One Year Anniversary of Action on Every Eleventh

February 11 2008 marks the one year anniversary of the autonomous grassroots campaign for International Days of Truth Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice.

Over the past year we have seen these days of united action spread from three locations in the US - San Francisco, New York City and Louisville - to scores of locations in countries around the world. As more and more cities and towns joined us - Sydney, Calgary, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Stockholm - we set in motion an international momentum for justice that will not be denied.

We have seen the powerful simplicity of the concept behind this campaign take root in the mind of the movement at large and spread action for 9/11 truth around the world. We have seen actions as diverse as the people from all walks of life who make up this movement for justice. In many locations we have seen new local groups spring to life due to the initiative of one or two brave activists deciding to join us in solidarity - willing to stand alone for truth and inspiring other to join them in action.

What we have started can not be stopped. It can not be stopped by the silence nor the slander of a corporate media complicit in the coverup of the crime of the century. It can not be stopped by politicians too fearful to afford dignity to the demands of the family members. It can not be stopped by desperate disinformation or the misdirection of limited hangouts. And it will not be stopped by a business-as-usual regime rotation in the land of the less than free.

We are set on a course for justice and we are not going away until we get it.

It's not about taking action on only one day a month. It's about taking action every day in every way possible to create visibility and spread awareness and on the eleventh day taking action TOGETHER - around the world - knowing that we will keep coming back until we get where we're going. That's what action on every Eleventh says... we're not stopping until Justice.

My deepest gratitude and respect for everyone who takes action for 9/11 truth.

Join us on February 11

Congratulations Cosmos...

This effort has helped this cause tremendously. It has helped to fill the void of visibility that we so desperately need. Armchair activism is extremely important. The internet is our way to communicate with one another, and post information that isn't being reported by the news. However, we also need to be visible, and this has helped us do that. Thank you for your continued dedication, and perseverance.

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Thank you!

It's been quite a year...

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Great work...

Great work...
Arabesque: 911 Truth

Thank you so much !!

Thanks !!
You help to provide inspiration !
Inspiration is the lifeblood, the energy, the forward thrust, of our movement. It is the fuel in the tank of truth.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

In former times, anyone who

In former times, anyone who possessed a secret in one of the crafts ran the risk of being taken for a sorcerer; every new sect was accused of butchering children in its mysteries; and every philosopher who turned aside from the jargon of the schools was accused of atheism by fanatics and rascals, and condemned by fools.

- Voltaire

Tseng Tzu said, "Every day I examine myself on three counts. In what I have undertaken on another's behalf, have I failed to do my best? In my dealings with my friends have I failed to be trustworthy in what I say? Have I passed on to others anything that I have not tried out myself ?"

- Confucius

Well done friend, liked the radio show yesterday, not sure the FCC enjoyed it as much as I did however :)

Very inspirational!

Your website is very inspirational. You understand very well the dynamics and importance of continuity. As you can see by my sig, I promote it wherever possible.

Keep up the good work!

More Youtube Videos of Truther Action would be helpful I think..


Rob Rice
On the 11th day, of every month.

Together We Win...

Hat's off, Cosmos! The Eleventh of Every Month Campaign has been a great organizing force for truth.

I was wondering if anything is being planned for The National Mall in Washington, DC? We need to find a way to come together IN THE SAME PLACE if possible! Waiting until the anniversary is too long. Besides the anniversary is a time when people are being reflective and honoring the victims, and the flag is a half-mast-- not a good time for a protest!

Perhaps the first week of Sept is better, but I would like to see a well-planned and organized event this Spring. Something BIG that receives media coverage. A March for Truth.
*Let's get Willie Nelson to play at Lafayette Park! Bring in thousands of people... Let's GO BIG.

California Convergence, one year anniversary of TruthAction

Balboa Park, San Diego 2/10/08 with special guests, Luke and Cosmos (and 100+ fellow Truthers). What an honor! What a day! More to come. Now, get those shoes off. These dogs are tired! But, it's a good kind of tired.


If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Right on

An unforgettable day.

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

We sure turned some heads

and perhaps some minds too.

Special thanks to the people who came from far and wide to join in.

Thank you

And deepest respect to you Cosmos, thanks for all your great work

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

With all these wonderful,

With all these wonderful, intelligent, motivated, highly articulate people in California I still can't believe that Arnold "My father was a Nazi SS officer" Schwarzenegger is your "Governator".

There is hope and there is truth, and these are the quintessential human qualities that can't be factored for in the evil machinations of those who carried out 9/11 & 7/7.

I'm sure my friend in Ocean Beach and her Mother Jones reading posse will have heard of 9/11 Truth San Diego, you guys ROCK.

I salute you, respect is due.

Cynthia McKinney for governor of California.

Happy 1 Year!

11th day action every month and in between!