Jesse Ventura discusses 9/11 on The View: Liz Hasslebeck tries to "school" Jesse with Popular Mechanics talking points

Unfortunately, some in the audience began to applaud Hasslebeck for "debunking" the WTC demolition with Popular Mechanics talking points about how the steel didn't need to melt, only weaken.

Fortunately, the applause was limited and didn't really blossom into a full round of applause. And the majority of applause goes to the words out of Jesse's mouth.

Also on the unfortunate list: Ventura once again failed to mention I'm going to e-mail Dick Russell, Jesse's publicist and co-writer, and relay this piece of advice.

My e-mail to Dick Russell

Hello Dick:

How have you been lately? I have just purchased Jesse's book and look forward to plunging right into it.

I have enjoyed all of Ventura's appearances on the mainstream media, including today's appearance on The View.

However, I have some friendly advice, some constructive criticism if you will. It will be great if you could relay this to Jesse before his next MSM appearance.

Many of us in the 9/11 blogosphere get frustrated when Jesse passes up a golden opportunity to mention Richard Gage and the 1100+ strong Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Never on a TV appearance does he mention this organization (but he does in the new book). This even includes the 9/11 episode on his show. While it was great that Stephen Jones was mentioned, the viewer was left with the impression that he' a lone scientist amongst an ocean of official story believers.

Also, today on The View was a prime example. Official story defender Liz Hasslebeck made the claim that "engineer after engineer" has studied 9/11 and concluded the official explanation is correct, that explosives weren't needed. This would have been an absolutely golden opportunity for Jesse to say, "No, wait. Over one thousand architectural and engineering professionals disagree with these supposed engineers you mention, and have put their names and reputations on the line by signing the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition at This petition formally rejects the official explanation."

He really should plug as often as possible because it is our single most vibrant and exponentially growing organization in the movement.

Thanks for reading,


Well done!

Thanks for taking the time to write and send that.

I also tried to send some advice to Gov. Ventura after his last book came out and he was making the rounds on tv and radio. As far as I can tell it went nowhere, but I did get a free copy of the book.

We're hoping to get Gov. Ventura for two AE911Truth and FF911Truth events we're doing in May, we'll see where that goes and let you all know. If he does come, I plan on talking to him as much as possible about his media appearances, but he strikes me as someone who always does it his way.

All we can do is keep trying, eh?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


DRG also gave Russell a great example, which was CC'd to me (I'm sure he wouldn't mind my posting this portion of the letter):

It would be good if when Barbara made the a priori objection - can't believe they would have deliberately killed 3,000 Americans - Jesse had said:

"Look, I don't want to believe that either, but we can't let our assumptions about what people would or would not do overrule physical facts, and it's a physical fact, endorsed by over 1,000 licensed architects and engineers, that these buildings were brought down by explosives. That's settled. The question before us is: How do we explain this? Who could have had the explosives planted?"

and what about the thousands who are going to die from WTC dust?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
thanks very much for the video. Hope our dear Rosie O'donnell has seen it. One day the View will have to have her back to make their apoligies to an American Hero who stood up against the the mass media propaganda.

Every time I hear "can't believe they would have deliberately killed 3,000 Americans" I would like to hear also the reply "and wasn't telling the deliberate lie to the first respondeurs that the air was save to breath condemning thousands to a slow death by cancer, etc ?

Jesse did a good job but it is true that he could give out a few links like



can't believe ...

it's almost pathetic ... the starry-eyed innocence and childlike credulity of those grownups who still believe in the essential goodness of government ... how ignorant of history and politics does one have to be to maintain such a belief in the face of so much evidence to the contrary? Oh, the bliss of ignorance!

They just

They just do what they are told. The same is true for all television 'talent'.



Add comments here:

So far comments almost 100% anti truth.

Blind optimism

The only thing worse than blind optimism is blind pessimism. I'm right in the middle -ambivalence is not so hot either, but it's balanced. One doesn't want paralysis in any case.

Let us know...

... if he responds. Well done.

he really could be a lot more effective

seems like Jesse could do A LOT of things differently if he wanted to really get at the people on the fence.
In some ways he seems to want to reinforce the image of "twoofers" as whacked out eccentrics...hence the crazy hair cut he always appears with now and he's not exactly dressing for success...
Most peoples Aunt Jane would take one look at him and just click the delete button.
If he actually cared about "change" instead of just making some personal statement for the historical record as he just said on this video there are many small adjustments he could make....
I hate to say it but much as I personally like him and feel comfortable with what he says....well I just have to chalk it up to "controlled opposition"
For a real education let's look at the things he DOESN'T say.

It's not like closing a sale

I don't agree with everything JV said. I would certainly responded differently to the challenges raised. His point about Viet Nam excellent.

Remember that persuading people that 9/11 was an inside job isn't like selling used cars. I happen to believe that a 757 did hit the Pentagon under automated guidance. JV apparently doesn't believe that. I cringe when I hear that kind of thing because I work and live in Northern VA. Since I work for an IT company that supports federal and local governments, I come in regular contact with people connected to the Pentagon. The consensus among these people is that a plane hit the Pentagon. If these people hear that "9/11 Truthers" believe no plane hit the Pentagon, they will likely dismiss the whole 9/11 Truth movement at first blush.

But if they hear people talking about it enough, they will likely start to look into things, just to refute the claims, if nothing else. Once they do that, they will find that there is no consensus in the movement regarding the question of what hit the Pentagon. Once they start to look at the evidence, they will most likely start asking questions such as "why did anything hit the Pentagon?" "Why were DIA accounting, ONI, Army accounting, the commander of Army Personnel, etc., recently moved directly into the target zone?" Etc.

As long as nobody talks about death rays from outer space and the like, any discussion is probably better than silence. I think you're wrong about Jessy's attire and hair. It will appeal to some people who might be turned off by "a stiff in a suit". We have folks such as Richard Gage and Steven E. Jones who can appeal to the more conservative elements.

It's not as if we are selling used cars, and need to persuade people before they walk off the lot. All that needs to happen is that we plant a seed of curiosity in their mind. They might not think about it consciously after their first exposure, but it will likely make them more attentive to other indicators in the environment pointing to the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job.

Do YOU judge people's credibility by their hair and clothes?

Or by the logic of their reasoning?

Just wondering.

Hair and clothes???

NO could I support both Richard and Jesse? I like and appreciate both of them. However, I do regret that the wild hair and the weird leather jackets do seem to be the public face of the "truth movement" as far as the MSM is concerned.
Many many folks do judge by clothes and hair....have you watched the anchormen/women lately?
Seems like that's ALL the public cares about.
Sorry but this IS about selling. People already are give the impression of an aging hells angel is unfortunate and doesn't help spread our message. It only provides entertain and more cause to doubt what we say.....

Like it or not ( and I don't)

first impressions do matter, just ask anyone who hires people (or parents about their daughter's boyfriends).

If someone is turned off in the first few seconds, then it will be an uphill battle to get them to give you a fair hearing, that's just human nature.

So, this is a legitimate concern and something we need to take seriously if we want to break through to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

Gov. Ventura is viewed as an likable eccentric by many. I'm not sure how many watching The View see him that way, but many people do respect him and see past his usually rough exterior facade.

I would love to see how Richard Gage or Dr. Griffin would be received on The View, but doubt we will ever get to see that happen.

That said, I think Gov. Ventura is doing what he thinks is best, which is what we all are hopefully doing.

Rosie may be gone, but they are still talking about it on the show, kind of ironic, eh?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Babs has been skeptical from the git go

Something tells me that Barbara Walters did not let Rosie go of her own accord.

Wow! Cool.

It's really taking off and people are sitting up and taking notice - it's getting easier to look back on it I suppose, in hindsight.

Soon we'll no longer be the minority, it'll be the believers in Zelikow's myth, and that's starting to happen, you can see the signs now everywhere.

We done good.

Mention this too.

I think it should be mentioned to Jesse, also, that the architects and engineers, are openly challenging the NISTzis in court on charges of science fraud. That says a lot, and it says that all of this is not for fun, or laughs, or "to create a new industry", or "get attention".

Jesse on The View

When Ms. H mentioned the Popular Mechanics 'info' that was his que to offer much more scientific fact. Also, hasnt Pop Mech started to change their 'story' and back peddle a bit from their original 'factual research'?

Thanks for sending the letter to Jesse's publicist. Hopefully Jesse will include more specifics in his dialogue. Typically liars and deniars are stifled when they are bombarded with technical, hard hitting facts.

BTW, I just joined, this is my first post. I'm very honored to be with such a great group of people. I live in Bangkok and will be starting a 911 Truth Movement here. With your help and guidance I will do my best. The continual info I get here is critical to my efforts here in SE Asia.

Thank you.
John G.

Spread it

Spread the truth far and wide until Zelikow's myth and Cheney's evil deed become a black hole singularity of everything that is wrong with the world, and the USA, arising from the absolute wickedness of madmen, while the immense ocean of truth once again becomes the real world, a world where freedom is like the air we breathe, and truth, as the sun on our face, happiness, the sound of birds singing, and our innocence lost, innocence regained, but with wisdom.

Welcome, to the 9/11 Truth Movement. Truth and history, and even time, is on our side, and there is no stopping us now, it's too late - they didn't factor in the influence of the Internet back in the 1990's, and the late 90's during which this plan took shape, and then found it's way into the actual POLICY of the Bush Administration, as "a New Pearl Harbor", for a transformation in military affairs - how gruesome! And what did they accomplish in the end, these madmen, except to all but RUIN the USA, while causing countless 1000's even 100's of 1000's of deaths (enough dead bodies to fill 10-20 Superdome Stadiums by my estimation).

The truth and history is now fast catching up to the perps, leaving their historical legacy in ruins, and their own personal legacy, that of monsters. Then, through learning, such things may be prevented in the future, thus honoring the victims in the form of historical truth, justice, and even the pursuit of happiness, the happiness and joy - on the other side of the truth about 9/11.. and there's a light now to be seen at the end of this long dark tunnel, it's starting to come into view, something we could only hope and pray for in years gone by, now becoming, a reality.

Oh they will thank us, the 9/11 truth movement, for keeping this issue squarely on the table, future generations will, even this one, and while the perps are still alive - let them see history pronounce it's judgement upon them before they go into the outer darkness and slip headlong into that evil singularity of their own making, while the record is set straight, according to an eternal standard of objective truth and reality.

"There is nothing now hidden which will not be made known and brought to light."

"... Our innocence regained"

...Thankyou Robert rice for these words of hope! There is much more at stake here beyond getting the criminals behind bars. You said it all!!

Good to hear from you. Start

Good to hear from you.
Start "small and smart", focus on the unaswered questions put forwared by the 9-11 victim families,
The failuers of the congressional 9-11 Commission and the latest science by ..

I have purchased the domain . It will be a bit before we are up and running. All good, positive and peaceful.

Giddy uppa!!!


And welcome to the 9/11 blogger community.

Welcome on board!

Here's my WTC 7 page in case it contains usable material:

Nothing nefarious, Jesse plugs elsewhere

"Also on the unfortunate list: Ventura once again failed to mention I'm going to e-mail Dick Russell, Jesse's publicist and co-writer, and relay this piece of advice."

Jesse credited both and prof. Harrit on the BlakOp Radio yesterday though:

Btw. Good Job, Jesse on the View, so is outed Cheney ready for his 25th bypass hah?

It's going viral again, especially

These last couple weeks - 2010 is shaping up to be the biggest year ever for the 9/11 truth movement, as the movement of the truth about 9/11. Makes all those sleepless nights worthwhile to see it starting to happen for real, to see the debate going mainstream, and it's a debate we WANT, because it's a debate we WIN.

Bring it on..

You bet

We are finally making some head way after all these years of hard work. It WILL be exposed and those responsible will get the justice they deserve. The "Official Story" is a joke. Anyone who believes that 19 men with box-cutters and some guy in a cave with a walkie-talkie pulled off 9/11 needs his head examined. Either that or they are in complete denial. Thank you so much Jesse. This country needs more famous people like you to say something. You are a true patriot and my hats off to you for having the balls to tell the truth.

Gov. Ventura also plugged ae911truth

on the Huffington Post, which was promptly spiked but can still be viewed here:

I'm glad people are asking for AE911

& Jessie Ventura to start working in concert. This is a no-brainer & hopefully Jessie will work with them.

Jesse, braver than I thought. . .

He fought in Vietnam, wrestled professionally, and ran for governor, but this... appearing on the view to discuss a serious subject??? You're a better man than I am, Govn'a.

Seriously, bravo, kudos, etc. for Jesse Ventura to pick up the 9/11 gauntlet and take to the streets. More of this and we'll soon see the lovely sight of Dick Cheney's wretched corpse swinging in the breeze... ah. . .

But for now, some advice from someone who has 25 years of public speaking experience:

Jesse dahling:

1) Slow down. You appear slightly nervous and I know you're not, you're probably excited and a little angry. Or very angry. Listeners do not respond well to any of this. Speaking more slowly more calmly will accomplish two important things: it will give you more time to think, and it will give your words more gravitas. Very important.

2) How could you let that ditzy blonde Lizzy get away with getting some scattered applause. Jesse, you should have seen where she was going with that, "How come scientist after scientist, engineer after engineer..." Whoa! Stop her there. What scientist? What engineer? Oh, pop mechanics. Then, you got her.

3) Jesse, I love you, but if you're appearance was more like a serious adult, everyone would take you more seriously and those on the fence would be less likely to dismiss you as a wing-nut. I'm not talking suit and tie here, but a blazer and turtleneck? Loafers and sox? Neat haircut? You'd look so much more handsome, if such a thing is possible, Jessela.

4) Never, ever, appear on TV without permission to use (what we call in education) visual aides. This is crucial, there is soooo much evidence in mere seconds. For example, show the collapse of WTC7 juxtapose to a known controlled demolition; show the absurd Pentagon strike video while pointing out that the FBI has 83 other videos of the event that they refuse to release. etc, etc...

5) You need not mention website after website as most Americans don't sit and watch the View or like shows with a piece of paper and pencil, but it is crucial to reference one or two, with a short description of who they are, and what they believe and what their area of specialization is. When you back up your discussion of "free fall collapse" it is critical to bring in Richard Gage, for example.

Again, kudos and salutations.
Keep it up.
We're all on your side, Jesse.


And taught at Harvard

The man is extremely bright as far as I can see. They seldom mention that he taught at Harvard.

This Hasslebeck...

She is briefed by people that's so obvious. She always has the perfect little answers that you would hear on Fox News. Isn't it the new trend from the right? Put on some nice looking women who can serve you the official line prepared by the people in the shadow.

And what Barbra Walters said was so easy to answer: yes I believe Cheney can sacrifice people for this agenda, he did in Irak, not only with our military, but with more than a million Iraqis. Does he sleep at night? Yes.

People are so naive. It's unbelievable. Did she ever heard about Blackwater???

The information is out there, but people just don't want to look at it, and let it destroy their preconceived view of their country, in this case, the supposed greatest country in the World, with the monopoly on freedom and democracy!!

Monopoly on freedom and democracy!

I liked that line "... with the monopoly on freedom and democracy". After reading thousands of comments on message boards, it is truly amazing to me that so many people are so willfully blind. I've come to think that there is a significant number of people who actually like
1) to feel hatred towards Muslims
2) to be in a war against some enemy - it's like it gives them some perverse fulfillment or something
3) to feel superior to all other cultures and countries

These people are so twisted that if they were forced to confront the evil that happens in their own country and by their own government it would remove all of that perverse enjoyment. So they simply refuse to look at anything that might make them confront this.

I can only hope that this is not the case with most people..


Hasselback gave such dopey talking points about physics, so blatantly wrong. Even if she had been briefed, she didn't give the information correctly and Jesse could have schooled her more. It's unlikely he'll mention a home run organization like aetruth. on TV. He wants to be invited back and be all over the channels - it's the MSM after all.

Walters isn't naive at all. She's also been told what to say and it's unlikely she believes her own arguments. Walters has a staff of researchers and anyone with half a brain - including the entire Congress - knows what happened on 9/11.

Jesse is utterly charming and will do a lot to promote people questioning the government's agenda.

Jesse all over the channels

This is crazy Ventura appeared on perhaps a dozen shows in recent days,
watch this playlist:

eat that Amy Goodman, lol

PS what an intensive book promo tour, how many staffers the publisher provides him for this?

Didn't he already promote

Didn't he already promote this book last year? If so he is getting a second chance to promote a book that is controversial in the opinion of the mainstream.
Does this mean they are opening the door while pretending to disagree with him??

No, that was Don't Start the

No, that was Don't Start the Revolution Without Me! and that was 2008. This one is called American Conspiracies.

Thanks Adam

Looks like I have 2 new books on my must have list. 3 if you include the latest on building 7 by DRG.
Just the same, the people booking him are aware of his opinions by now and still they bring him on.
I would say someone is on our side.

learning curve

Where can I find more information on" the Institute of Studying Steel?" Is that a National Institute of Studying sTeal? Can I get the truth from a popular magazine which will explain the mechanics of how it all went down?

Thank you to all... keep the pressure on. Let's cognitively infiltrate the masses and the media. Sunnstein and the rest of the crew are running scared.

"The Institute of Studying Steel"

Yes, that was a hoot from Hasslebeck.

This is huge, 2010 is on fire, people are ready!

People are ready to learn about that fateful day.

WTC7 is being exposed on mainstream media: "It was never hit by a plane and it fell in 7 seconds and it was 49 stories high and they're telling us that fire can drop a skyscraper." Jesse Ventura on WTC7

47, but whose counting

Come on Jesse !

Your an awesome American ,and a great man but you need to get up to speed on 9/11. When the blonde moron brought up the weakening of the steel you needed to tell her about Kevin Ryan getting fired for saying the steel DID NOT FAIL !
Exact scaled floor trusses were put in a furnace under optimum burning conditions and they could only get the trusses to sag 4:" not the 42" UL claimed ! The black smoke filled towers were starved from oxygen so the temperatures couldn't even compare to those of UL furnaces!
Not to mention the satellite images that showed temperatures far exceeding those that could have been caused by fire weeks after the collapse of all three buildings, eyewitness accounts of metal flowing like lava, a reporter saying that weeks after the pile was 1100 degrees and melting the workers soles on there boots, and pictures of trackhoes pulling white hot beams from the pile.

Not her again!

Is there an "Institute of Studying Steel"? lol! Good showing overall, unfortunately Jesse didn't get to finish his point about Cheney.

It's us, silly.