We Are Change UK - 11th of every month : BBC and Oxford St


We Are Change UK take part in the 11th or every month action that calls for a new investigation into the events of 9/11.

3000 citizens from around the world died on the day of 9/11 and millions since in wars as part of the War on Terror.

The 11th of every month actions take place across America, Canada, Europe and Australia and is gaining monentum. For more information:

Great stuff- Really good to

Great stuff- Really good to see people taking action in Britian,

I dont think americans actually grasp the effect 9/11 has had on the U.K- We have lost even more civil liberties than in the U.S with the Patriot act.

Hope frank skinner reads the leaflet.

Good work fellas.


good stuff

The Botton Line.

We are all in this together... Thanks.

Question, though?

I'd differ with your point American's don't realize how much more 9/11 has cost the UK in civil liberties? We hear about the possibility of searches and ticketing for garbage bags held in a trunk? We're aware of the most video cams in London than perhaps anywhere else?

A question, though? How long can you belt out 9/11 Truth on a bullhorn before authorities put a stop to it? It's a measure of freedom of speech as well?

I'm truly curious?

Hats off to your effort!

...don't believe them!

"How long can you belt out

"How long can you belt out 9/11 Truth on a bullhorn before authorities put a stop to it? It's a measure of freedom of speech as well?"

30 minutes until 2 Police Officers turned up and threatened us with detainment under section 41 of the Terrorism Act.


Yes- we are most definatly

Yes- we are most definatly in this together, its good to have trans-alantic solidarity for each others situation!

I find it interesting about your the police threatened you with being detained under the terrorism act- the fact of the matter is that it is only the politicians who support any of that legistation- even the junges know its all a load of rubbish.

It would be interesting if someone did get arrested for 911 truth activism, if it went to court would you be able to use 911 edivence in defence of your actions? for example the satilite photos of the molten metal at ground zero? or the work of Steven Jones?

Suggestion with bullhorn actions:

since most people are just passing by it might be more effective
to repeat a short catchy phrase or question to make people curiuos in stead of telling
a long and detailed story.
You could start with something everybody (dis)agrees on like:
"Do you like being lied to?"
"Do you want to be respected"
and then maybe:
"We have a free DVD that proves that the goverment lied to you on 911 "
"Go to our website( flyer) ... and see for yourself"



I particularly liked bullhorning that BBC building. We all need

to focus & put more pressure on the mainstream media! Without the msm's complicity, they never could've gotten away this far with 9/11. (They never would've even tried 9/11 without first having 99% of the msm in their pocket!)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

there will be more coming

there will be more coming soon from the BBC ;-)