The Facts Speak for Themselves, by Jon Gold

If you are new to 9/11 Truth, you should begin by reading Jon Gold's excellent summary of the evidence he has collected over the past several years. Please visit the link for a full and fully hyperlinked version.

September 1, 2010
Author: Jon Gold

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Before I begin, I would like to say that theorizing about what happened on 9/11, when you’re not being given answers to your questions about that day by the people who SHOULD be able to do so, is PERFECTLY normal. As is suspecting that the reason these answers aren’t being given is “sinister” in nature. As Ray McGovern said, “for people to dismiss these questioners as “conspiratorial advocates”, or “conspiratorial theorists”… that’s completely out of line because the… The questions remain because the President who should be able to answer them, WILL NOT.” When you think about everything the previous Administration did in 8 years, the idea that they might not be giving us the answers we seek because of something “sinister” is not crazy. In fact, it’s the most logical conclusion one can come to at this point. After years of obfuscation, spin, lies, and cover-ups regarding the 9/11 attacks, it is unavoidable to think that criminal complicity is the reason why.

That being said, we have not proven it beyond the shadow of doubt. We do not have documentation that shows they planned it. We do not have a signed confession from someone. We have pieces of the puzzle, and to most of us that have been doing this a long time, those pieces point to more than just Osama Bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and 19 hijackers. If we could somehow download all of our knowledge to every person on the planet, this fight would be over tomorrow. However, we can’t do that. I wish we could. I wish the media would DO THEIR JOB. But, they’re not. Therefore, we have to be smart with how we approach people. This is America, and in America, you are innocent until proven guilty.

As I have often said, we don’t need to come up with a narrative (theory) because our facts speak for themselves. I am going to do my very best to prove my point. A lot of these facts are from mainstream news outlets. Yes, they do report the news, but they DO NOT put the pieces together, they DO NOT ask the tough questions over and over again until they get an answer, they DO NOT give these facts the attention they should, reminiscent of the attention that Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, The Swift Boat Veterans and the “Ground Zero Mosque” got, and they DO NOT portray us in any other light except as “Conspiracy Theorists.”

Fact #1
The core of the Bush Administration was predominantly made up of members of an organization called “The Project For A New American Century.” This group produced a document entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” that said the “process of transformation” they wanted our military to undertake would take an excessively long time, unless there was a “catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor.” That document was written in September 2000. This document even cited that “advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” A lot of the same people were part of a group that wrote a report entitled, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” that advocated an aggressive Israeli policy in the Middle East.

Fact #2
The Bush Administration came into office wanting to go to war with Iraq. This is so heavily documented that Veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas asked the President about it. He denied it of course, and used 9/11 as the justification for what he and his administration have done.

Former Secretary of Treasury Paul O’Neill said that Saddam was “topic A” ten days after the inauguration at the very first National Security Council meeting, and eight months before 9/11. According to O’Neill, “it was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this.’”

In a 2007 interview with former Counterterrorism “tsar” Richard Clarke, he states that between March 2001 and May 2001, members of the Bush Administration discussed creating a “casus belli” for war with Iraq.

According to Merriam-Webster, a “casus belli” is “an event or action that justifies or allegedly justifies a war or conflict....

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Jon Gold thinks

that David Chandler "might be right," but that is it also possible that NIST "might be right" about building 7.

Jon - Why are you perpetuating the MYTH that NIST "might be right?"

Why are you prolonging this conversation?

There is no question here. There is no "might."

Stop it - with the "might."

There is no "might."


"NIST’s questionable report on building 7 caused people that were once on the fence regarding the collapse of those buildings on 9/11, to think that those advocating something different than NIST’s conclusions, responsibly, might be right."

Jon Gold

You fail the litmus test for being a 9/11 truther!
Go find another movement, retard!

A bit cultish, eh?

Believe as I do or your work is worthless!


It's the black-or-white trap. The fact is, I know both very strong pro-explosive demolition arguments as well as strong counterarguments.

Voicing the latter would probably get me ostracized, no matter how much research of mine in the past was in support of explosive demolition. Aidan Monaghan recently had the courage to diverge from groupthink. He was attacked almost instantly.

As far as I know, there is only one inescapable, clear-cut and in fact, mind boggling form of evidence produced so far that simply cannot be refuted: the Active Thermitic Materials paper. Jones et al. are heroes for doing what they did, and as prof. Jones said: "We nailed it." ...But planting military grade energetic materials inside the WTC doesn't prove that shaped charges were also present and activated, which is why there is internal discussion between the various authors of the paper as to what role these chips played: e.g. were they igniters for other explosives or.. perhaps they had some standalone function.

There appear to be some cognitive biases at work here. People asserting the physics is settled can be asked to solve a random physics problem: if they fail: then who are they to be absolutist about a craft outside of their direct competence? That goes for me as well.

I dare to be absolutist about the ATM paper because it's exceedingly simple: there is no other reaction that could form iron-rich spheres from finely mixed aluminum and iron oxide material besides a thermitic reaction. Moreover, thermite and especially nanothermite does not spontaneously arrange itself into a structured form as found in WTC dust. This is a logical fallacy.

I have been pretty absolutist about many things in the past.. and I regret that. My standards for 'conclusive' have since elevated. As a consequence, it has become that much harder for 'debunkers' to rebut. I know prof. Jones has attempted to prove the presence of high explosives in the WTC dust, but without taggants, such high explosives are near impossible to detect. These taggants had to have been removed, because otherwise bomb sniffing dogs would have caught on.

Are the NIST reports fraudulent? Absolutely. But there is a difference between proving a negative and proving a positive. We all need to work hard and improve our case even further. There is still so much to learn. Some facts about 9/11 have already been confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt. Evidence for explosive demolition is perhaps the most shocking and disconcerting, but it's certainly not the only avenue of 9/11 research out there.

Jon Gold is just being smart in covering his bases. It infuriates some people, but I have come to understand his way of approaching things. You can't bring down Jon Gold, he's too smart for that.

While I'm at it

Something I found on prof. Jones' BYU webspace a while ago. Don't ask me how I found it... I tend to save such things immediately without giving it further thought. Click on the image to go to my Photobucket account where you can see a larger version.

9/11,explosive demolition,thermite,Jones; Steven

and there is this engine part at the Pentagon

belonging to something much smaller that a jetliner.

9/11,pentagon,flight aa 77,citizen investigation team,cit

I hate to be pedantic

Because you are simply a friendly person and you work tirelessly for 9/11 truth, but you should read the link mentioned in the description on my photobucket album for this picture in its entirety...I know it's a 'debunker' source, but it's the most detailed analysis yet and as far as I know, it has gone unchallenged.

Maybe John Bursill would like to comment on that analysis. OTOH, we might go too far astray of the topic.

I think the photo is IMPORTANT

It was either planted or came off of whatever hit the Pentagon. Either way, what we were told hit the Pentagon...did not.

no mystery here

facts don't matter. truth has gone begging. lies pass for news. masses controlled by cognitive dissonance and special interest groups profiting from war, chaos terror and mass delusion.
how to change it? facts haven't helped.
we need another way....I have been working on bringing these facts to people for years now. they can't hear them because of their own inner constructs about the world.
I just wonder what would work...not this cold old plodding dead news that's for sure.

Hey darkbeforedawn

I know how you feel. The facts haven't ever mattered in my lifetime! JFK, RFK,MLK, Gulf of Tonkin, Watergate, Iran Contra, Church Committee, WMD's, WTC's, Murrah, Waco, the list goes on and on! It's a bad man's world with stakes of life and death. But somehow 911truth is a ray of hope, for me the only hope and if nothing else it shows us who some of the good guys are. The internet age combined with 911truth is something new and very dangerous and the bastards know it! So who knows there's always a chance and if one battle could win the war then this is the battle.

Well Said peacefulwarrior

I second that!

in times of universal deceit

the heros really do shine and stand out. These lies are as gigantic as they are ignored. Good god..... you are right. This has been going on all my life and I'm no spring chicken.
9/11 was the final straw for me. I had been quietly living with these other stinkers by just letting them pass. They don't pass with me anymore. I suspect 9/11 did that to many of us.

Absolutely !

It's time to draw a line in the dust! We need justice for the victims and the families and us all. What are we afraid of? They're already killing us. We need to wake up and look out for each other before it's too late. I fear too many of us are fast becoming useless eaters in the eyes of the elites. With the best technology and life extensions just around the corner do you really trust these bastards? I don't.


"facts don't matter"

You missed the spirit of the discussion

When push comes to shove the powers that rule the country don't let facts change the day. Given the long history as outlined briefly above that in itself is a fact.

If you believe you live in a democracy or a republic , you had better think again. The illusion that our representatives will do the right thing is why the lie of 911 is being covered up and why most people have never considered 911 was a false flag operation. It was not the first lie to manipulate the masses and they don't plan on it being the last. When the Church committe sent their conclusions to the Dept of Justice what happened? Nothing that's what! We now know the Gulf of Tonkin was a lie. What happens? Nothing! No disrespect but facts have never won the day in these matters and that fact is what some of us are trying to overcome. Somehow, someway.

It is tiring but we must stick to facts

Facts are our ammunition. The politicians avoid them, ignore them, hide them, as they push their agendas, but we must use them.

We must try to sift the evidence and select that which is strong and use it. Some say the nanothermite residues is what persuaded them. It is strong evidence of a chemical nature. Some say it was the rate of fall of the three buildings which persuaded them. It is strong evidence based on physics.

But there is a lot of arguing going on about various other lesser types of evidence. For instance some people say that the turbine in the photo of the Pentagon debris is not right for a 757. The photo is not strong evidence for a 757 as it could have been planted, but it is certainly not useful evidence that it was not a 757 as it is almost certainly from the right kind of Rolls Royce motor used in the 757.

So we should always be careful about our assertions. If we assert that a large plane did not hit the Pentagon, the millions of people who believe it did will think we are nuts and will be less likely to be persuaded by our arguments proving that explosives were used in controlled demolitions.

Sorry but facts will not win this one directly

The best chance we have is when millions of people begin to doubt the official story of 911, as long as not too much time has passed. We know that most people don't believe Oswald the lone nut killed JFK now but there will never likely be an investigation. We know the Gulf of Tonkin was a lie but who's in trouble for that? Too much time has passed. If we focus just on the details in this fight we risk losing the big picture. There will never be an investigation without extensive public demand and time is passing quickly. There already exists enough evidence to obliterate the official story. People in government and the press and the military and universities already know that......but what happens?
We need to wake up many more people soon. Most of any additional evidence can only come from a proper investigation and time is running out. We need for people to question the official story once they look at WTC7 and see the demolition of the twin towers for what they are then they can line up on what hit the pentagon or the airplane in PA. Some people who visit this site see the real problem based upon what history has shown us. Yes , with the internet we have a better chance, maybe the best chance we ever have had. The truth is that we don't know the truth about 911. The fact is we are not all in agreement on much else, how could we be? Yes there are a great many theories out there which ones are right we just don't know. All we do know is that the story we got is a lie, a BIG LIE. We now know that the WMD story was a lie and what happens? Nothing! What's next we attack Iran because of another nuclear lie? Most people still aren't paying attention are they?


But believing in the Controlled Demolition of any of those buildings that day is not a prerequisite for participating in this cause, and never has been. Believing in any theory is not a prerequisite for participating in this cause. Including the one that says elements within our Government and others were complicit in the attacks. It's about common ground.

People who say you must believe this or that, and if you don't, then you are a this or a that, are the cult of the 9/11 Truth Movement, and will not help this cause in the long run.

You just have to acknowledge that we were lied to, that the investigations we got were a farce, and that the event that created the "Post-9/11 World" is important enough to warrant a real criminal investigation. The simplest way to get people on our side for a real investigation is to show them the investigations we got were a farce. There are too many facts that easily show this to be true. You shouldn't have to be a scholar, a scientists, a physicist, an architect, an engineer, etc... to understand the need for real 9/11 Justice.