John McCain Meets the Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth

On 11/18/07, Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth member, Kathy Walker was able to confront Senator John McCain about his forward in the Popular Mechanics book, Debunking 9/11 Myths. Student Scholars founders Justin Martell and Michael Jackman were also able to follow up with the Senator.

Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth

It is clear: We cannot count on J.McCain to bring 911 truth out.

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Bonjour ,

Thank you so much for this excellent video. 10 out of 10 to Kathy Walker who waited patiently her turn and then spoke clearly , politely and intelligently.

We can use his reply in futur videos to expose the gatekeepers like Senator John McCain .

Keep up the good work and continue to interview with respect to the person being asked the questions.

Yours John

Well done, but her question did leave McCain with lots of

wiggle-room for him to craft his specious response.

No more wiggle room!

Great question, thanks! It's clear. We MUST develop SOLID questions that leave NO wiggle room AT ALL ANYMORE!!!
Many hands make light work!
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Yes, I didn't mean to criticize the young lady who asked McCain

the question, and her delivery was excellent, but the accomplished liar McCain did spin an answer that may sound fine to non-truthers.

Perhaps she should have mentioned, "70% of the family members are dissatisfied with the official report" or something like that in her question next time.

sound byte me

aren't we talking about 70% of the questions submitted by the family steering committee? The way these politicians literally slink away from our questions really says all you need to know about this ongoing tragedy.

Re: No More Wiggle Room with Questions

Yes, I do admire Kathy's sincerity and her tone-- we certainly don't need insults and name calling-- however her question was too open-ended, allowing McCain to state that "everyone is entitiled to their own opinions," and "the vast majority of Americans support the Commission's work and its recommendations," etc. Why give politicians wiggle room when you can put them on the spot? For example:

"Senator, this year's 2007 Zogby poll reveals that 51% of Americans would like to reopen 9/11and believe there's been a cover-up of important information. It also shows that 67% of respondents fault the 9/11 Commission for its complete omission of World Trade Center 7. Do you support the majority of Americans and 9/11 Family Members who are calling for a new and independent investigation?"

"Recently a group representing the largest 9/11 family members held a press conference at the National Press Club in which they questioned the entire veracity of the 9/11 Commission Report. They are demanding a new investigation that gives answers to their questions. Over 70% of the questions posed by the Family Steering Committee were ignored by the 9/11 Commission. Do you believe these families deserve to have answers to their questions?"

"Also on May 23, 2003, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, testified under oath to the 9/11 Commission that he witnessed Dick Cheney in the White House bunker giving orders regarding Flight 77 as it approached the Pentagon that morning. Regardless of whether you believe these were shoot down orders or stand down orders, this testimony directly contradicts the official story which says that Cheney didn't arrive until much later when the attacks were over. Do you believe that Mineta is lying or do you believe Dick Cheney is lying? Again, Mineta was under oath; Cheney was not. WHY DID THE 9/11 COMMISSION IGNORE THE OFFICIAL TESTIMONY OF NORMAN MINETA?"

"Regarding 9/11, do you think it's important who financed the hijackers?" "Do you think it's important who bankrolled the murders of 3,000 Americans?"

You guys are doing great work and my hat's off to all of you at! Just be as specific as possible with these guys. They are squirmy little worms.

BAM! Exactly How Public Figures Should Be Confronted!

I hope this video can serve as an example as to how public figures should be confronted with alternative views and information about 9/11.

McCain seemed very uncomfortable by the well worded questions directed his way.


Yes. Superb execution. A

Yes. Superb execution. A model for others.

Does McCain normally blink that much?

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Great technique, writing down the question in advance....

More fantastic work by your group...

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

This is the way to go

Written, well-rehearsed questions, clear articulation, concentration on the most important issues.

Rock on, Kathy Walker!!!

I will happily buy you dinner for that one question alone, Ms. Walker.

Great Job! Get her to ask the first question every time, or at least until they ID her and stop calling on her during Q&A.

Now we have Sen. McCain's answer which sets up the follow up questions:

"Senator McCain, since you have expressed great confidence in the 9/11 Commission, why did former Senator Max Cleland call it a sham investigation and resign from it?

Why did Lee Hamilton and Tom Kean both say they knew NORAD officials lied to them and expected NORAD's failure to be investigated further?

Why haven't there been further investigations into NORAD's 100 minute absence on 9/11, which still remains unexplained?

Why do more than 50% of the family members want a new investigation?

Why does 27-year CIA veteran analyst Ray McGovern call it the cover-up commission?

Why are seven CIA veterans actively challenging the 9/11 Commission Report? (

Why do so many other prominent Americans, like Lynn Margulis, PhD at UMass - Amherst, and member of the National Academy of Sciences, openly call the 9/11 Commission Report a cover-up and call for a new investigation?" (

McCain loves to cite authority and walk away, so throw the authority right back at him, five fold. Politely, of course. And keep getting it on tape. Ideally, Ms. Walker should get to ask some of these follow-up questions, as this will make it the most dynamic exchange on video.

This is a rhetorical boxing match, broadcast on YouTube in 3 minute rounds, and we're counter punchers.

DING DING (next round)

Let's make McCain rue the day he signed off on writing the forward to that odious book.

I will be blogging here about this very soon.

Once again, well done, Ms. Walker!

Keep up the great work, Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth ! ! !

(Want us to send you some Deception/Conception Dollars and/or remarkable facts cards?)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Great follow-up questions!

These are really great follow-up questions!

Here is a few from me (not quite as great, I admit, but more sarcastic at least):

Why did you decide to lend your name to such a marginal and unscientific publication, filled with straw-man arguments and logical fallacies? Are you aware that the authors are trying to argue with people who have much higher educational level (PhD) and work experience in relevant fields than those authors? Do you want to appeal, along with the authors, to the "back-yard mechanic and auto-enthusiast crowd" now, as one former military officer put it (Joel M. Skousen)? What other unscientific publication would you lend your credibility to? How about National Inquirer?

Great delivery for Ms. Walker! Even if the question was not pointed enough, it was much better than somebody yelling out: "Liar! NWO scum!", or going on like the Energizer bunny until he gets tasered. (Not that tasering of that student was in any way warranted.) This is much better for the image of the Truth Movement. It was still enough to make him obviously uncomfortable.

I would love to see 10 9-11 questions asked straight in each Q&A session with every politician, in the same manner as Ms. Walker did. I would love to see the face of McCain or any other coward up on the hill! If even this sufficienlty loose question made him blink so many times, what will he do then?

The one thing I can't understand about those pricks in Congress is: Do they really expect 9-11 to be swept under the carpet? They should be smart enough to sniff the wind and recognize that these questions, so many of them, will not simply go away!... What are they hoping for? Delaying it for a generation or what?

I agree! Well done!