9/11 Truth Civil Informationing, Sept. 7th, 2008

Sunday, Sept. 7th in Maple Ridge, B.C. (Canada)

Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth gathered in Maple Ridge again this day at our usual spot at 224th and Dewdney for more 9/11 Truth Civil Informationing with 7 members on hand.

The response was overwhelmingly positive with many, many honks and thumbs up.

While there, we were spontaneously approached by 3 members of the alternative media.

Wayne gave a brief interview with a synopsis of 9/11 as we see it and the importance of investigating 9/11, and the reasons we are doing this, as well as thoughts on the coming elections in both the USA and Canada. A reporter for the SFU student newspaper The Peak also took some information and pictures for a report she will write for her paper. She seemed to be well informed about 9/11 and supportive of us and our cause. A gentlemen from Kamploops, BC who has a radio show on a mainstream, Top 40 type station invited Wayne to come on his show in the near future too. As well, our local MLA Michael Sather (NDP) stopped by. He is presently running for Mayor in Maple Ridge. He seemed very supportive of what we are doing and thanked us for the info he received.

In all, we gave away close to 200 DVDs in about 4 hours without approaching anyone! That was our greatest output yet by far and we received enough donations to cover the expenses, and as usual, it was FUN !!

Our group will meet up again on Thursday, Sept. 11th 2008 (7th Anniversary of 9/11) in TWO locations!

We will be in both Maple Ridge and Chilliwack. We hope others will get out in their own cities and towns around the Valley and be visible for 9/11 Truth and Justice.

There is no better or more important day to get involved!



more and more


Great Job !!

don't stop.

I have 500 DVDs and a bunch of signs & banners....

ready to go on the eleventh.

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Joe has given out thousands of DVDs here in Texas....

Joe is our main man down here in Dallas...he has burned well over 16,000 DVDs!!!

Great job up there in Canda. It looks like ya'll had a great time!...and were very, very productive!! We love seeing that friendly fun action you folks are doing up in the far north!...even if ya'll do talk funny <--(ha!...just joking) Our hat is off to Canada!!