Video: The O’Reilly Factor ambushes Rosie about her Trutherism

I honestly don't know what to make of this . . .I hope Rosie goes to bat for us.


Video: The O’Reilly Factor ambushes Rosie about her Trutherism

posted at 5:17 pm on October 29, 2007 by Allahpundit

They teased it this afternoon on The Live Desk; the rest will air tonight on the Factor. Notice how confident she is that she’s never referred to 9/11 as an inside job. She’s hinted darkly on her blog about the number of government offices that were located in WTC 7 (the link goes to WND because her post on the subject has since disappeared). She’s suggested that Giuliani contributed to a cover-up by clearing the rubble before more testing could be done (the clip there has also disappeared due to a murky, unspecified “terms of use” violation). And she’s warmed up the audience at The View by wondering aloud why WTC 7 wasn’t mentioned in the government’s 9/11 Commission report — a lie, as it turns out. That video has also disappeared from YouTube owing to a supposed violation of terms of use; you can watch it, via Fox News, in this Raw Story capture. Given all that, how can she be so confident that she’s never referred to it as an inside job? Because it’s important to most Truthers, especially “mainstream” ones who need to preserve some shred of credibility, to be seen as conducting what’s essentially a scientific inquiry. They don’t issue rash, conclusory pronouncements like “Bush knocked down the Towers”; they marshall evidence, like the careful, diligent amateur physicists that they are, and then issue rash, conclusory pronouncements like “fire has never melted steel.” She’s just asking questions, in other words, much like Michael Moore. You don’t have anything against questions, do you, fascist?

The ultimate Rosie disquisition on this subject (still preserved, miraculously, on YouTube) is the clip in this post. The discussion of WTC 7 comes at the end, after a long harangue about the crimes of the Bush administration. She doesn’t know who’s responsible, she says, but the context speaks volumes for her theory of culpability.

Her handler sure does move in quickly after the first question is asked, huh? You’ve got to be willing to talk to Power if you want to speak Truth to it, Ro.


and tonight dennis miller will be on oreilly to straighten us out


Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann put it best -

If they want to play this game...awesome.

If Rosie or anyone should be approached by BO, or any of these other liars, like Limbaugh for example, they should respond with remarks about:

sex offending, and Luffas, and Middle Eastern meat products, or the threesomes that BO seems to have a penchant for...with Limbaugh, you hit him with being a heroin addict, convicted drug user, doctor shopper, pill popper, adultering, what were you doing with viagra on a little trip to the dominican republic....Sir?

This is not hard stuff. It's actually very easy and dare I say it fun! If I were Rosie I would welcome this like a rat coming into a viper's nest....come my little friend, come a little closer

And then as KO said on his show, on this very topic, you leave them with absolutely nothing that they can put on the air.

And while we are at it - the other day I saw a clip of some people going after Bill Clinton...calling him CFR scum and NWO this, and 911 was an inside job!....all of which was great (makes my heart swell), but what I don't understand about this movement, and it's brave members is this....

Why do we keep calling them - Sir, Mam, Mr. President, or any titile whatsoever? I don't get it. These people are traitors, murderers, Bohemian Grove going, Molech Worshiping, JESUS burning, Satanic slugs. Why do we continue to call them by these polite titles?

When we have our opportunities, as few as we really get, and we have a chance to call them out....can we please just start calling them by their last names; period. It just seems a little strange to refer to someone as Sir, just after you've called him scum and accused him of being involved in things like 911 and the Boheminan Grove.

I thinik the larger point here would be this - when we call them Sir or Mam or whatever, we are continuing the master/slave relationship. These people are not our rulers, they are our EMPLOYEES. By continuing to call them by these polite titles, we are simply playing their game, into their hands, and perpetuating our own bondage.

So it's - 911 Was an Inside Job, Bush, or, 911 Was an Inside Job, Clinton...not...911 Was an Inside Job Mr. President....or Mrs. Clinton.

Oh, one laast thing - when we bring up the Bohemian Grove...the soft underbelly of the subject is the actual Creamation of Care, where they burn the infant Jesus - and that's exactly who the child is.

So, if given the opportunity, how do you think Bush or Clinton or any of them, would respond to the following.:

As a Christian, if you are, do you not think it is UN- Christian, indeed occultish, for you or anyone who claims to be a Christian, to attend a ceremony at the Bohemian Grove, where, every July 16th, they burn an effigy of the infant Jesus in front of a 44 foot Sylvian Owl named Molech, the very same Molech who is mentioned by God in the book of Leviticus, as he is handing down The Law to Moses, as being the emodiment of Satan? Do you not consider this to be a conflict with your Christian Faith?

Get that Q&A on YouTube and we'll have something. That should be a standard question in every and every opportunity that we get. The soft underbelly of Bush/Cheney/Neo-CON support is right-wing Christianity; gut that and this whole thing unravels for them. It's like a thread on coat or sweater; just start pulling on that one thing and you'll see the whole thing come apart.

Thank You and we all fight the good fight, together.

911 Was an Inside Job!


Good analysis.

Great Points.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at


Yeah great work 911isalie. Showing some strength. I like it. and I agree.

...come my little friend, come a little closer

HAH! That was funny . . .

You just made my Halloween!

Check out her blog entries over the last 3 days

Someone asks her opinion on WTC 7, and she clearly states that she believes it was taken down in a controlled demolition.

I don't see Rosie selling out on this one.