in a Manhattan street with her hands bound", here are relevant links:,0,1025...

"Police sources said the severed hands were found on the roof of a building near the collapse site."

"Close by was the body of a woman believed to be a stewardess, whose hands were tied with wire.

Police could not confirm the bodies had been found."

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Well written, thank you !

Well written, thank you !


found this letter at wrh.Sums up my feelings exactly.



Well said Oz. If we're

Well said Oz.

If we're talking non-truther middle east journalists I'll take a John Pilger any day. Fisk spends way too much time talking about "Al-Qaida" as though it were some tangible entity and not an obvious front courtesy of our friends in Langley and Tel Aviv. Hell, even Tony B. had the decency to declare "Al-Qaida" an ideology, not an organization. He didn't mention that the "ideology" comes courtesy of Leo Strauss, but it beats Fisk.

I think it's great Bob is expressing doubts as to whether the Earth is flat, but it's not enough, not by a long shot. Like I said, it stinks of damage control. Come out in support of 911 truth and I'll sing his praises. Until then, buzz off.

Here's a few quotes from Fisky's nifty past:

" I noticed the dead were also bearded, the little stubble beards al-Qaida's men like to wear"

"I am still unsure what happened. Clearly, an al-Qaida-type group tried to ambush the Lebanese army "

"One of them had big eyes above his fluffy beard"

Tell me again why I'm supposed to care what this clown thinks?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Today in "The Australian"

Fair weather friend of truth and justice

Fisk wants to have his cake and eat it too.

He doesn't want to admit that the "ravers" are in general on the right track. But he wants to complain that the official account doesn't make sense.

So he acts like he's now discovering the anomalies by himself (but doesn't allow himself to draw any important conclusions from them just yet). This way he can pretend to be a good reporter -- and deny credit to those outside the MSM who've beaten him to the punch by several years.

Maybe Fisk -- and, presumably, his editor -- have a sense that someday this is going to break in the MSM. (Which, when that happens, is obviously likelier to arise in the non-American media first.) They could be testing the waters, playing it safe by rejecting out of hand all those who've done this research much earlier, and seeing how much discussion of the anomalies they can get away with. And trying to avoid their own humiliation by pretending that they, at least, in the news media have actually been doing their jobs rather than flacking for the U.S. and U.K. governments.

Yep... the recent statement

Yep... the recent statement by the former Fire Chief of NIST is one indication that a new version of what happened is going to go mainstream. Maybe the one that John Kerry hinted at when he said they decided to take down Building 7 for saftey reasons.

Editor -