Hypothesis Trailer

The trailer for 'Hypothesis' a documentary short about Steven Jones and his 9/11 research. The film tells his story in his own words and reflects the explosive controversy that ensued which resulted in everything from threats, bribery, and academic suspension. What started as a mere hypothesis became so much more.


For those of you who remember 'Between the Lines,' that movie became this one. I plan to submit it to film festivals so we'll see what happens.


Way to go!

Great idea! Looking forward to see and promote this film!

Kudos, Bravo's, Thanks!

I pray this film gets lots of play. I'm sure that non-US film festivals will be glad to show it.

Good luck.

Looks Awesome!

When can we buy it? Best of luck at the film festivals! Movies like these with the human element would be more likely to break through and play at more mainstream venues.

Go for it!

Super idea with all our support! You gotta love this brave professor Jones!


...gave me goose bumps...

1st class top notch blue ribbon piece of work! Excellence!

Loved it. I look forward to seeing it and sharing it. Thank you Brett.

Top Grade!

I can't wait until it comes out!

Looks good

Looks good, when is it coming out?

Also that is the first time I had seen a picture of his wife and son.

Dr Steven Jones is a hero

He had the balls to lay it on the line for what he believed in knew to be true. He was afraid of what he might find, found it and is teaching others on the facts, not the mass media bullcrap.

Fantastic! Great job!

When it's finished, I highly recommend you consider entering your documentary into the SXSW (South by Southwest) Film Festival which will be held again in Austin, TX next year in 2011. I saw the documentary "Dirty Pictures" there this past March. It is about Dr. Alexander Shulgin (another great hero of mine), a chemist and psychopharmacologist, who many consider to be the father of the drug Ecstasy (MDMA). His story is similar to that of Dr. Steven Jones in that he has been castigated by the establishment for being a scientist who recognizes and defends unpopular truths. As a plus, Austin, TX is a prime location of 9/11 truth activism, and many of us could likely make a grand showing at the premiere.

This looks Great!

Thanks Professor Jones and Brett!

Between the Lies?

Are you referring to 'Between the Lies' in the last paragraph? That fantastic movie is one of the most convincing tools that I utilize when introducing people to 9/11 Truth.

Between the Lies (2009) - full length film - blogger node

Between the Lies (2009) - full length film

If this documentary is as good as it looks

I would like to promote it.


Between the Lines (not lies) was the working title of my first one back in 2007 but that was scrapped well before Between the Lies (2009) came out. It was going to be more of a loose change type of movie but I realized that there was a great story I could tell with Steven, and that's when it became a different title.

I rather enjoyed Between the Lies, I must say arie did a good job.

P.S. I'm interested in a distributor. We'll see how it goes in the festivals but if anyone knows anything that would be great.

One of the Main Films we distribute

Brett has been diligent

in interviewing me and others involved. I'm looking forward to his documentary, very curious about who all he was able to get to comment, and who declined to comment. This is Brett's multi-year production, including footage in the laboratories at BYU where most of the research on the red/gray chips was conducted.
It is remarkable that Brett was able to get Martin (CMH) to talk about this issue on video...

Prof Jones

Would it help the cause if scientists currently outside the truth movement, studied more dust samples & released their findings? I would think there would be strength in numbers.

Dr. Jones

for what it's worth. You define integrity. Thank you for your efforts, and sacrifices. God bless you and our quest for the truth.

Einstein said...

ALBERT EINSTEIN said: "Great spirits will always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds."

All of the leaders of this movement are the greatest of spirits. Hats off to our beloved Dr. Jones.

the Galileo of our age

Though every mainstream institution was against him, Dr. Jones' persistence and passion for truth brought down the power structure's veil of deceit.

The man is the Galileo of our age!

Can't thank Brett enough for this endeavor.

With many good wishes, Dr. Jones

and thank you for your considerable efforts.

Love it!

The only thing I hate is that I didn't think of it first! It's up to all of us to support this project as much as possible! Godspeed Brett. Godspeed!


It looks excellent! Very well done the way the conflict of the event is brought out so skillfully. I look forward to seeing the full film.

When you say SHORT

approximately how many minutes long?

"The trailer for 'Hypothesis' a documentary short"

I'm a big fan of "shorts" and always have been since seeing The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge as a child.

Looks fantastic Brett..

I can't wait to see it either. Good luck with it.


On Reddit

Orangutan, Hey, I'm not up to signing up, etc to post there, but to the fellow that disagrees with us (but supports our right to say whatever), why don't you ask him what he disagrees with. ask him what laws of physics, specifically, he disagrees with, which we, obviously are in alignment with, science.

Can't wait to see this

It's been posted here as well:


I'm sure a lot of people will want to see this. I personally can't wait. I hope there will be a free online version of the documentary eventually so we can distribute it all over the Internet.

Kudos for the very good trailer.

The Reflecting Pool

All this truth media is so important.. I have posted online my interview with the filmmakers of The Reflecting Pool, one of the first dramatic films regarding September 11, 2001. You can check it out, here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=624DC3A76EADEB2D

Great trailer.. up to this date, it is still linked at top under critical breaking news - www.FlybyNews.com

Note the 3-minute smoking gun film clip produced by Bob Bowman, here:


Do you have a distribution plan for film, and date or season for its premiere?