12 Page 9/11 Truth Spread in Yesterday Magazine

Yesterday Magazine is a San Diego based music magazine that doesn't shy away from controversy. Their second issue just launched and it features a twelve page spread on 9/11 truth. The layout is an interview with four members of San Diego 9/11 Truth alongside David Dees illustrations and my artwork. They have an awesome, slick publication that interviews the best bands in San Diego and their publication is widely distributed throughout the city. I am sure this article will stir some dialogue...




I apologize if any of the pages are hard to read. I don't know how to display them better or make them able to zoom into the text. To become a fan of Yesterday magazine go to their website or facebook page.




Brilliant! :D



San Diego and San Francisco are Saints.

Excellent work! I agree with

Excellent work!

I agree with Abby about the remote control hypothesis.

Here's the US military using that technology to remotely pilot planes packed with explosives into their targets in the 1940s.


Well Done Indeed San Diego!

The only thing left standing between the 9/11 perpetrators and a US criminal court, is the complicit, corporate weasel media on both left and right. Their cowardly Goebbels-like stance is keeping thugs and murderers free, by refusing to discuss the issue of 9/11 and keeping the facts removed from public scrutiny. History eventually will not be kind to the likes of Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and cohorts on the right, and Bill Maher and Amy Goodman and comrades on the left.

Actions like this help change history.

Thanks again for all the hard work!


I actually regretted making that claim "without a shadow of a doubt" but that is honestly how I feel about it...Thanks for checking it out and reading it and for all your support!

This is a HUGE success for 9-11 Truth!

Way to go Abby and San Diego truthers!


i can't read these pages...is the article posted online anywhere?

I have better files now

If anyone wants the original documents to be able to read the images better, email me at info@mediaroots.org and I will send them to you. Yesterday magazine just sent me the hard press layout of every page. Sorry about not getting those originally before posting!

Congratulations + suggestion

This is really great! Could it somehow be leveraged by distributing copies of this article to the major news media?

Seeing this is a great way to start my day.

Wonder if I can buy that one issue.
I need to make a statement to the publishers.

I will have many

I bought a box of about one hundred of them, and am getting the issues in about two weeks. Once I get them I would be happy to sell any of you an issue so get in contact with me, and if anyone has recommendations of who to mail issues to please let me know!

Great job, Abby!

I'll probably get ahold of you on FB to see about getting a copy.

Also, anyone else on FB, make sure to become of fan of Media Roots.


thanks for your support with media roots!!!

Way to go!

Abby, Peter, Tom, Mike, Nellise, Ted and Laura. You guys have been at this for a while and continue to press on. You are Hero's and we are so proud of you here is San Diego!


is there a way to switch out this post's files with the new higher res pdfs yesterday magazine just sent me? and if anyone wants to paypal me like five bucks i would be happy to send any of you copies of the issue and ill throw in some high quality vinyl obama war is peace stickers too!


I have a visual disability and depend on a computer program to read files transferred into Word. i really don't understand why this article is not available online or in computer text somewhere. It surely started out that way prior to being published. From the reactions I am dying to "read" it and don't quite understand why it's only posted as jpegs. Can anyone help?


Like I mentioned earlier, I spent a lot of time scanning the images from the magazine directly and posting them before obtaining original pdf files straight from the source. I now have the files, but I am not sure if I can edit the post and insert pdf files. I will send anyone who wants them the pdf files


Please send the pdf files to:

i'm dying to "read" the article.


take notice. Post the legible files please.


Please send the pdf files to:

i'm dying to "read" the article.

Excellent article! Lucid,

Excellent article! Lucid, rational, concise and accurately espousing the artificially constructed psychological barriers preventing the 'sheeple' from approaching 911 from a logical, rational perspective.

Also, Abby is incredibly hot! What a gorgeous looking woman! She also has a brain! Such a hard to find lady makes her husband/boyfriend one lucky fella!