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Be the media revolution. Below, I’ve pasted links to all the news-ranking sites where I’ve submitted the Fourteen Points article; please boost it at these links, if you can, and please post links in the comments here (and I'll edit them into the article while the edit window's open) to the sites you’ve submitted it to, so we can all boost those, too. and similar websites are primary sources of news/info, community, discussion and knowledge/opinion development for a growing number of people. is the biggest news-ranking site on the net and is growing more popular daily. By submitting links to Digg, posting the link at 911Blogger and our other favorite sites, and then forwarding it to our email lists, we help articles get seen by people as they’re hot news, and increase the visibility and relevance of issues in general. If you know a more popular site than Digg, please link it in the comments. gives a quick, rough, usually a bit low, snapshot of any website's traffic rankings- the number refers to it's popularity on the net- as you can check yourself, google and yahoo are usually 1 or 2. is 56,990 right now- with some stories breaking, it’s been a lot higher, and it’s grown considerably in popularity over the years. ranks 127 on Alexa and has been going up steadily since it’s start 10 or so years ago as a nerd/techie way of finding out about IT/science news of mutual interest. Now they have a slick public image, huge web presence and a lot of different categories, including Political News and Opinion.

Digg and other sites also allow users to vote stories up or down, which also moves them up or down in subject lists and searches, and closer to or further from the front page. The concept behind this is that the democratic community of users will see to it that fact-based, relevant stories rise to the top and get seen by everyone; and unsubstantiated BS gets buried so it doesn’t annoy and distract people. The most popular story in the last year had to do with Digg/corporate censorship and an HD DVD hacking code that had already been made public ; 48,778 people voted for freedom of speech- public pressure forced Digg to repost it after Digg’s owners removed the post under industry pressure.

Digg also gives more power to long-time “trusted” users than newer users to bury and boost stories and make them more or less visible in searches and rankings, so ultimately they’re seen by more or less people- this has an effect on how well-known a story becomes, and ultimately how important. I don’t know if any good has been accomplished by giving these insiders more power, but some elements known as the “bury brigade” also can’t stand discussion of alternative 9/11 information, no matter how fact-based and relevant it is, and have buried important, fact-based stories.

This actually seems to happen with every issue that, in essence, is threatening to the “reality” asserted by the Establishment in their policies and media. The best way to circumvent the bury brigade and change Digg so it serves the public interest better, is for so many more people to participate that the bury brigades are overwhelmed. Posting and boosting 9/11 Truth stories as soon as they break, and also emailing the links to our lists, asking them to take a sec and boost it, is a simple and fun method of activism. That simple action could ultimately make a huge difference for the 9/11 Truth Movement. 911Blogger has been an amazing resource for getting the word out about big developments. Maybe eventually there’ll be RSS feeds and/or an email list to catch stories as they break? 3581 holding steady, maybe going down a bit??? 10,625 seems to be going down 8535 holding steady Danny Schechter’s newest project, no ranking yet!resize=1

Can you believe the search term “Reprehensor” gets 30,000 hits on Google? That’s the result of over 7 years of “its” posting stories and comments all over the web.

14 points

Would you please provide a link to the fourteen points again? I can't seen to find it and I thought it was very well done!


Direct links- Digg this!!!

Good Point!

Everyone, here it is and, please forward and post these links!!! Post the Digg button/link on your blog and lobby your favorite sites to post the Digg button prominently til April 25 at least!!!

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction:

Fourteen Points of Agreement: World Trade Center Destruction

Publication in a Peer-reviewed Civil Engineering Journal!

Open Civil Engineering Journal, Vol. 2, 2008, pg. 35-40

published by Open Access

"16 percent of Americans speculate that secretly planted explosives, not burning passenger jets, were the real reason the massive twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed."

A September 6, 2007 Zogby Poll found 67% fault the 9/11 Commission for not investigating the anomalous collapse of World Trade Center 7. FEMA’s reported concluded that their best hypothesis had only a low probability of occurrence. NIST, more than 6 years after the 9/11 events, has still not released their report on WTC 7.

If you're tired of waiting over 6 years for the NIST WTC 7 Report, have questions about the NIST Report on WTC 1 & 2 and want the scientific community to know about and address these 14 points
Digg Link: Fourteen Points of Agreement: World Trade Center Destruction

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"14 Points" as Segment of Month of Truth on Clout

"14 Points" as Segment of Month of Truth on Clout with Richard Greene.

Imagine the Authors on Air America's CLOUT...I can hear them now!

Digg Bury Brigade can't be 'Overwhelmed'

I applaud your efforts, but unfortunately, the Digg bury brigade can not be 'overwhelmed' because they are granted super-user privilege. They have the power to keep a story off the front page regardless of the number of "diggs" or comments the story may attract. This has been demonstrated many times.

Contrary to what they'd like you to believe; Digg is a completely controlled site.


if anyone has evidence their Digg wasn't counted

like screen shots, stats or whatever- then definitely let's expose that. I'm sure Digg is possibly/probably infiltrated Operation Mockingbird style, just like Wikipedia, etc. Have you head DailyKos talking about his CIA experience at the Commonwealth Club in 2006?

This isn't about Digg anyway- anyone who's got a sec, who thinks the 14 Points deserve attention from the world and the scientific community- copy, paste, forward, post links about it all week!!!

Out of 200 some million Americans who think the 9/11 Commission should've investigated and reported on the collapse of WTC 7, I think we can beat a measly 48,000 for Most Popular Digg Last 365 Days

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