Cindy Sheehan: I'm a 9/11 Truther

Cindy Sheehan: “I’m A 9/11 Truther, I Do Think It Was An Inside Job”


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Cindy is getting smeared at a blog on Slate, linked to by the Atlantic also.

So That's It For Cindy Sheehan
Posted Tuesday, September 28, 2010 11:10 AM | By David Weigel
Via Stephen Gutowski, here's the star of the summer of 2005 completing her descent into any-conspiracy-will-do-ism and declaring herself a "9/11 Truther." There really was a political/cultural moment when Sheehan, whose son died in Iraq, was an un-touchable, credible activist. Conservatives who attacked her at the time, like Glenn Beck and Mike Gallagher, were criticized for being so gauche. But Sheehan was adopted into other left-wing causes and the broader left really dumped when she ran a quixotic third party campaign against Nancy Pelosi in 2008. I am not, not, not making a one-to-one comparison here, but there is a lesson for tea party activists who are currently and unquestioningly the toast of the conservative elite and the GOP.

Please comment if you can on the Slate blog, although the Atlantic article doesn't appear to have comments.

Also, battle going in the comments here:


I can't get either link to do anything.

I just now went out to Slate and found no recent article or editorial on Cindy. I searched her name and got no matches for the past 7 days -- though there are plenty of matches since 1996.

I suspect the 'just ignore it' strategy is suddenly kicking in, replacing the 'belittle it' strategy.

Both Links Work for Me.

Must be on your end.

The comments you're missing will make you puke. Be warned.

"INSIDE JOB" Meme is spreading

Too bad there are so many ignoramuses out there that still resist.

Also sad that they attack Cindy for telling an inconvenient truth.

INSIDE JOB is a good meme

It gets people's attention that's for sure.

Cindy is doing some heavy lifting for this movement right now. Statistically speaking, a whole lot of anti-war activists just got curious, saw for themselves, slapped their foreheads, and joined us. A huge net gain for truth and justice for Cindy's son and every other 9/11 victim.


From YT's site;

From Cindy Sheehan: “You can all go to this article and flood it with supportive messages of me – for Dave Weigel, it was okay to be a 9/11 truther if one was a male democratic operative (Van Jones); but for me, it is somehow disordered. I would appreciate support, thanks.”

I do find it interesting that there seems to be an inordinate level of venom directed at brave, outspoken women like Sheehan and McKinney (or, historically, Dorothy Day, Emma Goldman etc.)

Just commented and encourage others to do the same.

More from Cindy:

"This empire has been responsible for killing/displacing about 5 million people (my son included) since 9/11 and I am "one screwed up bitch" for questioning the official story of 9/11? I think anyone that believes ANYTHING coming out of Bush/Cheney/Empire needs a reality check."

Good post Vic

I noticed on one of the links they were arguing about the CD of building seven etc. My God one of the posters even mentioned the JFK murder. He still clings to the theory that Oswald did it. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Even then when I was just a kid I knew Oswald did not kill JFK. I don't know one person who still believes the Warren Report. As far as 9/11 goes an idiot can see it was an inside job given the facts. Thank God Cindy has opened up. I think it's great publicity for our movement. It sure can't hurt. Perhaps now more people will open up.