Geraldo Rivera conflates 9/11 skeptics with Terrorists - March 7, 2008

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Geraldo Rivera: "I think that this bomber isn't Al Qaeda, isn't anything like that... He's more like those '9/11 was an inside job' kind of guys... Protesting in a violent way, but in a violent way almost like the eco-terrorists... where they don't intend to inflict casualties."

I am presenting this clip from the FOX News Channel 'Fox & Friends' program, (broadcast LIVE, 7am, EST, March 7, 2008), for purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting and research as defined in Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107. This is not even a 5 minute clip. (Go to the 2:17 mark.)

On March 6, 2008, a US Armed Forces recruiting station was bombed by an unknown individual. It took Geraldo Rivera just over 24 hours to start planting a notion in the heads of millions of FOX News viewers that "9/11 was an inside job kind of guys" were likely responsible for the bombing.

This is a dangerous and false meme that Rivera is planting in the heads of millions of people. And as the Big Lebowski would say, "This agression will not stand... man!" utterly rejects the use of violence to communicate anything. By anyone. That includes Geraldo Rivera. Rivera is infamous partly because he has built his notoriety on the violent incident which occurred on his television show in 1988.

A brawl broke out on the set between racists purposefully invited to the show, and some other guests, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the violence was expected. "A November 1988 cover of Newsweek carried a close-up of his bashed face next to a headline reading, "Trash TV: From the Lurid to the Loud, Anything Goes."

FOX News says "We Love to Hear From Our Viewers!"

Let's take them up on the offer. After all, you're a viewer now... My suggestion is that we all ask for a retraction or apology for this outrageous comment, and Geraldo should have on the air David Ray Griffin to talk about his great new book, 9/11 Contradictions.

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Does everyone remember Geraldo's Oscar Winning Performance during Katrina where he really "felt bad" for the little baby?

We are non-violent. Always have been.

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Geraldo conflates

I think it is time for formal "legal documentation" i e letters, to be sent registered mail to all offending networks and talking heads making these type of inflammatory remarks, that they are inciting violence with the possibility of bodily harm to non-violent citizens will not be tolerated!

The " Talking head nation "HAS to be put on notice by someone in our movement with legal credentials to establish this criminal solicitation of violence against us with criminal cons quinces that proves related to their respective commentary and that they are on notice that a cautionary tone has been relayed to them and that all legal avenues of relief will be pursued against all party's through the judicial system, criminally and civil!

This may not stop the upcoming propaganda spew by these paid shills but at least it gives all of us a beginnings of legal ground to stand on if a random or direct violent act should occur!

Let this be a fore-warning to everyone.

The powers that be will pin violence on the 9/11 Truth movement by either creating an incident out of whole cloth, provoking it or utilizing provocateurs. They are masters at this.


Geraldo looks like he's had

Geraldo looks like he's had a face lift. Also he's talking completely out of his ass because where is there even one example of a "violent" 9/11 Truth protest? No doubt though some kind of agent provocateured bs is probably in the works. And when that other clown talks about the British Consulate being "flash-banged" right before the UK elections who does he think that was? The "same guy", yea it probably was the same guy or same group at least, I mean whose war ally benefited from that little "attack" on the eve of a national election.

Wow! That’s slanderous & inflammatory speech being spewed

by FOX/CIA propagandist/mouthpiece Geraldo Rivera (a/k/a Jerry Rivers.)

Rivera needs to retract that dangerous rhetoric immediately, both orally & in writing, or bare the full wrath of the always lawful, nonviolent 9/11 truth movement!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

He was born "Gerald Rivera"

For Geraldo I'm sure he feels this is personal now after

the 9/11 peace group held signs and interrupted his cute little fox news segment, which was also in NYC: Geraldo flipped them off which makes him look like a dick, especially as more people watch that video clip. Let round 3 begin...

Yes, I did say "9/11 peace group". Try it, maybe it will catch on.


The phrase "9/11 Peace Group" is fantastic. Thank you! I can't believe I did not think of this before and I will begin using it, immediately!



9/11 PEACE GROUP! "truthers" is a pejorative applied to us by Somnambulists. I never liked it.

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)

I don't know. 9/11 truth would end war & Afghanistan & Iraq.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

I never liked "truth"

because it sounds too certain. We know and can say a lot, so I'm not just saying we don't know and are just calling for an investigation. I don't like that either. Lynn Margulis talked about the word "truth" in her interview (with Kevin Barrett?). She said something like "we can't know the truth" in her erudite but down-to-earth way.

But I'm not criticizing use of the word - just stating my discomfort. "9/11 peace group" sounds great.

How about "anti-9/11 group"? Aren't we against what 9/11 really was? And aren't Republican politicans, and to a lesser extent, Democratic politicians, very pro-9/11? Remember that video of the 2004 Republican Convention - "9/11 . . . 9/11. . . 9/11. . . 9/11 . . 9/11 . . . 9/11. . . 9/11 . . 9/11 . . . 9/11. . . 9/11 . . .9/11 . . . 9/11. . . 9/11 . . 9/11 . . . 9/11. . . 9/11 . . 9/11 . . . 9/11"

Geraldo Rivero is a buffoon.

Truth here means we haven't heard it yet

9/11 truthers (generically, anyway) aren't saying they have the whole truth. They're saying that the truth about 9/11 has been concealed and avoided by official and mainstream sources, and that the larger society needs to seek out the truth that's been denied it.

Vive la difference.

I personally like 9/11 Truth and Justice.
Not because of what we know but because of what we seek.
Since there is no official designation or registered name, everyone can use whatever they are comfortable with.
Vive la difference. That's what I say.


Notice also how the Fox people attached "anti-war protester" to the attack.

What A Turd

This coming from the same guy that gave away troop positions on national television. He's completely uncredible and seems like a bit of a nutter too. He should go back to trash television like he's used to. Oh wait, he's already on Fox news that's worse than trash.

Look, I don't care that Rivera added some weak caveat about

"not intending to inflict casualties."

Claming that planting bombs is like “those '9/11 was an inside job' kind of guys” while showing it exploding on video is way, way, over the line!!!

Rivera needs to be held accountable for this negligent, slanderous remark!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Geraldo may be directed to make such comments....

It may be just personal since the 9/11 protesters did get the better of Geraldo live on TV! On the other hand, this may be more concerted than we'd imagine? Geraldo may just be following his marching orders? It's intentional when they include the 9/11 A&E website in a subcomittee presentation on terror.

I'd suspect our government before anyone else. I believe, we'll see an uptick in incidents like the recruiting station bombing as the present regime looks for sympathy and justification for their continued "war on terror" as the year progresses. They have to be able to point to something even if only contrived events!

I still would find it straining credibility to label Richard Gage a homegrown terrorist? I don't think that stops them--just look at the 9/11 event? Maybe, a passerby will find a pristine passport in order to finger the movement?

9/11 Truthers shouldn't underestimate the resentment and scorn the Empire may unleash? They're probably unhappy with the recent spread of support beyond our borders, making control more difficult?

Geraldo has become a total shill and ...
...don't believe him!

I pay no attention

to anything Geraldo Rivera says. I thinking he is still trying to figure out Al Capone's tomb. He's a joke.

He's a joke...

No kidding.

I just Googled "geraldo" + "douchebag.", and I got over 4,000 hits.

He's a pathetic looser. Who really cares what he says?


Boy do you have that one right. He is also a total scumbag. Guys like him make me sick. They claim to be good Americans in the meantime they are selling this once great country down the river. If I can figure 9/11 out you can't tell me they can't. The official story is ridiculous to put it mildly. Right out of a comic book. Well every dog has his day and guys like Geraldo will have his.


Ditto. He's not worth our breath. Geraldo's on their side? Thank god. Think of how we could never live it down if he was on our side.

Oh, oh, oh!!!

I'll be ah-calling soon!

Vietnam antiwar protesters were also included

Russ Hallberg

Geraldo lumped Vietnam antiwar protesters in with the "crazies.". That gives us another group of possible allies. Perhaps he gave us a bridge to the left gatekeepers' flock! Many prominent folks were Vietnam war protesters. This gives us a new angle for outreach.

Sounds like Geraldo is beating the HR1955 drum loudly.

Users mailbox is full

I just tried to leave a voicemail comment on the Fox News comment line and got a message saying "Sorry, the users mailbox is full". Great job to all of those who were able to leave messages earlier!

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

geraldo et al fox poop

I find it interesting that these fox so called journalists can spend more time analyzing this than the collapse of WTC 7, they seem to know so much about bombs and bombers, how did they miss the clouds of smoke on 911. I'd like to see them call someone like Col. Robert Bowman an anarchist to his face. You sold out along time ago geraldo, your just a trash TV host now!

Trying to really frame 9/11

Trying to really frame 9/11 could backfire, as it wouid draw attention to the issue. Soon more people would know about WTC 7, etc. They might use that as only a last resort. But better be prepared and proactive.

As I've said before, massive peaceful protests could wake up the nation. But are there still so few Americans who truly understand the implications of 9/11 that such cannot be organized?

Geraldo the mustachioed

Geraldo the mustachioed mouthpiece of the new world disorder. He can't let go of his grudge over radical "misfits" interrupting his enlightening conversation with a porn star & Hooters waitress. In America, after all, you have the freedom to wear what you want to wear! Gonna be lots of good "female shopping" in the Freedom Tower

We will hold them accountable for their lies & slander!! Never give up

alex jones arrested we are change fox news 9/11 truth 07

Video of Geraldo's famous finger! Geraldo Rivera flips the bird to crowd of jeering 9/11 Truthers - 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!! Alex Jones arrested - at FOX NEWS, NYC - 9/8/07 rally

God is punishing CNN, Atlanta

... for the 9/11 Cover-up! (sorry, couldn't resist) Strange coincidence, the anti-war march in LA today ends up at CNN, Sunset & Cahuenga. Stop by WeAreChangeLA / 9-11 Truth LA booth and say hi.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Old advice revamped by Project Mockingbird

The unstated rule governing 9/11 truth coverage:

If you can't say something bad about 9/11 truth, don't say anything at all!

He's pathetic.

Is this pathetic old has-been even relevant any more? I imagine him as marginalized and forgotten by the masses as Springer.
Maybe he still has an audience somewhere but the only time I hear about him is here on the blogger. I can't imagine him having a lot of serious influence.

My email to FOX

Russ Hallberg

Geraldo Revera's comments, equating 9/11 Truth activist with terrorists, were worthy of a USSR journalist. The 9/11 Truth movement has always been nonviolent. We don't need violence, only a level field in the media.

I challenge Geraldo to interview 9/11 Truth activists such as Dr David Ray Griffin or Architect Richard Gage.

Thank you,
Russ Hallberg

I sent this email to Fox...

...after I got the "sorry mailbox is full" message.


Subject: Is Geraldo high? or just working for the traitors?

Hey Fox,

Where does Geraldo come up with his "the guy who bombed the NYC recruiting station is like those 9/11 was an inside job guys"??

Is he on some traitor's payroll or something, or just a fellow traveler?

People who think 9/11 was an inside job / false flag operation are serious patriots, not mystery bombers.

We DON'T like bombs being placed ANYWHERE in Manhattan, and that includes the former WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7.

Take a look at the tidy rubble pile ( ) caused by the "collapse" of WTC7 and tell me if you think that it looks more like a non-intentional collapse or a perfectly executed controlled demolition.

Also, why did the BBC report that the building had collapsed on TV minutes BEFORE it actually did? I've seen the footage where the reporter says it's collapsed when it's right over her left shoulder.

To think that recognizing obvious contradictions and impossibilities in the "official" conspiracy theory of 9/11 (remember, there is NO "lone gunman" theory available) is the same as planting a bomb is like saying that because Sean Hannity talks trash then he must be a child molester. Might make for good TV, but it's a completely unsupportable argument.

Tell Mr. G to get his head out of his ass and do a little more research before he opens his pathetic yap.

Thank you,

David Caputo
Holyoke, MA


After I wrote this I watched some more Geraldo/911 footage and if anything was even more appalled. Phillip Agee wrote in "Inside the Company" that almost everyone of any significance in the major media was either bought and paid for or blackmailed into submission. Remember the Craig Spence drugs/underage hooker parties? Makes what Eliot Spitzer did look downright ethical. What kind of slimy dirt do they have on you Geraldo? Pray tell...


News and Commentary by David Caputo

Geraldo Rivera

reminds me of the Nazi sympathizers in Paris who spat upon the Resistance, as they were paraded down the Champs-Elysées, when Hitler's army occupied the city. Geraldo is the worst of them all: He is a criminally complicit tool; a propagandist and traitor of the most dangerous sort, inciting violence against peaceful demonstrators and true patriots.

Geraldo says Oklahoma Bombing done by conspiracy minds

Geraldo, I am ashamed of you to the max.
At one time I believed you were a true watch dog, looking out for the people.
But watching you lately and now seeing you make such an idiotic statement as you did where you believe that it was the conspiracy theorist that had something to do with the Oklahoma Bombing, truly is baffling to say the least.
You've become just like the rest of those lap puppies who are on the tube. Looking out only for yourself and licking your masters ass to maintain and receive your little ego treats.
I should have known that someone, or something had gotten to you when I saw that you went over to the Fox network, one of the absolute worst stations around, who dare call themselves a news organization.
Come on Geraldo, you really can't be that stupid,perhaps your in a position now that you must go along with the masses in order to keep and maintain your position, even if you did have to sell your soul. Sorry for you buddy, you come so far, and now you've fallen twice the distance, fell you have down into that burning ring of fire, residing where all the other liars reside.
Is it any wonder why the news media is so hatted today , you not only don't bring us the truth, but you refuse to examine it fairly, and face the facts head on, let alone bring it to the table for the family to see.
Your like a selfish little kid, grabbing all the desert for yourself, then saying to hell with the rest of ya all.
I've got a real news flash for you Geraldo, this one could get you the largest award ever presented to any news person ever, but you first must be willing to do something with the information, can't just sit on it and do nothing.
Here it is buddy..... NEWS FLASH... NEWS FLASH... NEWS FLASH...........

9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB,.. there you have it Geraldo, now go out there and really make a good name for yourself.
All the evidence is sitting right there for you to see and give close scrutiny too., While your at it, do Bill Mahr a favor and drag him along so he too can present himself as a smarter person that what he's now doing by denying the evidence of 9/11