'Unbought and Unbossed' Show #46 Dec. 5 - A Sales and Marketing approach to 9/11 Truth Activism

'Unbought and Unbossed' is an independent voice dedicated to discussing the political and social issues most relevant to Canadian citizens. It is a 9/11 Truth friendly show and demands answers, accountability and action from our political and economic leaders, as well as to Plant seeds of truth, hope and love. It's hosted by Raymond Geisler and can be heard each Wednesday on CHLY-FM at 8pm PST

This week's show featured an interview with Wayne Prante of Greater Vancouver / Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth, about a new paper he published entitled "9/11 Truth Sales and Marketing Strategies - A Positive Approach to Increasing Public Awareness about 9/11 Issues" pointing out a wealth of adaptable information from the business world and shows that we need not reinvent the wheel to meet our objectives.

Wayne was a founding member of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society, and was the central organizer of the pivotal Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference in June 2007. Through his work in this area, Wayne has established a network of contacts and has been instrumental in establishing the 9/11 Truth movement in Canada, which now includes groups in 14 cities across the nation.

He is a strong proponent of "Civil Information" Activism.

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The former FAA Air-Traffic Controller, pilot and long time peace activist Robin Hordon shared his professional insights into 9/11, and then discussed "Civil Information" vs confrontational activism. He shared a lot of his personal experience and insights through many years of activism, and takes strong exception to "In Your Face" activism.

That interview is available here:

Richard D. Brinkman

Richard D. Brinkman www.edmonton911truth.com
Good Sales marketing involves activism we up here in cold Canada call ..."Ci eh" This method of activism has wonderful results in around Edmonton Just today I set up a mini DVD showing 9/11 Mysteries in a downtown cafe. I had a small 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper saying "9/11 Truth activist on coffee break, FREE DVD's... in 2 hours I gave away 7 DVDs to folks wanting this information, several people joined me for coffee and conversation, The manager of the cafe didnt seem to mind with the extra traffic I was luring in... Tomorrow, I'll set up my wares for 911 Truth in another part of town for a couple hours...Its fun!

I need to read and then

I need to read and then re-read this paper.

From what I skimmed over it seems like a good strategic overview of how to approach activism and am very interested to see exactly how he has adapted proven methods/strategies to 9/11 Activism.

Thank You very much for the info !
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