The Australian media blockade on 9/11 truth must be broken

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The Catherine Taylor project

TNRA is dedicated to getting vital information out to the widest possible audience, and in order to achieve our goals we sometimes need to use provocative techniques.

To this end, we are proud to launch the “Catherine Taylor project”.  Catherine Taylor is the associate editor of ABC The Drum Unleashed - Robust community debate - one of the biggest online opinion websites in Australia.

Catherine Taylor
Catherine Taylor is associate editor of ABC The Drum Unleashed.

I had the honour of writing an article on the 9/11 truth movement for Unleashed back in May 2008. The article achieved a record number of comments for the brief time it was open for comment.

The moderators closed the discussion after only two days under pressure from trolls who claimed that there was a “campaign” at work. The ABC then immediately published two apallingly bad rebuttal pieces which you can find here and here. These articles are objectively devoid of journalistic merit and don’t engage with any single point raised in the original piece.

More than two years have gone by, and in that time the ABC has not published anything on the topic. The only time the topic has hit the media was in the re-broadcast of a shallow propaganda effort from the BBC titled “The Conspiracy Files“.

I attempted to address this imbalance last week and contacted Catherine by phone and email. You can read my first email and her reply here. You can read my second email here.

I am now inviting TNRA listeners and 9/11 truthers to contact ABC The Drum Unleashed to express your opinion directly.

The official email address for suggesting a contributor is: You can also submit an email via an online form by clicking here. Make sure to address your email to Catherine Taylor.

You can contact Taylor by phone through the ABC switchboard on 02 8333 1500.

Please refrain from using threatening or abusive language as this will only damage our cause. Please keep your messages brief and succint and avoid bringing up speculative or fringe arguments which are not supported by the core of the 9/11 truth movment. Please don’t mention the word “Zionism”! Send your correspondence to us and we will publish it.

You can read a brief bio of Catherine Taylor here.

Our show tonight covers numerous other topics and Josh Jackson joins me to explore the topic of “Net Neutrality” which is a major theme in internet news at the moment.

Thanks for your help and thanks for listening!

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Thanks for front paging this...

The direct email for ABC staff members usually follows the form:


Hey Oz...

Would they take accept an article Co-authored by Dr. David Leifer, Dr. Legge, and any other Engineers, mathematicians, physicists, Architects, etc..from Australia? Similar to the paper found at from the 29 engineers? If ABC refuses to publish it, call them out on it in a letter to the editor.

Just a passing thought.



Apparently not...

Based on the terseness of the reply which I received I can only assume that there is no chance.


I read fear in her reply.

And the French media blockade on 9/11 truth must be broken also

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
and in France we have brake through the black out on 911 truth. But how ?

Infront of FRANCE 2 TELEVISION 2009

And in Britain the same thing !
Infront of the BBC 2009

Infront of the BBC 2008

Call for the truth



Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy....silence, silence, silence!

It's like trying to light a fire with damp wood, that is getting them to report the simple facts about September 11, 2001!

Regards John

true, true... sadly

There's gonna be a show on ZDF on 23th, credible MSM channel, well trusted in public and known to be serious. Plus best airtime.
After reading the hint in a TV magazine, i had great expectations (i'm naive, aint i?). But my expectations likely faded, with a look on the channel's website...
What i expect now, exactly what you say: a story about the simple facts of 9/11, all along the official account, maybe lightly, slightly touching some doubts, just to leave them behind fast...

I'm still a novice to the circle of the ones to know about 9/11 -- when i came up on the concerns and contradicts of the official account, what shocked me the most was: how come i never heard of this? Like witnesses, claiming explosions, not one or two, dozens of people; stand down orders; "Able Danger"; Nano-Thermite... i mean, no small things, really HEAVY stuff... how can it be, *independet* sources keep this covered up, completely? Well, i aint the only one asking this, of course.

There was an article in german magazine "focus money" about the doubts of the official story. The author here describes, how he had to fight for releasing the story. He says 5 years (!). He's describing, how he was branded a nut by colleagues for engaging in this matter. Many people (in Germany) still just can't believe US-government to be involved in 9/11. Usually, 9/11 "Conspiracy Theorists" get credits just like UFO believers do, nearly. And things like "Star wars weapons" are doing their best to keep it that way.

Add Germany to the list. Here, a lot has to be broken too. I think someone like Griffin or groups like Architects & Engineers need to be introduced to a larger audience here. Maybe that would help.

Our ABC - Only half-fascist!

can I delete a comment I had only started to type ... ?

Okay, so here's the quote I thought you might like:

"Until the present methods of censorship were swept out of existence...Australia could only regard herself as a half-Fascist nation.
I do not know what craziness takes possession of those who control our British Broadcasting Corporation, and might control your A.B.C. here.
There seems to be an idea that certain kinds of things should be kept away from your delicate minds. It is an insult and a preposterous interference with freedom."

--Mr. Wells in Sydney, 1937