9-11-07 Media March Los Angeles

9/11/07 ... on strike today? Join the 9/11 Truth LA Media March, 11 AM to 3 PM

start at CNN, 6430 W Sunset Bl, Los Angeles 90028
stop at BBC and Australia Channel 9, 6255 W Sunset Bl
end at KTLA/Tribune, 5800 W Sunset Bl
followed by freeway blogging presence, Sunset over the 101

Arrive at CNN, Sunset & Cahuenga, by 11 AM, or join us along the way. Parking at Arclight Cinema is reasonable @ $6 all day. Metered parking is also available, but you must feed every hour. Do not advise parking in Amoeba Records lot.

We will spend approx 1 hr at CNN and march 3 blks E to BBC, Sunset & Vine, where we will remain for approx 1 hr. The office tower has a House of Blues sign on top.

At approx 1 PM we will march 8 blks E to KTLA/Tribune, Sunset & Bronson, where we will spend at least an hour near their famous transmitting tower. We will wrap up with a freeway blogging presence around the corner, over the 101, ending about 3 PM. Plan is to hold signs as a group and not attach any until we are ready to leave. There has been some discussion of the legality of holding signs vs attaching them (ANSWER recently fined). If you would like to attach generic Truth signs elsewhere around the city and split, that is encouraged. Get an early start, or do it the night before.

The total length of the march, one way, is .80 mi. Free street parking appears to be more available near KTLA. You may want to park in that vicinity early and walk down to CNN. That way, your vehicle will be there at the end. Wear 9/11 Truth apparel. Bring DVDs, handouts and signs. We will have some, but could use a few signs that call on CNN, BBC and KTLA/Tribune to do their job ... what about Bldg 7, etc. Marching in step with USMC Johnny Wave, we'll encounter lots of people and traffic during our adventure down the Sunset media corridor. A lot of sights along the way, including the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park Observatory.



It looks like LA911truth is going to be showing Von Kleists' "9/11 Ripple Effect" for the Anniversary -- the pod film. Why? Why would LA be promoting a film about pods? Why would Ed Asner participate? One has to assume he doesn't know or care.

We've wrestled with it alot

Von Kleist has agreed not to talk about pods. Some of us were concerned with the choice of Dave Von Kleist, but the fact is that many people found their way into 9-11 truth through watching his film. He urges further research and action and is a good speaker and one of the people not to be in NYC or DC. That's why I think he was chosen. My focus as always is on action towards justice, much less on further development of theoreis and speculation about the truth. That's part of the reason I am going to NYC and DC to meet folks face to face and get down to some agreement about best info and serious strategy in a nationally collaborative way. The LA group is going be doing a full day of action in solidarity with the General Strike and then doing a powerful night of commemoration and calling to action, connecting with the progressives, peace folk and impeachment diehards.

I understand a healthy sense of suspicion around certain info that is very speculative at this point in time. But there is clearly, in my mind, way too much obsession with calling other s out and not enough on serious strategic action that will overwhelm any tendency towards mis or disinformation.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Asner is just in this as a

Asner is just in this as a celebrity name and it was the promoters decision to have VK...the media March is the visibility action and that was the only thing mentioned in this post...i respect your concern i have the same thoughts

"You must be the change you want to see in the world"--Mahatma Ghandi

Los Angeles

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3/17/07 ANSWER march, Hollywood (above)

All participants in the 9/11/07 General Strike are invited to join the 9/11 Truth LA Media March ... Impeachment, anti-war, Ron Paul supporters. Anyone who's got a beef with the media, come on out. We'll be on the sidewalk this time, so give that lady in the wheelchair room to pass. Thanks for posting Art and Shumonik. Everyone quit sweating over Von Kleist. Yes, the decision was not without a bit of controversy. And Ed Asner has been rockin' the house as of late.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

This one has a chance

To make headways for the West Coast. The proper sign presentations that get notice, whether with glitter, or whimsical wording, will help tremendously towards getting more people interested into pursuing what has been presented as the facts, and what facts have been uncovered.
Ask an elementary school child to view the falling of building #7. And then ask "How did it fall?"
It truly is elementary, Watson, er..., Sherlock?