German media channel ZDF with another 9/11 take

German second state sponsored television channel ZDF will do another take on 9/11 this anniversary.
On Aug. 23rd on 8.15 pm MEZ, main media time, they start with their first of two episodes on 9/11, called "It started in Hamburg",1872,8093601,00.html
A week later, same hour, they will send "The day of terror".,1872,8093607,00.html
Both episodes will take a closer look on John O'Neill, e.g. it seems that they using sequences out of "Countdown to Ground Zero", the 2006 History Channel production.
The last two productions from ZDF were co-productions with Mike Rudins BBC takes. This time not.
I commented their last works, on 91blogger with short entries,
and on my homepage with hundred pages pdf's (german language).

Curios, my novel triller "Nanospuren", heavily inspired by the life of John O'Neill (and Steven Jones), will be published next week. Some coincidence, or another round of "battle about the heads"?

my tv magazine...

...made me expect, this would be likely a breakthrough. After reading the links you provided, I don't really believe this no more...

There was an article in german magazine "focus money" before. The author said he had to fight 5 years (!) against all odds for the chance to release it (both links german).

So far, inclusive a small article in an tv magazine, boulevard style, which either no one reads, or no one believes, these are the only statements besides the official account, that ever occurred in german Mainstream media. Even left-wing magazines with well reputation, like Der Spiegel, who also is known for investigative journalism, never mentioned just any of the evidences, or many, many strange coincidences of september 11th; instead remained absolutely silent about this date.
I really cannot remember just a single, short story to be occurred anywhere.
For "conspiracy theories on 9/11", the only things to be shown in germany -- those was the common nonsense easily to debunk, like "two towers to appear when typing XYZ with Wingdings", and stuff like this... these kind of things, that work best to make the truth movement look like a bunch of nuts, to those who do not know.

Well anyway, await & see.

wasted my time

on watching episode #1. This "True Story" (as subtitled: "Die wahre Geschichte") could've just been copied from the official report.


but it creates opportunities.

See my critic:

And my complaint:
(Search for co-signers out of the media right now, will deliver it Monday to ZDF...)

Great job!

You tear it apart, piece by piece. I'm not done so far, just started reading. Don't have the time at the moment.

One thing i missed a lot in this "true story", too -- not any sources were provided. All the videos, of the assassins e.g., authors were just content to explain this and that was said (of course the usually suspected). I'd rather have enjoyed a real translation, at least somewhat.
This wedding in Hamburg: "...there was only one topic -- the Holy War!" For sure. I wonder how they know this. Had they agents there? Wire tapping or whatever?
Propaganda, no need to say more. Wasn't aware of ZDF already reached this level.