Tom Brokaw speaks with WeAreChangeLA about bringing Truth to Mainstream Media.

WeAreChangeLA set out to get a word or two with American Media icon Tom Brokaw, at an April 17th "Presidents Lecture Series" event at USC. Though well embedded in the arena of corporate structure and agenda, Mr. Brokaw has long brought no small degree of integrity and high professional standards to bear upon his craft, and thus to America and the world. Jeremy Rothe-Kuschel and I were intent to find his position on the challenge of bringing solutions to the breakdown of honest news reporting in our troubled world. I firmly believe, as JFK stated, that our Nation's chances for survival "in it's final analysis, will depend on an informed citizenry." With this in mind, I put my question to Mr. Brokaw-

"Given the big, momentous, turning points we've had of late, in the past few years since 9/11, how would you recommend we move forward, in getting more transparency and more honesty, and more coverage of issues like the anthrax attacks... issues pertinent, and things that the mainstream media has not been willing to delve into for different reasons. What do you suggest we do to bring Truth to the mainstream, where it's not being brought currently?"

There was a marked physical response from him to the word anthrax, which included what looked to be an involuntary reaction of quickly moving his hand to his neck, and giving it a brief rub or two. Instantly regaining his composure, he proceeded to share with us the following-

He said he had been discussing this issue with USC's President on the way to the event."It's hard work, I mean it doesn't happen with the snap of the fingers... I have come to the conclusion that the solutions in this country are much more now from the ground up, than they are from the top down." After acknowledging what he characterized as the "declining" system of news generating and feeding "techniques", he offered that "...those of us in the media have to be not just cognizant of that, but we have to be facilitators of the news."

After expressing appreciation for USC's commitment to bolstering positive influence in journalism, Mr. Brokaw shared an observation, "I watch the local news now, and it's car chase, after burglary, after Paris Hilton... and it must have been live coverage of Britney Spears being escorted by the police department to the hospital? But you too have to take the news seriously, and demand more of it. It's not by accident that this stuff ends up on the air, because viewing goes straight up. And we are at a time now of growing strife... regarding information in terms of how we get the news and where. This internet is not a phenomenon... we are at the seminal stages. It has infinite reach... It's one of the greatest democratization tools I've ever seen. We can share with others our opinion, and reach the far corners of the world... but it also requires professionals who are gathering the information and laying it out in the right way, and it requires consumers who are willing to play a part in getting information that is important to them and not simply a distraction..."

Jeremy and I got the impression that Tom Brokaw is a good man in a tough spot. He is beholden both to the nefarious paradigm within which he played a role allowing the formation of our current dilemma(s), and the newly emerging paradigm he acknowledges must be nurtured "from the ground up" if our world is to avert further demise. Hope of, and confidence in, our ability as citizens to rise to the occasion was the tone of his response.

We left with a newly bolstered sense of empowerment and purpose, and it is our hope that you too will glean a bit of spirit from what Mr. Brokaw shared with us that night.

With you in our quest for Truth, Justice and Liberty,
Stewart Howe & all of us at WeAreChangeLA

This is what it's all about

This is what it's all about . . . . without our media, as a truly free press, the current MIA Fourth Estate, we are screwed. Somehow we have to "de-corporatize" the media conglomerates and bring back the Fairness Doctrine . . . ha!

Good questions/comments to Brokow - at least his responses are encouraging . . .

A bridge

to let some of these people come over to our side with grace.

MLK said it best......

There comes a time when silence is a form of betrail. Sorry Mr. Brokaw you have no respect from me.

No respect

agreed . . . no respect . . . they either know and have remained silent or they have chosen not to know.

They never had my respect

Lou Dobbs was the only one who came close. I don't like condemning people without knowing them personally and it might well be possible that to them this is unthinkable. I know a lot of good, smart people who simply will not believe it because their whole life they've been indoctrinated to rationalize for TPTB. They will not accept it irregardless of the evidence. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful force.

It's only a question of time before the truth leaks(They can attack we are change and they can spread disinformation, but the people will wise up eventually) and those who were brave to risk it all, like we have, for 9/11 truth will be the leaders of tomorrow. Most of these MSM figureheads will find themselves out of a job when American wakes up - and it will, it's only a question of time. As the price of gas continues to soar and food shortages continue to be reported, social anger will rise and eventually reach a boiling point. God help them all, I am sure many of them are good but very misguided people... I know lots of them here.

An "inviting bridge" for all, including the complicit... come over to our side and help the cause of Truth. No love or respect for betrayal here; Only the willingness to reach out to, and accept actions consistant with reform and redemption from the large segment of complicit society potentially willing to leave the relative comfort of the status quo and stand with us. Even if tentatively, reluctantly, or slowly at first. I know I personaly came to our cause after far too many years caught up in somewhat mainstream life before crossing the bridge myself. Part of the goal would seem to be an open, friendly , and thereby more frequently used bridge.

I don't expect to see the likes of an O'reilly or Malkin cross over any time soon, but there are alot of good people that though far from free of some degree of guilt, have been/are/will continue to be swayed by good natured invitation to our truly Patriotic and Truthful endeavors.

Thank you all for your efforts in support of Truth,

Stewart Howe

The Satyagraha method . . .

The Satyagraha method . . .


Geraldo Rivera, by contrast...

reminds me of the Nazi sympathizers in Paris who spat upon the Resistance, as they were paraded down the Champs-Elysées, when Hitler's army occupied the city. Geraldo is the worst of them all: He is a criminally complicit tool; a propagandist and traitor of the most dangerous sort, inciting violence against peaceful demonstrators and true patriots.


"There was a marked physical

"There was a marked physical response from him to the word anthrax, which included what looked to be an involuntary reaction of quickly moving his hand to his neck, and giving it a brief rub or two."

No doubt.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Silence via Intimidation

The perps had good reason to instill fear in Brokaw and others. Keeping the Big Lie a secret.

The message behind the anthrax mailing was: Speak not the truth or you shall die.

Something he will never forget. ... and there may be other threats made against him & his family that we don't yet know about.


thanks for the great,

thanks for the great, civil, citizen journalism Stewart and others from your group! We don't have to like or respect such people as individuals or professionals, but we can nonetheless set and an example for others (including those in the media) and BE the change we want to see rather than demanding it of others.

- Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth
- 9/11 Civil Information Blog

... it's the other War on Terrrorism ... silly!