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Charlie Sheen, I Have Your Back!

by Justin Martell

On September 10th, 2009, Meghan McCain appeared on ABC's The View. During her appearance, the conversation was steered, by Whoopi Goldberg, to the impending anniversary of the attacks:

We Demand Transparency Conference -- The Jackass Returns!

The Jackass Returns

Today's Story in the New York Post Finally Gives Fair Play to 9/11 Truth, What a Big Change from 2005.

by Sander Hicks August 28, 2009

Air America Show Poll Shows 90% Want Bush Crimes Investigated

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by Justin A. Martell

Air America conducted a recent poll in which 9,000 or 90% of its respondents would like to see members of the Bush Administration do time in prison for alleged war crimes.

The poll was conducted in response to Joe Klein of Time Magazine's idea that a pardon from President Obama for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld for War Crimes "would brand them for crimes without the agony of a trial."

For Air America's respondents, that is not enough. In addition to wanting members of the Bush Administration to serve jail sentences, some would like to see them serve those terms after being subjected to "enhanced interrogation techniques."

House Judiciary Committee Issues Second Subpoena for Karl Rove

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee John Conyers (D-MI) issued a subpoena for Karl Rove to testify regarding controversies surrounding his actions under the Bush Administration yesterday.

Rove is wanted for questioning specifically about the Justice Department's firing of U.S. attorneys in 2006, as well as other accusations of Rove abusing his position to influence the decision making process of the United States government.

Rove ignored a previous subpoena issued by the House Judiciary Committee calling on him to testify on July 10, 2008 citing executive privilege. As a result, the committee voted 20-14 in favor of holding Rove in contempt of congress. However, the vote was in reality only a recommendation.

Bill Ayers? He's the Least of Our Worries...

by Michael Jackman

Now that Barack Obama is going to be our next President, he is busy at work with his transition team deciding on whom to place in his cabinet.

For the head of the CIA, it's being speculated he is seriously considering his close adviser Anthony Lake.

Rep. Nadler (D-NY) Introduces H.R. 1531

by Justin A. Martell

Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) took one of the first steps in holding the Bush Administration accountable when he introduced House Resolution 1531 on Thursday.

The official title of HR 1531, which was introduced to the House Judiciary Committee, is "Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the President of the United States should not issue pardons to senior members of his administration during the final 90 days of his term of office."

Justin Martell and Eric Jackman Interview Bob Barr

On Tuesday, October 21st, 2008, Former Congressman and Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr appeared on my on campus television show that I host with Eric Jackman. I have uploaded the interview to YouTube in three parts:

Government Whistle Blowers Speak at Peace Conference During RNC

by Justin Martell

Three government whistle blowers addressed a crowd of four hundred at Peace Island’s Hope in a Time of Crisis conference last week in Saint Paul, Minnesota

The two-day conference was held at Concordia University. Throughout the two days speakers covering a broad range of subjects addressed the four hundred attendees. The conference’s proximity to the Republican National Convention was no coincidence, “It was planned specifically that way,” said conference organizer Dick Bernard, “It was our thought that we would have a lot of people gathered here from the protest community, so it would be somewhat easier to get speakers, and we also thought we’d get more publicity out of it.”

John McCain: Brought to You by PNAC

by Michael Jackman

Recently, I reported on Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisors and discussed figures such as Lee Hamilton and Tim Roemer, and their potential conflicts of interest and past experience. This week I want to go into the Republican Nominee Senator John McCain and his advisors as well as the Iraq War. Watching the RNC, one can certainly see they are getting as much mileage as possible out of the events of 9/11 and continuing to scare the populous into supporting their platform, and continued war. Democrats and other McCain nay-sayers have been repeatedly saying how McCain has voted with and supported the Bush Administration “ninety percent of the time.” That is true, but it appears to be a lot worse than that when it comes to foreign policy and neo-conservative views of war and imperialism with which McCain agrees and surrounds himself.

Reason Magazine Article Clarification

Dave Weigel of Reason Magazine published an article called Free Paulistine on September 3rd. A part of the article contains the following quote:

Here were the reporters, finally covering the Paul movement. Here’s what they were covering: Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, a vision in a yellow T-shirt and blue blazer, aired 9/11 conspiracy theories while reporters rushed to get comments from attendees. (I walked past a New York Times reporter who was quizzing two Paul backers about controlled demolitions.)


By Justin Martell

Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic took place only a few blocks from the Republican National Convention and brought a crowd of nearly ten thousand despite being publicized mostly through word of mouth and the internet.

Ventura Speaks 9/11 Truth to Crowd of 10,000 at Ron Paul Rally for the Republic

By Justin Martell

At the Ron Paul Rally for the Republic held at the Target Center in St. Paul, Minnesota a few blocks from the Republican National Convention, former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura questioned 9/11 to a crowd of nearly 10,000 people and received an overwhelmingly positive response.

"I'm going to move on to another subject that a lot of people don't want to discuss today," he said, "I know when I discuss it, it's amazing, I get attacked!" The crowd listened intently as he went on, "And that's something called 9/11!" The crowd erupted into spontaneous applause. Ventura continued and discussed the fact that on the FBI's most wanted terrorist page, Osama bin Laden is not wanted for 9/11. He asked why expressed disgust with the Bush Administration's stonewalling any investigation into the attacks.

Below is the video of Ventura's 9/11 remarks, as well as his response to reporters when asked about the subject backstage after his speech:




This will be my last post as the founder of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Our website, www.sst911.org, has been deleted. This is not to say that we are backing away from our activism in regard to a new 9/11 investigation. To offer a simple explanation, here is the email I sent to all of my members earlier this week:

Hello everyone,

I hope that all of your summers are going well. I have some news and am just going to go right into it: During the past year and a half we have accomplished a lot on behalf of demanding justice, accountability, and closure in regard to 9/11. However, 9/11 is part of a much larger picture. A picture that encompasses many forms of government corruption that need to be addressed and brought to the forefront of everyone's consciousness (i.e. election fraud, wars of aggression, domestic spying, torture, etc.).

Mike Jackman on Empire Watch Tomorrow Morning (7/24/08)

Mike Jackman, Co-Founder of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth, will appear tomorrow morning on Empire Watch hosted by George Corrette and Pat Riot from 9-10 AM on Thursday, July 24th. Jackman will be discussing his latest research into Obama's desired foreign policy advisors, why he's supporting Cynthia McKinney for president, as well as making an announcement regarding the future of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

To listen to the live show via streaming audio visit www.wknh.org, the call in number is: (603) 358-8863.

Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth