Richard Gage, AIA wakes up an American citizen

Richard Gage, AIA, while on the phone with Jason Bermas of the Alex Jones Radio Show, unwittingly brings new light on the subject of 9-11 to an unsuspecting American citizen.

Nothing compares to witnessing someone new wake up to the truth about 9-11.

Great interview

Sandra's intelligent, thoughtful response speaks for the curious and rational mind in all of us awakening to the truth of 9/11.

How can good people like Sandra make crucial decisions like

who to trust, who to vote for when the truth about the 9/11 inside job has been deliberately withheld from them???

9/11 truth is the catalyst that will help us repel & take back our fascist government & restore justice & peace!!!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

thanks Richard

I still believe the world is full of nice kind people like that....and it still makes me cry to think how these criminals have deceived all these gentle people and murdered so many others.

this criminal organization must be stopped!

Great Footage

Save that. It will be a classic!

ANYONE can do something RIGHT NOW to help!!!

ANYONE who has 5 minutes can help Richard Gage RIGHT THIS SECOND. -- It is simple...

1) Enter your zip code on "ArchitectFinder" to get a list of nearby architects.

2) Email the architectural firm or individual a short email asking them to look at
A) You may want to include this link
B) Attach the "Hard Evidence Letter"

3) Once you have sent is easy to copy-n-paste to send another.

Reference: This old "Action Alert" has a sample letter and answers any questions.

[ One Minute Video ]


VIDEO SURVEY OF 27 PEOPLE shows that "ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS FOR 9/11 TRUTH" will definitely have impact.


Come on...anyone can do this... "EMAIL for "
Let's help Gage. He is working his ass off! Let's help him out!

I am there any reader here who is going to email?

I am curious if there are any readers of this blog entry who will actually do some effort?...who will email? ...who will take the ball and run with it? ...who will act to help build AE911Truth?

Two days ago I sent a AE911 link to my brother architect

Herblay FRANCE

last Saturday I emailed a link to AE911Truth and AE info to my brother who is an architect. He is barely talking to me because I have been infected by the 911 truth virus. One day my brother will see the truth and the sooner the better.

I will do another to my cousin in Australia who is an engineer ( and by the way helped in the building of the French Pompidou center - metalic structure). Last time three years ago he was very angry me for having sent him an email on 911 truth.

Yours John

Sent my first twenty today

will send twenty more and twenty more....

John & baldface !! Damn great!! Richard will love hearing this

That is wonderful to hear!! I kid you not -- Richard Gage will really like hearing this! He is gonna be thrilled!! The guy works 18 hour days trying to make things go right and he is gonna love this feedback from ya'll !!


I would urge people to make these messages *very* personal - people are so sensitive to spam these days, you don't want to rub anyone the wrong way right off the bat.

There's also the possibility that people will report the letter as spam through their email provider or anti-spam system - if enough people do that, the messages could start getting filtered before reaching the recipients. There are only a handful of enterprise email content-scanning engines used in the myriad corporate anti-spam products; if one of them writes a filter, it's bad news. Even though the messages are not identical, the rules can match any discernible pattern in the email.

I'm going to send a few emails locally, but I'm just going to be brutally honest and let them know where I found their address, and assure them that their name has not been added to any sort of marketing list. Then, I'll probably add a quick anecdote about how I used to scoff at the idea that there is more to 9/11 than we've been lead to believe, until I stopped and examined the evidence with an analytical eye.

Just something along those lines - the keys are: make sure they see that it's personal and not spam, explain that their address did not come from a marketing list, connect with them by appealing to how they probably feel about 9/11 right now, ask them to spend a few minutes with

I might end it with, "I hope you can appreciate my sincerity - if the tables were turned, this is something I would want to know about immediately."

Thats was an excellent video - Thank you so much for that boost!

Together we will win!

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!


It is meeting people like Sandra that make it all worth while
Thank you once again Richard for doing what you do and thank you Sandra for your open mind.