AE911Truth Fall Action Campaign - Gage on Short Video

Join us this Fall with serious actions.  In this informal 15 minute video clip, Richard Gage, AIA  runs through a quick overview for each of our 6 Action Alerts:

Action #1 - We are asking some of our AE911Truth supporters to travel to DC, along with our AE911Truth staff, to meet with your Congress members.

Action #2 - We will hold a major press conference and mock debate at the National Press Club on September 9 while each of you, once again, hold a concurrent press conference at a government location such as outside your legislator's office in your state - like you did on February 19th. 

Action #3 - We are asking all of our AE911Truth supporters to meet with your Congressional representatives in your community – their home turf – by early October.

Action #4 - Help us on Capitol Hill to deliver the AE911Truth petition, with all 1,000 A/E names, our brochure, and our DVD, 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, into the offices of all Congressional representatives on Sept 7 and 8.

Action #5 - Reach 1,000’s in your community by putting “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” on the air with your local public access TV.

Action #6 - Roll-out of AE911Truth Action Groups. Join one or start your own. We already have several in the SF Bay Area. Help the AE911Truth mission succeed in your local area.

Please Join us in the Action that you are personally called to.


The grateful volunteers of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Part 2

Broadsheet Flyer - What a great dissemination piece!!

Tom T please call me

410-499-5403 thanks

Show "I love this man!" by truthman

Mate, we are the 1% of the 1% that cares at present...

Mate, we are the 1% of the 1% that cares at present....all we need to do is get that full 1% off their asses and active and we win! Period!

New government, new reality and peaceful times again.

Of course we can not stop human nature but we can just as we control weeds control the war mongers.

Their poison is truth, and I, Gage and many others plan to feed it to them until they shrivel up and die!!

When the weeds come back our children will do it again:)

Get with the program or say nothing.


truthman, go back to doing nothing

Ironically, you got information from other people who are DOING something.

The idea of "do nothing"..."it is hopeless to try to better conditions" is silly. Truthman, you are in a silly camp.

Sure, many people are robot automatons, and many people are unaware and apathetic and hypnotized.

However, it is a truism that people can become more aware and can become more able and can become more responsible.
I am in that camp.

What?! are trying to improve my awareness that awareness can not be improved!?!@!
Get out-a-here.

I wish

Peter B. Collins was the moderator for the debate. He is fabulous!!

Good Luck Team AE!

Unfortunately I will not be able to facilitate the Press Con in Sydney on the 9th, we will be doing an anniversary protest though and I will organise for someone to read the Press Statement there!

This might also be a viable option for other groups as part of there actions? The 11th being a Saturday will make more people available!

Kind regards John