WeAreChangeLA 'debriefs' former CIA Case Officer Robert Baer about apparent Mossad and White House 9/11 foreknowledge, and more


On October 16, 2008, Robert Baer, who was a CIA Case Officer in the Middle East over the course of almost two decades, participated in a discussion at the Hammer Museum entitled "A Third War: The Threat of War with Iran." Dr. Trita Parsi was part of the discussion which was moderated by Ian Masters.

Baer was briefly interrupted during the discussion by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel for clarity's sake, after he brought up 9/11 and reaffirmed his recently aired belief that Osama bin Laden is likely dead. That part went something like this-

Bob: The chances of Bin Laden being dead are very high. The question is are they going to drag him out in the next two weeks. Is he going to [laughter] out of cold storage and say "we finally got him." I don't know that he's dead, but he probably is.

Jeremy: But he didn't do 9/11 though.

Bob: Well, let's put it this way, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind...

Jeremy: No.

Bob: ...said he wasn't working for Bin Laden, so...

Jeremy: Did Khalid Sheikh Mohammed put the Mossad assets in New Jersey to film?

Bob: ...No he's talking about the famous white van. It's an intriguing story. It deserves a book...
After the event, Baer graciously granted WeAreChangeLA members Stewart Howe and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel an interview in front of the Hammer Museum on Wilshire Boulevard. Although he avoided dealing with the operational aspects of the 9/11 attacks, Mr. Baer appeared to affirm or suggest Israeli Mossad and White House foreknowledge of the attacks. Baer laid out his take on a benign scenario for the "famous white van" associated with Mossad agents detained on 9/11 after being seen filming and celebrating the attacks. Baer also said that it could mean something "worse."

At the end of the interview Baer makes a very provocative statement:

"I know the guy that went into his broker in San Diego and said 'cash me out, it's going down tomorrow.'"

He then went on to say that this man's "brother worked in the White House."

He finally appears to confirm CIA involvement in the Iranian Revolution.

Here's some interesting information related to Baer and this subject from the great resource http://www.historycommons.org/ ----

"Before Mid-January 2002: Top CIA Official Reportedly Describes 9/11 as Triumph"

According to former CIA officer Robert Baer, a high-ranking CIA official tells a reporter off-the-record that, "when the dust finally clears, Americans will see that September 11 was a triumph for the intelligence community, not a failure." It is unclear why the CIA officer thinks this and the reporter who tells Baer this story is not named. However, Baer comments that if that is what the CIA thinks, "Im scared to death of what lies ahead." [BAER, 2002, PP. XXIII]


"January 13, 2002: Former German Minister Believes CIA Is Responsible for 9/11"

Andreas von Buelow. [Source: Public domain]
Andreas von Bülow, former German Minister for Research and Technology and a long-time member of German parliament, suggests in an interview that the CIA could have been behind the 9/11 attacks. He states: “Whoever wants to understand the CIA’s methods, has to deal with its main task of covert operations: Below the level of war, and outside international law, foreign states are to be influenced by inciting insurrections or terrorist attacks, usually combined with drugs and weapons trade, and money laundering.… Since, however, it must not under any circumstances come out that there is an intelligence agency behind it, all traces are erased, with tremendous deployment of resources. I have the impression that this kind of intelligence agency spends 90 percent of its time this way: creating false leads. So that if anyone suspects the collaboration of the agencies, he is accused of paranoia. The truth often comes out only years later.” [DER TAGESSPIEGEL (BERLIN), 1/13/2002] In an example of covering tracks, Ephraim Halevy, head of Israel’s Mossad from 1998 until 2002, claims, “Not one big success of the Mossad has ever been made public” (see February 5, 2003). [CBS NEWS, 2/5/2003]
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Finally, check out this article, titled The CIA's Gift to Conspiracy Theorists, that Baer wrote in Time Magazine at the end of 2007 regarding the CIA's alleged destruction of two videotapes of interrogations of al-Qaeda prisoners, including Abu Zubaydah. The article is headed with a picture of the the WTC apparently being blown up and opens with this line- "The CIA has proved, once again, that the cover up is worse than the crime. Or at least let's hope that's the case." Well, I guess we could hope for lower levels of treason. Or we could face facts like the morally and intellectually honest people we need to be.

video: Stewart Howe
edit: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
music: Shumonik

Good job.

Baer was pretty decent to you guys. Hats off to him, too.

He was. But he's was also

kinda nervous and hesitant throughout. You were putting the pressure on him Jeremy!

A mess of contradictions

First he tries to pin 911 on Iran without any evidence, next he (rightly) suggests that Israel had foreknowledge (Well yes, at the very least), then he insists that Mossad could have had foreknowledge while the entire US intelligence "community" was out of the loop (because "Hamas has cells all over NY") (huh?), then he states, "I know the guy that went into his broker in San Diego and said 'Cash me out, it’s goin’ down tomorrow'…His brother worked in the White House." (!)

This guy is either really confused or really confused like a fox, however the last statement is interesting, to say the least.

Good job though Shumonik and others, your confrontations are consistently excellent. Keep up the good work!

My take...

...is definitely "like a fox". A Master Fox. I got the impression Baer is simultaniously playing the game on many levels, and dropping bits of dis-info mixed in with morsels of somewhat benign, yet actual intel. He's definitely "smarter than your average bear", and appears to enjoy toying with citizen journalists. On top of which, he is genuinely likeable despite his deeds, which must greatly enhance his worth to the Agency. Quite an interesting guy to chat with.

"Few victories can rival the initial one of parting company with the spectators and stepping ito the arena" - Stewart Howe

The San Diego broker may be this guy


An Egyptian-born financial analyst charged in a nationwide stock swindle may have known about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and tried to profit from them, a federal prosecutor said Friday.

Amr I. "Anthony" Elgindy (pictured, left) telephoned his broker on Sept. 10 and asked him to liquidate his children's $300,000 trust account, Assistant U.S. Attorney Ken Breen told a federal judge at Elgindy's detention hearing Friday.

"He made a comment predicting the market would drop to 3,000" at a time when the Dow Jones stock index was at 9,600, Breen said. "Perhaps Mr. Elgindy had pre-knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks. Instead of trying to report it, he tried to profit from it."

He is also accused of spreading negative information leaked to him by two FBI agents about publicly traded companies, so he could drive down the price of certain stock issues and "sell short."

Elgindy, 34, of Encinitas, was ordered held without bond on charges of racketeering, extortion and obstruction of justice.

Before issuing the order, Magistrate Judge John Houston said he was going to "disregard" the suggestion that Elgindy had anything to do with the terror attacks.

Elgindy, wearing a tan jumpsuit, did not speak during the hourlong hearing.

His attorney, Jeanne Knight, said Elgindy did call his broker to make a trade, but the timing was coincidental and the market had been dropping for months.

"It seems like the government, for lack of factual evidence, has decided to smear my client with terrorist innuendoes," Knight said. "This is smacking of racial profiling."

Breen made his accusations as prosecutors tried to convince Houston that Elgindy was a flight risk and should be denied bail.

Elgindy, one of five defendants in the case, was arrested May 22 on an indictment issued by a grand jury in Brooklyn, N.Y.

In exchange for money, two FBI agents used confidential databases to provide Elgindy and other co-conspirators with information on publicly traded companies, the indictment said.

Elgindy allegedly spread negative information on the companies on his Web site and to subscribers of his e-mail newsletter, InsideTruth, while betting that the companies' stock would go down.

In one case, a former FBI agent searched the agency's confidential National Crime Information Center database and discovered the criminal history of a top executive for a company called Nuclear Solutions, the indictment said. The same day, Elgindy began sending e-mails calling the executive "a convicted felon," then sold the company's stock short, the papers added.

Earlier this week, FBI agents raided Elgindy's $2.2 million mansion. Inside, agents said they found tens of thousands of dollars in cash and gold coins. The government is seeking to seize his fleet of cars, which include a Rolls Royce, a Jaguar and a Humvee.

If convicted of all counts, Elgindy faces a maximum 65 years in prison.


Has anyone else heard Alex Jones say Baer has gone public on my show saying 9/11 was an inside job? This bugs me because I don't recall Baer even hinting that 9/11 was an inside job. Maybe let it happen at best.

We are supposed to believe, not to know...

I think that Baer's article in Time is better than nothing. In main stream media we cannot hope for anything much better than this.

We however should always avoid that kind of doublethink and speak clearly to our audiences about the elephant in the room. (Ita est: by undersocring our best evidence, our unequivocal, uncontestable, undeniable, undisputable proofs.)
Or as Martin E. Schotz wrote (about the JFK-case):

«All of this brings us to the real cover-up over all these years, which was not "Oswald" per se but rather "the debate over Oswald." In this process we see the CIA following the principles of intelligence agency assassination and cover-up as outlined by Isaac Don Levine, an associate of Allen Dulles, in his analysis of the assassination of Leon Trotsky by the Soviet Union's NKVD. As Levine revealed, the classic manner by which an intelligence agency attempts to cover itself is by the use of confusion and mystery. The public is allowed to think anything it wants, but is not allowed to know, because the case is shrouded in supposed uncertainty and confusion. This was and is the big lie, that virtually no one is sure who really killed President Kennedy or why.»
In my humble opinion, everybody should know Schotz' essay: http://druckversion.studien-von-zeitfragen.net/Contentment%20and%20Denia...
(And with that in mind, this one: http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/patriots_question/index.html)

Learn from History

Thanks for this. I'll read it when I get a chance.

The disinformation strategy is quite clear. I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the successes and failures of the JFK movement and we should learn from them if we want to make an effective difference.

Michael Ruppert has some interesting things to say on this subject:

"There is a reason why I opened my video The Truth and Lies of 9/11 with a single segment from the Zapruder film, shot on November 22, 1963. It shows that with the fatal head shot, JFK's body was pushed backwards and not forwards. In the simplest laws of physics this means one thing and one thing only; the shot was fired from JFK's front and hence, not by Oswald. The media conditioning - the "Mighty Wurlitzer" described by the CIA's legendary Frank Wisner - has done its job again. Anything that simple couldn't be true.

But it is.

We also have the magic bullet, that infamous concoction of Arlen Specter, then a junior counsel to the Warren Commission and now the Senior Senator from Pennsylvania. Go to Google. Type in "Magic Bullet JFK" and hit Search. More than 10,000 entries arrive for evaluation. Instantly, any clarity about what this magic bullet that inflicted seven wounds and - according to the Warren Commission report - performed physically impossible maneuvers, vaporizes into mind-numbing gridlock. Only by taking the actual text of the Warren Commission report, the photographs and medical records that have been released over the decades, and then comparing them, can a lone, crazed citizen arrive at any conclusions. Then, faced with 10,000 entries and the conventional wisdom created by a media machine that trades its stock on Wall Street, is dependent upon war profits (not to mention the laundering of $600 billion a year in drug money) and which cooks its books, the citizen must choose a painful road less traveled, or the path of political and social correctness.

There's a big difference between JFK's front-to-back motion and the magic bullet. One cannot be nullified by a multitude of experts, and one has been. One was ignored (as far as I could tell) on the fortieth anniversary of JFK's assassination, and one was addressed ad nauseum and in often conflicting ways. The key is the experts and the amount of money, time and resources that can and will be brought to bear to gridlock the issue in the mind of the public."
A 9/11/2008 Resolution: Start Your Own 9/11 Blog

Robert Baer tells Terry Gross Bin Laden is Dead

Posted to Blogger on Oct 2, 08

Former CIA operative Robert Baer tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross Bin Laden is dead


The interview is excellent but the best part is the last five minutes.
CLIP: http://www.radiodujour.com/mp3/ishedead.mp3

Ex-CIA Operative Discusses 'The Devil We Know'

[37 min 59 sec]
Fresh Air from WHYY, October 2, 2008 · In his new book, The Devil We Know, former CIA operative Robert Baer argues that Iran is an up-and-coming — and often misunderstood — superpower, with strong influences throughout the Middle East.

"The sooner we understand the Iranian paradox — who they are, what they want, how they want to both humble us and work with us — the sooner we'll understand how to come to terms with the new Iranian superpower," writes Baer.

Baer's previous book, See No Evil, was the basis for the George Clooney film Syriana.

This guy sounds like a total liar

Or maybe a complete dis info agent. whatever, all the double speak is enough not to believe any of what he says. It sounds like a cocktail of half truths, lies, dis info, spin and propaganda. A tool for certain

there is a lot more there.

Baer agrees that the "Commission" report was inadequate. He agrees that someone in the White House knew 911 was going to happen the day before it happened. He agrees that the Israeli's connection, re: the white van and "dancing Israeli's, probably Mossad, should be checked out more thoroughly. He agrees that this part of 911 was covered up. Sounds to me like he agrees that the official investigation was a cover-up and that a new investigation is merited. He says he doesn't do conspiracy theories, but he sure seems to see a conspiracy to cover-up the real story. I think he knows it was an inside job with US complicity. Unlike many of the other WAC interviewees, he encourages more investigation of the facts of 911 by saying "there is a lot more there."

I think his implication that Iran was involved in the 911 attacks is dubious. Later he softens that claim by saying that they may not have been involved, but the possibility of their involvement just wasn't investigated.

Contrast Baer's response with Wolf Blitzer's. I say his willingness to discuss the topic makes him more credible than former AIPAC employee Wolf Blitzer, who ignored the questions and evaded the questioners. At least Baer is willing to deviate from the official conspiracy theory. He is not participating in their lock-step, red rover hand holding commitment to stick to the official bullshit story.


1. In reading Baer's work over the years, a constant theme is the embassy bombing in Beirut. That bombing seems to explain his fixation on Iran.

2. We had two FBI officials (who were on loan to Alec Station at the time) recently admit they were ordered to withhold the al-Hazmi/al-Mihdhar intel from the FBI. The point being CIA did know! Thus it is absurd to make the case that Mossad agents knew but US intel was in the dark. Investigations were obstructed by the CIA (Alec Station) and the FBI ITOS (RFU and UBLU).

3. He says Zubaydah called Bandar on 9/10 and then a few days after 9/11. That does track with Bandar's strange comment from about a year ago..."We were tracking the hijackers with precision." Again we face the question--why wouldn't FBI agents be tracking al Qaeda operatives inside the US? Some have theorized that Mossad agents or Saudi GID agents were tracking the hijackers. If true, what is the name of the US intel official(s) who agreed to this sort of nonsense?

Baer's entry for patriotsquestion911.com

# Article FBI Documents Contradict 9/11 Commission Report 2/28/08:

"There are enough discrepancies and unanswered questions in the 9/11 Commission Report that under a friendly administration, the 9/11 investigation should be re-opened." http://rawstory.com

# Audio Interview Thom Hartmann Show 6/9/06:

Thom Hartmann: Are you of the opinion there was an aspect of 'inside job' to 9/11 within the U.S. government?

Robert Baer: There is that possibility, the evidence points at it.

Thom Hartmann: And why is it not being investigated?

Robert Baer: Why isn't the WMD story being investigated? Why hasn't anybody been held accountable for 9/11? We held people accountable after Pearl Harbor. Why has there been no change in command? Why have there been no political repercussions? Why has there been no -- any sort of exposure on this? It really makes you wonder. http://www.911blog.

# Essay The Guardian 1/12/02: "Did bin Laden act alone, through his own al-Qaida network, in launching the attacks? About that I'm far more certain and emphatic: no."


To me, Blitzer's response reaffirms the credibility of the questions put to him.