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TruthMove video of Ground Zero 9/11/07 events

Also there's been quite an active discussion about the events in NYC on our forum:

Reminder: General Strike

Just a reminder. For anyone that can possibly take the day off work tomorrow, or can refrain from shopping (stock up tonight!), or can play hookie from school, I invite you to participate in the General Strike on 9/11.

If we hit 'em in the bottom line, they're going to have to notice. If goods aren't made and services aren't delivered due to people calling in sick, they're going to have to notice.

If the economic indicators show a blip, they're going to get the message.

Congress won't investigate 9/11. Prosecutors won't prosecute the 9/11 perpetrators. The courts will throw out the 9/11 cases (even though they are supposed to be apolitical). NOTHING will happen unless We The People stand up, peacefully strike and boycott.

Remember to be peaceful. Anyone who is violent or disruptive should be kicked out of the strike.

If not now, when? - General Strike on 9/11/2007

If not now, when? General Strike ON 9/11/2007

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Michael Collins
Washington, DC

We’ve endured seven years of cascading failures from 911 to Iraq enabled by rigged elections and supported by a decadent set of politicians who lack the will to even fight for themselves.

But let’s not lose hope. We’ll get a Democratic majority in Congress. They’ll do something! We’ll be out of trouble in no time. Plus, we’ll have the type of investigations we need to get the real solution in place – impeachment. It will be like a Roman triumph – the Truth enters the Capitol to the cheers of the people all across America.

We tried that. It failed.

Now it’s up to us, the people, who are ever so inconvenient to the rulers of this country. We, the citizens, are the last line of defense against the complete removal of any form of freedom and security that we now retain.

We’re the last line in a defense that to date has never truly formed. How can you have a strong defense if there’s no communication? The corporate media has done a sterling job of masking the very information that would have made the current insanity impossible.

Any hope of a rescue by those in power is gone. We must accept that.

Our leaders are simply placeholders for those whose madness drives events.

For example, the Senate passed an amendment in April which practically endorses an invasion of Iran. Did you hear about it? Was it discussed? Of course not!

We don’t matter in these decisions. Our questions and objections are a nuisance to the well-coiffed servants of power gone mad.

Citizens across the country have a chance to make a strong statement on 9/11/2007 - no work, no school, no buying (anything). Hit the streets. We’ve had enough! This is a general strike formed from the people, spread through word of mouth and the Internet. It has no heroic leaders. The only heroes will be the everyday people who choose to join in some way by showing support for peace and decency.

Do what you can on 9/11 and every day after that to take your freedoms and country back for your own sake, that of your family, friends, and all of your fellow citizens.

If not now, when?

9-11-07 Media March Los Angeles

9/11/07 ... on strike today? Join the 9/11 Truth LA Media March, 11 AM to 3 PM

start at CNN, 6430 W Sunset Bl, Los Angeles 90028
stop at BBC and Australia Channel 9, 6255 W Sunset Bl
end at KTLA/Tribune, 5800 W Sunset Bl
followed by freeway blogging presence, Sunset over the 101

Arrive at CNN, Sunset & Cahuenga, by 11 AM, or join us along the way. Parking at Arclight Cinema is reasonable @ $6 all day. Metered parking is also available, but you must feed every hour. Do not advise parking in Amoeba Records lot.

We will spend approx 1 hr at CNN and march 3 blks E to BBC, Sunset & Vine, where we will remain for approx 1 hr. The office tower has a House of Blues sign on top.

General Strike 9/11/07 Updates

The Strike keeps gaining steam. The Facebook group has nearly 15,000 members, and new articles on Scoop and Newsvine just came out in the last day.

There is also a Myspace page and group.

Keep networking and organizing and get ready for an exciting day!

9/11 and Rubik's Cube

"When the solution is simple, God is answering" - Albert Einstein

Life is allegory.

Problem 1: Rubik's Cube, introduced in the early 80's - How to get the cube restored to original state of one colour on each side from any random state of disorder.

Problem 2: Realizing truth and justice regarding 911 and the encroaching New World Order - How to restore some sense of humanity and dignity to our lives in the face of a corrupt system that utilizes deceit, torture and genocide in its campaign of fear to implement a one-world globalist agenda, or non-random state-sponsored disorder.

"Truth is the agreement between knowledge and its object" - Immanuel Kant

911 General Strike Gains Momentum

911 General Strike Gains Momentum

by Michael Collins
Wednesday, 29 August 2007

“Scoop” Independent News
Washington, DC

“No Work, No School, No Shopping – Hit the Streets”

The 911 General Strike called by a coalition of antiwar, 911 Truth, and pro impeachment groups is gaining strength with gatherings scheduled across the country and rapidly expanding activity on the Internet, where the idea originated.

We see this action as one against the injustices listed on the site but also one against our own fear, apathy, and cynicism. We want this to be an opportunity for citizens to reclaim a sense of power in defining their own destiny and running our own government. Truth mover 27 August 2007

Strike activities are growing by the day. Formal events are listed below but there’s more. Every citizen is empowered by this essentially leaderless, egoless movement. This is one case where the people will actually lead if they choose. The impact of major public participation would shock those in power who ignore what they see as a passive public.

We recommend that everyone become an organizer for this strike. Try to link up with people in your area, have meetings, network, discuss over the internet, and plan your own creative actions for the 11th. People can help out the strike by just continuing to organize, communicate, and spread the word. Truth mover 27 August 2007

The 911 General Strike takes delivering the message to a whole new level. Apparently the message sent by the 2006 elections got lost in the spam folder. Citizen reminder messages, tens of millions of them, from the public in person, by mail, email, phone, etc., weren’t enough. The general strike gives citizens a chance to show those in power it’s time to listen through “a day of personal reflection and nonviolent dissent in recognition of the course we have been on since 9/11.” The simple action plan includes – no school, no work, no buying anything (at all), and hit the streets.


On 9/11/2007 Let's CALL IN SICK -- of lies!


On Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
Call in Sick—
of Lies!

On Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
Call in Sick—
of War!

On Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
Call in Sick—
of Fascism!

Then spend the day healing our country – and the world.

9/11 truth is a movement of Wounded Healers. We have all been wounded by the truth--and we're using that wound to heal.

Today (8/17/07) I will be interviewing Paul Levy, author of a brilliant article on the Wounded Healer archetype:

August 17th - Fri.8/17 Paul Levy, author of “The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis,” which along with much of his other work is available at his website . We will discuss the "wounded healer" archetype--the subject of his most recent article-- and its application to the 9/11 truth movement.
3-5 pm CT, "The Dynamic Duo" on GCN: Network 2

General Strike In USA on Sept. 11, 2007

EDIT: Shocker -- this article now mirrored at the Daily KOS.

(This effort seems to be gathering steam. Taking the day off? Calling in sick with the bird flu? Don't stay at home. is encouraging 9/11 activists, peace activists, and impeachment activists to come out to NYC and Washington, DC on 9/11. There is action brewing in Seattle, and Austin. In LA, ae911truth has activities planned all day on 9/10 and 9/11. Hell, bring out the election fraud activists, too! Paper ballots, dammit! -rep.)


General Strike In USA on Sept. 11, 2007
GENERAL STRIKE IN USA on Sept. 11, 2007 – 9/11
“No School * No Work * No Shopping. Hit the Streets”

Michael Collins, Monday August 13, 2007
“Scoop” Independent Media
Washington, D.C.

A general strike is proposed for the United States on September11, 2007, the sixth anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks on New York City and Arlington, Virginia. The general strike movement has no clearly named leadership. It’s described as an Internet viral effort. Wikipedia defines viral efforts on the Internet as:

An object (or an idea) is viral when it has the ability to spread copies of itself or change other similar objects to become more like (it) when those objects are simply exposed to the viral object.

General strikes, more common in Europe, are events that shut down the normal operations of a city, state, or nation for a period of time. These strikes aim to force awareness and action on a single issue or broader set of concerns. The 9/11/07 General Strike has a central location - - on the Internet, which is linked to and reproduced on a variety of other internet sites. The site states the rationale for the effort:

The General Strike is a national call to action, from citizens to other citizens., It is not about a single issue. It is not an anti-war protest, a civil rights protest, an election fraud protest. It is not about torture, surveillance, corporate media, the 9/11 coverup, or the environment. This strike is about all these issues and more.

General Stike 9/11/07 site up! --

The momentum is building for the General Strike on 9/11/07. You can just feel it: people are fed up and ready to do something big!

At last count, the General Strike has over 4500 Diggs and 1000 comments. A Facebook group has been created as well, with already almost 300 members--mostly students.

The site will be an open hub of information for this event. Anyone can submit flyers, posters, or other graphics to promote the strike. The blog will be updated with all relevant information.

Check it out and get involved. If you want to get people on board with the General Strike this is a great place to send them! The email contact is info (AT)

One more month!

General Strike Hit Digg Front Page

from DIGG
A general strike has been proposed for 9/11/07. No work, school or shopping

Endless War. Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Iraqis. Torture. Surveillance. Civil Rights and Habeas Corpus: Gone. Executive Privilege: No Accountability.

urnotfree on Truth Revolution Radio

Truth Revolution Radio July 2007 30 MP3
Las Vegas meetup
urnotfree on myspace

Nick and Kyle from urnotfree were the guests on Monday night's edition of TTR. Topics include guerrilla street art for 9/11 truth, doing street actions on the Strip in Vegas and the upcoming General Strike on September 11. We talk to Chris (CV) from and Luke Rudkowski calls in with breaking news of a confrontation with Nancy Pelosi.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


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