WeAreChangeLA Confronts Amy Goodman On Alleged Progressive Media's Blackout And Smear Campaign Of Real 9/11 Investigation

Amy and David Goodman were at Skylight Bookstore in Los Angeles on April 24, 2009 to present and sign their most recent book. During the book signing, while getting a book signed to the "9/11 Truth Movement," Jeremy Rothe-Kushel asked Ms.Goodman to give her take on why the progressive media was blacking out and/or smearing the independent citizen investigation into the 9/11 black op. She opted to fall back on her textbook answer when dealing with questions about 9/11 by saying she thinks "it needs to be investigated, you know, and we'll continue to look at the issue." Rothe-Kushel then reminded Goodman that it has been investigated and that it was time for her to do her job and have the investigators on her show. After the event, Rothe-Kushel asked David Goodman how best to reach his sister about 9/11 and he responded by saying, "I think you just did." However, almost 6 months later, there still has not been a single mention on Democracy Now of the investigative science and analysis of the 9/11 tragedy. So, Ms. Goodman will continue to be chased with questions about her silence on the seminal story of the semi-new century.

video and edit by Paul Wittenberger

Well-done! Good balance of

Well-done! Good balance of good manners and aggressive impatience.

JFK on secrecy and the press

Nice work, Good Technique


Good work WeAreChange!

Amy gives the same answer all the time. She's definitely got a reason for avoiding Jones, Gage, Kevin Ryan and company. Maybe those guys and Peter Philips need to join a WeAreChange Goodman encounter and ask her what those reasons are.

2 Years Have Gone By And Nothing Really Has Changed With Amy

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Here again is the video I took 2 years ago of Amy Goodman in Madison, Wisconsin giving the same answer but not really adding anything more substantial to this crime of the century considering all the evidence we have of a government coverup.


I suspect she is compromised in some fashion. In other words there was a deal made with each side making concessions. Amy Goodman is allowed to only say we need a new investigation and therefore she keeps saying it when she is confronted and by doing this she gets to keep her show on the air.

Take Care Matt

I do believe

she is compromised. Amy is trying to raise funds to build her new "green studio" in N.Y... It is sad to say, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out she is being pressured/threatened by certain foreign lobbies. I have a tremendous respect for Jeremy....None of us know for sure who was behind 9/11..but if rogue elements of intelligence organizations, including the CIA, M15, ISI and the Mossad are involved, I think it would be in the best interest of the Jewish community to be out front in their condemnation of the attack. After 9/11 there were demands placed on Muslims to speak out against the radical members of their communtiies...The same should apply to Christians and Jews. I often wonder what Russ Feingold really thinks about 9/11 and if he could be persuaded by someone like Jeremy to be an advocate for the truth..no matter where it leads us.

That said...I wish Richard Gage, DRG and other professionals would show up at one of Amy's book signings....or better yet at large book festivals.... and start questioning numerous authors as to why they refuse to address the anomalies surrounding the events of 9/11/01.

I would love to see Jeremy & Russ Feingold

have a real conversation regarding 9.11

If she thinks we need a new investigation........

then why doesn't she cover and support NYCCAN????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

Couldn't you guys have asked her that?

It is unconscionable that she has not asked Steven Jones and

Kevin Ryan to speak about their paper about the finding of nanothermite in the dust samples of the WTC.
If she sees no story in that, she is definitely censoring the news, and the vital information that could have put a quick stop to the wars, occupations, torture, wiretapping, the Patriot Act, and generally the War On Terror.
That is a lot to have put on one woman's shoulders!
But she could have turned all this around, early on, had she just simply done her job. Had she been honest. Had she been a decent, caring journalist.

why don't you leave her alone?

she doesnt look at all like she is afraid to say the wrong thing about 911
she seemed totally in communication with you and addressing your concerns
and willing to converse in great detail on all the facts of the matter
why do you have to chase after her with your cameras?

ha! just kidding. she almost crapped her panties when you appeared there as she was walking thru the bookstore. good work brothers Jeremy and Paul and support team!

Meet The Truthers
True Confessions


Actually, that was a really interesting line of questioning; why is the 'mainstream' and even the 'progressive' media not covering 'mainstream' facts about 9/11- which includes peer-reviewed analysis of nano-thermite in the WTC dust, published in a refereed journal and so far not debunked, rebutted or answered by any critics?
The Deseret News and more recently the Santa Barbara Independent have acknowledged it http://www.independent.com/news/2009/sep/17/elements-great-scientific-an...

Amy saw WTC 7 go down, that will always be a valid issue to bring up with her- i wonder what she was thinking when she saw that?

If anyone else gets a chance like this, please tell the news about Sibel Edmonds and get her reaction- Amy interviewed her on Democracy Now- Sibel's recent under-oath testimony is public, and she's been interviewed for The American Conservative- the interview covers 9/11-related info.

Kudos to WACLA for having the balls and taking the time- and thanks for not accusing her of treason.


The horrible thing about Amy

The horrible thing about Amy Goodman is that she's a sellout, for sure, but unlike a Glenn Beck or any other Media whore, Amy Goodman is a cheap whore. Beck is willing to enable the mass murder of millions of innocent women and children around the world and here at home by being a part of the lying and misdirection apparatus for 50 plus million while Amy is willing to let the blood flow for a pittance. She's a disgrace.

sexist/misogynist language

I agree she's a horrible person in this regard, but please spare us (or at least me) the "cheap whore" talk. Thanks.

Let's keep this as real as

Let's keep this as real as possible and call a spade a spade. What Mizz Goodman is doing is nothing other than being an obstruction to justice, a clog in the drain of truth. If you want to mince words, go back to school. In the land of freedom, I call them like they are, Amy Goodman is a media whore and a cheap one at that.

Thank you thank you thank you.......I've been waiting for this

This is exactly what is needed.
What is REALLY holding back the 9/11 truth movement is the alternative media censoring the evidence that the official story is a lie.
Naturally the msm covers up the real story. We probably have little chance of changing them.
But the alternative media exists SOLELY because the msm ignores a lot of stories that offend the ruling elites.
That is why the alternative media exists.
But in this ONE issue, the alternative media has conspired to blackout 9/11 truth.
It is despicable.
And Amy Goodman is as disappointing, and maybe more disappointing, as any. So many have relied on Democracy Now to give us the truth that we cannot hear elsewhere.
What could possibly be her reasons to completely ignore the truth of the most important day in US history, and allow the official story to live on, leading to deaths and maimings of millions, and homelessness and huge wastes of our economic treasure?

The same is true of Joshua Holland of Alternet, senior writer and editor, who has repeatedly insulted truthers. And, Justin Raimondo of antiwar.com. And, Alexander Cockburn of Counterpunch, and whoever at CommonDreams, and Zmag and the Nation mag, and Mother Jones.

What can you say about those tasked with telling us the truth, who decide to lie to us about essential and important stories that affect how we live and how America acts? Is it treason?

Is Amy just another bought for and paid off or scared off journalist like those found at ABC or CNN or the NYTimes?

Go get her, all you can. Protest her. Carry signs against her. Call her station like I do. Harass her, and harass her. She is not on our side. She is not on the side of truth. She is a great disappointment.

And don't forget Joshua Holland. Go for him, too.

I wish I could do more myself.
Let me know if you have som ideas.

Who is paying off Amy?

There is pressure of some sort keeping Amy from being an honest person.
I think she was at one time an honest journalist and prided herself on her honesty.
She taught me a lot about how government works. I learned of WMD because of her long before most others. I've sent money to DemocracyNow. It is a family joke that I watch her all the time and am in love with her.

And then I realized she is lying, and probably committing high treason.

And I think it is for money.

Why do I say that? Well, DemocracyNow like Alternet gets money from foundations. These foundations have at the very top the same elites that are at the top of the international banking interests and Zionist groups and huge corporations. We are talking the Kissinger types, the Rupert Murdoch types. In convoluted ways these people with gargantuan piles of money have their agenda, and 9/11 was part of it. They have their foundations to pressure and bribe people like Amy by threatening to remove financial support of DemocracyNow and Alternet if any positive mention is made about 9/11 truth. They are not allowed to present the truth, unless they risk losing foundational support which may lead to the loss of their media outlet.

Our enemy: Joshua Holland, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Alexander Cockburn, Justin Raimondo, those at CommonDreams and the Nation Mag and Zmag and the rest.
These are the real committers of treason.

Press'em, protest'em, embarass'em, harass'em.

Considering the millions of lives they have destroyed because they have censored the truth of 9/11, they don't deserve nice and polite treatment.

"they don't deserve nice and polite treatment"

Being respectful and polite is a reflection on the person who is extending the courtesy, not the person receiving it – likewise with it's opposite.


Payoff? It's better called, payroll. Amy Goodman is simply getting paid to do her job, and she wants to keep her job. There's no backdoor millions and secret lifestyle. She's simply Amy Goodman earning probably 150K a year, living in a midtown west Manhattan apartment with a very affordable monthly cost - and some small time fame filling her empty head. Empty head, yes, that's perfect. Let's be honest, Amy Goodman's reports, some of them useful for gleaning info, generally they are kind of lame. She pulls off that pseudo intellectual blasé look and sound, is all. She has a role, and she's settled her soul for 150K.

Some things never change.

Nicely done Jeremy!
Its been three years since Amy was confronted by myself and Barrie Zwicker, .....check it out.......nothing has changed.

911 Truth and the Left: Barrie Zwicker and Radical Pragmatist Attend a Book Release party for Amy Goodman 9/11/06

Next time, someone should ask Amy if she would take the same non-commital response, to all of the evidence of an 'inside job', if the buildings were in Jakarta and the East Timorese were blamed,invaded and then systematically slaughtered for over eight years and going, all on the basis of this single questionable terrorist attack.

If professors, scientists, government officials and a grassroots movement of millions witin Indonesia and around the world had provided overwhelming evidence that the Indonesian military and, even General Wiranto himself, were most liklely the perpetraters of this 'false flag' terrorist attack,... would Amy keep her silence on these facts?

If covering and exposing this evidence could stop the on going slaughter and occupation of East Timor,... would she speak up? ....Would she cover it?

What would Jeremy Schahille have to say about this situation? What would Juan Gonzalles do if this was happening to a Central American Country, would he wait 40 years to take a strong stand on the evidence like he has with the MLK assisination. (check out his interview).

Things that make you go 'hmmmmmmm'

Radical Pragmatist/ct911truth.org

Excellent points, RP.

Yeah, I got sucked in long ago by the three...........Amy, Juan and Jeremy.
I am a skeptical person, but I began to believe everything these three talented people presented.
I was fooled.

The most important issue of all time, 9/11, and they lie to us by not covering the information.

Yes, it is nice they cover East Timor, and they cover Blackwater, and maybe take a little heat for their stands.
But when the really big one comes up, they fold!
They have left us hanging, with huge amounts of irrefutable evidence, without any support for the work such great truthers have done, like Ryan, Gage, Griffin, etc.
And because of them the average "progressive" doesn't understand one bit about the truth of 9/11.

If the entire progressive movement and all of those people and all of the alternative media had understood and presented 9/11 truth, millions of Middle Eastern innocents, and Americans would be alive now, and not homeless or maimed. Thanks, Amy, for helping to bring about two wars, two occupations, possible wars in Pakistan and Iran, the loss of trillions of dollars, the Patriot Act, the wiretapping, and the torture.
YOU TAKE THE BLAME FOR THESE, even as you please your foundational supporters and get their money!!!

Brains and Courage

I haven't been in a situation where I almost had my brains turned to mush with a rifle butt- as Amy has, so I'll give her a pass on this issue, if only as a humane gesture of partial understanding of what she went through in East Timor.

Yes, I'd love to hear her report what we're doing, we deserve the attention. She'd be a better reporter too. But there is a part of me that sees no point in hounding her to death, when the real criminals are continuing to spread their lies, and profit from the misery of others, protected from justice by a thoroughly corrupt culture based on greed and fairytales. She's not perfect, but that does not make her evil. Question her, but don't be mean.

She has the means to finally right the wrongs, change the world.

And she won't do it.
Yes, it was a good thing she did in East Timor.
But the significance of what she did there is miniscule compared with what she could do about 9/11.
There is no comparison.

Only a few people get the chance to truly change the world for the better, in a BIG way. She has the chance, if she finally presents, in a BIG way, the real story of 9/11.
She can change the world, or she can commit treason. It is her choice.

I wish I were in her shoes, with her possibilities!

Her brains, not yours

Yes, they aren't the same, but she almost died for being there, something few of us have had to live with each day.

You should know

...what is happening behind the scenes. She's blowing off and mistreating even 9/11 family members.

She was a witness to WTC 7, yet keeping quiet. I consider her one of the worst.

I don't understand

how a so-called journalist, who was an eyewitness to the events at the WTC and watched the collapse of WTC 7, didn't at least do a report about her own experience that day. I guess she doesn't want to lose her job has a member of the controlled opposition.

I Just Talked to Jeremy Scahill At Fighting Bob Fest Sept. 12th

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

You mentioned Jeremy Scahill of Blackwater fame and I recently questioned him about 9/11. He was in Wisconsin to do a speech on his book at the Fighting Bob Fest in Baraboo, WI on Sept. 12th. I questioned him after his speech and he said he hasn't seen anything that he considers concrete that can prove who was involved in 9/11. I asked him if he had did any research on the science of 9/11 and he said he didn't so I handed him a copy of Blueprint For Truth.

Take Care Matt

I gave him a copy a year ago

He may rather not know.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

Jeremy Schahill is lying.

There is no question that Jeremy has seen the evidence about 9/11 and understands the evidence and its significance.
Jeremy is a very bright guy, with a real talent for seeing past the facade of lies and entangling corrupting stories.
He has been told, he has been shown.
If he has read the comments after his articles on Alternet, he would have seen many by myself and others explaining some of the evidence and where to find more information.

Jeremy has a nose for scandal. He could not possibly have missed this one, the BIG ONE, the very, very blatant in your face one.

If he says he hasn't seen anything concrete, he lies.

Too bad. he would have been a great one to have on our side. He could have been part of the real changing of the world.

Instead he censors the biggest story of all time, for reasons that are dishonorable.

When and if 9/11 truth finally becomes well known throughout the world, I would not want to be Jeremy Scahill.

ADVICE on WAC confrontations, Goodman especially.

This is not singling out Shumonik.... excellent and inspiring work by him especially, btw.

I suggest that all activists who are doing such confrontations should get those discreet pen cams from diganet.net or another company. It is more surreptitious, and raises issues of entrapment of course, but if you're on the street and you see Amy Goodman and want to get a good quote from her, she's more apt to say something if she doesn't know she's being recorded. I'm not suggesting doing anything immoral or illegal, obviously.

Also, when I approach Goodman I will ask her if she thinks it's ironic that her show is called 'Democracy Now' and she's not covering the democracy that is happening now in regards to NYCCAN fighting NYC to get on the ballot.

Green Arrow, We Are Change NYC

PS- I don't know why my image appears twice, I've tried to edit the post, everything looks as it should. Same with the repeat of the text, hyperlinked. ?

Also, when I approach Goodman I will ask her if she thinks it's ironic that her show is called 'Democracy Now' and she's not covering the democracy that is happening now in regards to NYCCAN fighting NYC to get on the ballot.

Green Arrow, We Are Change NYC

Your game is keeping your foundational support for you program, and to avoid the attacks you would first have to endure.
Your game is avoiding presenting 9/11 truth, even though your doing so would change the world for the better.

But think of this. If your plan doesn't go well and truth and honesty (the 9/11 truth movement) prevail, and finally the world is awakened to the truth because of some brave people who finally spill the beans, where will that leave you?

How ashamed you would be.............should be.
But more than just ashamed, I feel you will be regarded as a co-conspirator with Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz/RuppertMurdoch and the rest..................truly treasonous individuals who will be seen as the cause of millions dying and maimed and homeless.............innocent people.
THAT would be on your conscience.

And maybe, Amy, some retribution would come your way for censoring some of the most important information ever to pass by a journalist. Is it a crime to do what you have done? Is it treason?
Maybe you will have to sit in court while a judge decides.

Maybe you ought to rethink your plan to censor 9/11 truth.

A much needed Truth group...

would be some kind of "Leftists/Progressives for 9/11 Truth" or something to that effect. Because I know there are a lot on the anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, etc., etc. side of the fence who have a clue and could start the ball rolling on their fellow lefties in the "lefty/independent/alternative" media who refuse to grow a pair on the 9/11 issue.

A key point made recently by Paul Craig Roberts (a former Reaganoid for crying out loud!) that deserves repeating: "They do not understand that if you grant the government its premise for war, it is impossible to oppose the war." And that premise is a proven lie. The evidence for 9/11 being an inside job is overwhelming... Mr. Cockburn et al

Amy, are you listening? Quote from Richard Gage:

There comes a time when your silence becomes betrayal

Why a "citizens alternative media" isn't covering...

...a competent, well researched, well represented, professorial, scientific and analytical effort of citizens to uncover the TRUTH is the real fantastic question that Jeremy has asked...in my view anyway.

I think that if we ask why "citizen's media" is not covering legitimate citizen's inquiries and investigations is a question that will rattle the "alternative media???' right to its original roots.

This is a really good way to get around, or to expose, all the left gatekeeping that's going on regarding the events of 9/11...

OH...what's wrong with me..."Who cares who pulled off 9/11..." Chomsky

I forgot to heed the master gatekeeper of them all...

love, peace and progress

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Use your camscope to do internet reporting via YouTube

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
I think we can only count on ourselves. So we will have to learn to put forward our own reporting. It will take time to approach the perfection of the "paid" journalists but we have no choice.


or join up with a WeAreChange group to get the news out.



alernative media

What alternative media? Yo the only alternative media is right here folks and your it. Did you the see the US patriot in the clip? He's the one with the beard. Go Jeremy Go. Sorry but Amy Goodman is afraid of 911 and I think that's what she needs to start hearing from us.

Spare Me

Please don't put any effort into the slightest defense of any of these low lifes obstructing justice. Media Whores are the perfect metaphor for describing media professionals who will say anything they are told. If you can accept that then certainly there are whores who make more money than other whores. Amy Goodman is a cheap whore. She could easily get more money for the role she plays but she doesn't even know her real value, just like a cheap whore. Let's keep this real, we are dealing with the worst amongst us in our struggle for justice. Don't waste any bit of our efforts on defending any scumbag whore creep please.

And don't forget Joshua Holland of Alternet

Joshua, a senior writer and editor of Alternet, knows the skinny on 9/11 truth. He knows we've got something. So, having avoided any real presentation of the facts of that day, for almost eight years, EIGHT YEARS!, he occassionally will bring up the issue and insult 9/11 truthers, often lumping them with moonlanding deniers and the like.
That he gets paid to be a journalist is anathema to me.

And add many others to this list: Justin Raimondo (scaredy cat extraordinaire, who soon after 9/11 brought out many contradictions, and then went into hiding from the issue), Alexander Cockburn (another "journalist" who feels the need to insult 9/11 truthers), and so many others at Common Dreams, Mother Jones, the Nation mag, Zmag (think Noam Chomsky), etc etc.

We HAVE no alternative media. We have a progressive media that only helps to ensure that the truth about the most important event in American history is kept a secret.

"It has been investigated"

Yes, this statement is key! As much as I wish the best of luck for a new and truly independent investigation, realistically how can we ever believe the powers that be will allow it? But regardless, it doesn't matter because the truth is it HAS been investigated by many independent researchers who have no ties to the Bush Administration. Keep putting this evidence in their faces, such as the peer-reviewed papers. I also like the angle Charlie Sheen took with the "commission was set up to fail" angle. These are fail proof and cannot be ignored by any person with an ounce of common sense. Great job keepin' it cool with Amy, keep it up.

Amy, Juan and Jeremy are the

Amy, Juan and Jeremy are the so-called smart sheep policing themselves. They are too married to their beloved constructs and prized paradigms to let even a chink of light through. They will never ever ever come out with the truth about anything. Their programming forbids them from doing so.

Right on the mark

That would be the most likely cause of this obtuse attitude. But it could be worse than that. (Funding, or even Mockingbird)

If Amy knows and does nothing. . .


Isn't that the very definition of an "accomplice after the fact."