NIST WTC 7 Animations and an Idea To Consider

The NIST Final WTC 7 Investigation Report, needs to be challenged by international universities specializing in building engineering. David Chandler, of, has supplied a compelling physics analysis of the freefall of building 7, an area that NIST fails to address thoroughly or honestly. Chandler’s study can be used as a springboard for an international analysis. As NIST’s objectivity is compromised by its being a functionary of the US government, US universities, likewise, are deeply indebted to numerous government and industrial financial ties, thereby compromising their objectivity. A listing of a few highly rated international engineering universities is given below. The information comes from This is a sampling based on a perceived notion of independence from US institutions and corporations. This filter is important for reasons already stated. This article is meant to suggest guidelines, rather than being the product of a thorough search for compromising financial entanglements. Any institution involved in this study would be required to reveal its relevant financial ties to the US or global US corporations.

The WTC 7 debate is the cornerstone of the engineering mystery that surrounds the collapse of the WTC buildings on September 11, 2001. Unravel it and the entire toxic cloud of government deceit evaporates.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, has provided the challenge. The quest for the truth of how the buildings collapsed is the single most important issue facing any institution that claims expertise in the art and science of building construction and engineering. There can be no denial that the fate of the world spins around this fact.

Inria, Valbonne ,
Centre National De La Rech Sc.
Universite Paris,
Ecole Normale Superieure,

University of Cambridge
University of Oxford
London, Imperial
London, UCL

University Of Karlsruhe
Universitat Des Saarlandes
Universitat Dortmund
Technische Universat Berlin

Kyoto University, Japan
University OF Tokyo, Japan
Hiroshima University, Japan
Osaka University, Japan

Was this new WTC7 video ever posted on here?

It was just uploaded to Youtube on 12.20.08. I did a search on this site, but didn't find any record of it...
It contains a stunning admission from a FDNY Lt. that the building "would be taken down" if it didn't come down by itself.

Yep, check my blog. I was

Yep, check my blog. I was sort of stunned to find it actually.

OK great dude!

Ya, it was shocking eh? I consider it almost on par with the Barry Jennings stuff...

anyone know the cause of death

Concerning Barry Jennings? I have only read that he had been in the hospital and that the cause of death had not been disclosed.

Building 7

Building 7 must have been built out of playing cards.

Not popsickle sticks?

"Building 7 must have been built out of playing cards."
I was thinking popsickle sticks.

Why the frantic search for a new theory?

I just do not understand why all this effort to find some other theory for the demolition of WTC 7. All this time spent developing computer models is fine for the students who are studying for a degree in the field, but as for getting at the truth of what happened to building 7 that day, additional theories are not necessary. We have one that very nicely explains all of the observed effects. It was a routine CD job like CDI ( performs regularly. Case closed. Now, what about those twin towers? Here is another CD but very custom made to order. Nothing routine here. Many unusual effects that need explanation.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent"
- Thomas Jefferson


How right you are

It was a routine CD job like CDI ( performs regularly. Case closed.

Makes me crazy too --- It's so simple ---so obvious

I don't think the CD of WTC 7 should be considered "routine"

as it employed more incendiaries, fewer high explosives and probably used a wireless detonation system that standard CD's would not normally use (all that molten iron is a mess to deal with, for one thing); but I'm nit-picking a bit here.

WTC 7 was probably the most perfect CD in the history of building demolition, truly a masterful job, so your point is well taken.

I also agree that the most time and resources should be directed at determining just exactly how the Towers were taken down as best we can through forensic analysis, given the data available. Note that this is in regard to the events at the WTC. I think the movement should focus more resources on the financial and social networks involved as we pretty much already know the how and why, it is the who we really need to identify and isolate.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Enriching discussions

LeftWright - that's a good point re. exposing the financial & social networks.

Just recently, I came up against this question when discussing the Towers and WTC 7 with a friend to whom I had given a selection of articles, DVDs and CDs. He admits that the case of WTC 7 is unusual, but finds sticking points in conspiracy size and the whistleblower factor regarding the Towers. ("Someone would have talked".) I did my best in putting forward the damning scientific and engineering data from the Towers, to no avail.

Neither of us is an engineer or a scientist. Unfortunately, the sheer apparent size of the operation can trump scientific and engineering facts in the mind of an uninformed person. I did mention the Manhattan Project; I also floated the idea that the WTC operatives may have been military, not civilian contractors.

It would be helpful to add more of the 'who' into such discussions.

Elevator renovations

Did you tell your friend about the ongoing elevator renovations in the Twin Towers, and that this work would give ready (and completely unobserved) access to the core columns?

Christmas eve I got into a discussion about 9/11 with a very intelligent academic from Poland and he fell back on the "conspiracy would have to involve thousands" argument, as well as admitting that people would have to be "pure evil" to do such a thing and he was not prepared to consider that people could be that evil in America. He did acknowledge the validity of all my points, but agreed that he was not going to cross the necessary psychological barrier (we did have a very enjoyable discussion about Polish football, though).

I think we're all going to have to become amateur psychologists to reach the final 40% of the population, unless some whistle blowers begin to come forward.

While I appreciate and understand the science aspects of 9/11, I find my ongoing research into the financial and social networks connected to 9/11 much more interesting, as I know Sander Hicks and a few others do, as well.

I hope that you and yours are well.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Wall Street Thousands, et al

Thousand is a small number in a world of 50 Billion ponzi schemes, and trillion dollar losses. We employ thousands of troops to do our 'patriotic' dirty work. It is very feasible to have thousands of Wall Street troops loot our citizens of billions, and to shrug: "it's just business". I suggest, a thousand individuals can do a lot of damage when directed to do so, by just a handful of sociopaths. Bernie Madoff didn't work alone, nor did W. Numbers are confusing for creatures with only ten digits.

Thanks for input

No - I was not fully up to speed on that point. Thanks. Jim Hoffman suggests a few men could have set sufficient charges in 1 month.

This psychological aspect is maddening. Thank God there are professionals and laypeople who have accepted the evidence on its own strength.

In a way, it's instructive to see the Big Lie in action like this. It helps me understand why life just goes on despite the lie; why debunkers have an effect on the populace.


"conspiracy would have to involve thousands"

It may help to do some research on the concept of "conspiracies of silence" or omerta.
Just because we don't know or hear about these conspiracies every day, doesn't mean they don't exist.
They do exist and are so effective because of their secrecy.
Here are a few examples that may break down the resistance to the possibility of conspiracies existence.