PRESS RELEASE: New Scientific Evidence Undermines Afghanistan War


On the eve of the 9th anniversary of 9/11, support for the war in Afghanistan took a serious blow today. Simultaneous press conferences were held in New York and Los Angeles to present startling new information refuting the official 9/11 narrative used to justify the war. Also announced were three major professional groups which have joined the worldwide, and ever-growing, “9/11 Truth Movement”.

In a striking show of unity, representatives of “Scientists for 9/11 Truth”, “U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth” and “Actors & Artists for 9/11 Truth” presented their findings and unveiled their eye-opening websites. Each non-profit group has launched a petition calling for a new, transparent investigation.

In NY, representing “Scientists”, Professor Niels Harrit said, “The official account put forth by NIST violates the fundamental laws of physics and chemistry.” Harrit is Prof. Emeritus at the University of Copenhagen and was lead author for a 2009 peer-reviewed study that revealed evidence of high tech explosives throughout the WTC dust.

In LA, physics teacher David Chandler discussed the swift destruction of the WTC towers, including Building 7, the little-known third tower. Having demonstrated its free fall, he confronted the US government agency NIST with his analyses and forced NIST to revise its November 2008 Final Report on WTC 7. NIST’s Draft Report had claimed free fall was impossible but NIST ultimately acknowledged WTC 7 was in absolute free fall for over two seconds. Concluded Chandler, “Free fall is physically impossible without explosives”.

In LA, former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development Lt. Col. Robert Bowman stated, “9/11 has been an excuse to use our brave young troops as cannon fodder in unjust wars of aggression”. In NY, Lt. Col. Shelton Lankford, decorated fighter pilot, and USAF Accident Investigator Lt. Col. David Gapp in LA, questioned how four highly trained flight crews would all break protocol, reporting, “Not one pilot broadcast the required hijack transponder codes.”

In LA, actor John Heard asked, “How is it possible that the worst crime in U.S. history has never been properly investigated?” In NY, actor Daniel Sunjata stated, “The August 20th AP poll has revealed that only 38% of the American people support the war in Afghanistan, down from 46% in March. The question is: does this 38% know about the evidence that we have presented today? Signatories to their petition include Ed Asner, Graham Nash, Willie Nelson, Michelle Phillips and Gore Vidal.

The three groups at the websites below are independent, non-profit organizations calling for the reinvestigation of the September 11th attacks. These groups have no affiliation to any political party.


VIDEO: Videos of both press conferences are available for online viewing and download:


Scientists for 9/11 Truth:

Dr. John Wyndham,

Military Officers for 9/11 Truth

Dr. Robert Bowman,

Actors & Artists for 9/11 Truth:

Frank Strasser, Los Angeles,


I'm speechless...

Time To Take Battle Directly To NYC & NY State Authorities

New York City and New York sate authorities have the jurisdiction to investigate who was doing what in the WTC towers just before 9/11.

All activist activities should be aimed at phoning, faxing and visiting the NYC District Attorneys office with the scientific evidence of explosive incendiaries in the WTC dust and DEMANDING they investigate how and why this material wound up in lower Manahattan.

The politically controlled federal government is not required.

Los Angeles



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that's Robert Bowman, Michelle Phillips and Joseph Culp.

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LA press conference photos by Chic

Great day at city hall ...the speakers were all excellent and the whole event had a beautiful flow! Please share these photos w/ the speakers and video team, they are downloadable.




Great photos, Randy! Thanks for sharing.

Great Work Guys

...... With only 38% support for the war down from 46% in March . The question them BECOMES does this 38% KNOW about the Evidence we have presented here today?

And if NOT, WILL You Tell Them?

Excellent Question Daniel Sunjata.

We WILL because we HAVE to.

For the sake of the Republic and the Planet.

Getting people to ask Common Sense questions about 911 will lead to the inevitable.

Inspiring Efforts.

Vancouver POLL: Do you think the U.S. government played a role i

takes 5 seconds

You don't have to be from Vancouver--- or even Canada. Make this VIRAL

Vancouver truth seekers question 9/11

9/11 Truth Crashes News Conference at Dove World to Challenge

9/11 Truth Crashes News Conference at Dove World to Challenge Pastor on new investigation.

Forgive me if off topic.

We should have an OPEN THREAD here on the NEWS page.

Is this the only video source?

Any source with a stable video camera?

Stable Video

This is DJ Green Arrow. I am honored to be a member and signatory of Artists and Actors for 9/11 Truth. I was one of the presenters yesterday, in New York. I'm uploading stable video to our tech person in France now. it will take a few more hours on my end because of a huge file size, and then I believe a little bit more time on the tech person's end to upload it to everyone.

Moving forward

It's good to see that people are inspired to come out with new groups and keep the work going. I hope these all produce positive results and inspire even more people. I know a lot of people are excited about these and have done a lot of work -- congrats for the efforts!

My concern, in general, is the ongoing promotions of "no plane" or "no-Boeing" and "Flyover" at the Pentagon, via the various links in each these groups. One site even advocates CIT's Flyover claims, the owner of a site who is now banned from 911blogger, Edward Reynearson of Radio du Jour.

And FYI, the Actors and Artists site has a link to Jim Fetzer's group -- in the Journal of 9/11 Studies banner it goes to 911scholars, a hoax site. I'll email the webmaster.

I have to say I'm not surprised to find a link to Jim Fetzer's group buried in here.

Because this is what I mean about continuing to support "no-planes", swapped planes, "no-Boeing", "flyover", etc, despite papers like Frank Legge's What Hit the Pentagon? Misinformation and its Effect on the Credibility of 9/11 Truth which deflate the emotional claims which underlie these ideas. Legge writes:

The best way to avoid the development of contradictory views is to scrupulously adhere to the scientific method and to promote to the public only those concepts which are shown to be soundly based. Multiple views will cause confusion which will be apparent to the target audience, the public. Many will conclude that the case for a new investigation into the events of 9/11 is weak if proponents cannot agree on significant issues.


The minor hypothesis of the paper is that there is no scientific proof that a Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon. . . . I have looked for evidence that a Boeing 757 could not have hit the Pentagon and have not been able to find any that stood up to scrutiny. I further contend that this hypothesis still stands.

What we've seen over the years is that the no-plane/ no-Boeing ideas are typically a conduit for people like Jim Fetzer and others to plant and grow speculative claims and who then promote and protect more disruptors who advocate nonsense, or a focus on the historical role of Jewish people, or who have a seat with their name on it at FOX News (i.e., Morgan Reynolds), to use to claim that cartoons hit the WTC. On and on.

When claims which are deeply flawed are protected and not exposed, they keep everything else which is standing on increasingly strong ground -- year after year -- in a swamp.

Last night at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland we saw even more evidence exposing NIST's claims that demolition could not have taken place as false. Did we see any new evidence for how all the people in DC who saw a commercial jet hit the building were wrong? No. None. These are two very different situations, with one moving forward with increasingly damning evidence every year, and the other being a magnet for hoax claims like "the flyover" and how a taxi-cab driver was "in on it".

I know that many are well-intentioned and are doing a lot of work, and we all are glad to see more groups and see the movement growing, which is why I offer a concern toward improving these sincere efforts, not to take them down. Let's continue to move forward with the best we have to offer.

"the Actors and Artists site has a link to Jim Fetzer's group"

At this late date - amazing!

I guess some people still consider TV Fakery and "Who's a Jew" to be cutting edge research.

That's not the 9/11 truth movement I belong to.

Show "Prove it." by milongal

No one has proved what happened at the Pentagon

But CIT falsely claims that they have - and therein lies the rub.

What Vic is trying to say is, we must reject baseless theories like mini-nukes, particle beam weapons, no planes and flyover. Linking to these sites is bad for two reasons. It is basically an endorsement that gives these baseless theories credibility they don't deserve and links the TM to them. We will all be justifiably painted with the same "nut job" brush if we fail to disassociate ourselves from these baseless theories.

Furthermore, I do not want to see the TM linked to "Revisionism" and "Mossad did it" [last 15 min] which what Kevin Barrett and Adam Syed are doing while promoting CIT/NSA and touting the endorsements of you know who.

Thanks Vic for again stating what is unpopular but so important!

By reducing our claims to the strongest ones we sharpen the campaign.

It continually amazes me how little attention so many good hard working 9/11 Truth activists pay to who has done us harm? This is the game people, either we mature or we lose, your choice?

Kind regards John

Where is the new evidence?

I was hoping to hear about the new evidence mentioned in their press release. Does anyone know what they are referring to?

I'm assuming it's in the

I'm assuming it's in the photos and videos released by the International Center for 9/11 Studies. We saw some interesting bits of video (shown by David Chandler, from that FOIA effort) last night at the Grand Lake Theater that hadn't been shown before.

I found out

about the actors project about 10 months ago. I contacted the staff to request a change in title to something less similar to one of my main projects of the past 2 ½ years.
Artists for 9/11 Truth

They refused. After an effort to make the best of the situation for a while and after observing the coarse of events, I again asked them for a title change a couple months ago. I have been arguing my case in private, semi-private, and public since.

I was just watching a great video of a man I met about 25 years ago Zen Master Seung Sahn. He’s very famous in Buddhist circles and in Korea. I heard him say all these things in person. It was quite an experience. So I looked again to him for guidance in this situation.

Upon watching this video I was particularly once again impressed and helped especially by these 2 parts:

Timcode 2:40
Seung Sahn - “All human beings understand too much. Too much understand, then too much have problems. little understand, little problem Complete DON’T problem
Timecode 9:42
Seung Sahn - “What is correct life? Correct life means very simple, somebody’s hungry, give them food......sombody thirsty give them a drink......somebody suffering only help them....That is Buddhism......not special. I hope everybody attain your true self, get enlightenment, save all beings from suffering. Thank you.”

My request to the actors staff stands. I wish everyone good health and success at this critical time.

That's a beautiful quote.

Buddhism has many wonderful truths.

Good news!

We keep moving forward:)

Regards John