GRIM REAPER is a Trojan Horse for 911truth

"The world is made for people who aren't cursed with self-awareness."

- (the character) Annie Savoy in the film Bull Durham
[This following excerpt from Steve Alten was
sent to friends in the 9/11 truth community].

Dear Friends:

Like Annie Savoy, we all share something in common - a self-awareness of deception, of knowing our fellow countrymen remain deceived. Many of us still feel the angst, anger, and frustration that comes with knowing the guilty remain unpunished and that the masses and media refuse to see what lies hidden in plain sight. We toss rocks at ponds, never registering a splash.

Several years ago my 8th novel, The SHELL GAME was released - an attempt to reveal the truth through a work of fiction. While it succeeded in exposing facts to about 30,000 new Americans who otherwise might never surf a 911truth site or read a David Ray Griffin book (or sign a Richard Gage petition) the book flew far above the radar and in the end, I was shot down. Literally. I had major bookings mysteriously cancelled and received threats at 4 AM on my private unlisted phone.

On Monday, October 4th, my tenth and best thriller, GRIM REAPER: End of Days will be released in every major bookstore in the U.S. The novel, which lends itself perfectly for Halloween, is a modern-day Dante's Inferno that taps into the public's angst toward politicians, Wall Street, and the greed and corruption that has mired society. The story takes place in the winter of 2012 when a man-made version of the Black Plague is unleashed in Manhattan. The hero, an injured war vet returning from his fourth deployment in Iraq, must journey through nine circles of suffering in order to bring the only vaccine to his estranged wife and child. Like 'Inferno,' the tale is an allegory of the soul's journey; at the same time the book reveals closely guarded secrets about 9/11, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan (and Iran?) and the real source of the 2001 anthrax attacks -- an illegal Black Ops program with tentacles in Ft. Detrick, Maryland -- 'weaponized' by a private CIA-run lab in Ohio (Battelle) which continues to produce biological weapons that could wipeout humanity (paid for by our tax dollars!).

GRIM REAPER draws historical parallels to 2012 that are frightening. It will be exactly 666 years from the prophesied 2012 date that the Black Plague struck Europe and Asia, wiping out half the world's population. The 'Great Mortality' broke out following a period of greed and war, famine and corruption, with false prophets exhorting Christians to slaughter tens of thousands of Jews and Muslims. It was this near End of Days event that gave rise to a new figure depicted in 14th century art - the Grim Reaper.

GRIM REAPER is a Trojan Horse for 911truth.

Revealed to both the hero and reader is the truth about September 11th, and when it hits home, it will hit home factually, concisely, and in a manner that gets the reader to think. It is the catalyst to the story, concealed beneath layers of deception. It is the 9th circle of hell.

GRIM REAPER is also a mainstream tool that can lead the masses to the Richard Gages and David Ray Griffins. It will appear on the front tables of every Barnes & Noble, every Borders, every Books-A-Million, and in every major airport. It is a great story, yet one that causes the reader to think, or in the case of 9/11 Re-Think. It is the unexpected rock that, when tossed in a pond, causes major ripples.

I am contacting you now as a fellow rock thrower, requesting your help.


1. First and foremost, read the book yourself. It will reach you in unexpected ways.

Two years of soul-searching and research affected the writing, including an incident that saw my wife held at gunpoint and duct taped in an armed robbery. A short time after my wife's incident (and my own diagnosis of Parkinsons), another crime took place in our town -- a troubled father murdered his wife and twin sons on the boys' seventh birthday. We knew the family -- the twins took karate lessons with my own eight year old son.

GRIM REAPER deals with good and evil and the supernal/spiritual justice system that affects us all. It draws meaning from a 4,000 year old ancient wisdom (Kabbalah) passed down from God to Abraham the Patriarch without a trace of religious dogma. In the times of our greatest darkness, its Light burns brightest. READ THE BOOK FOR YOURSELF.

2. Recommend it as a MUST-READ to family and friends.

3. Be the rock that sends the biggest ripples. Contact your movers & shakers. Why? Because it will bring Light into your own life in ways you cannot imagine. It can heal our world.

I share BELOW an excerpt from GRIM REAPER regarding 9/11 truth..

Steve Alten

= = = = = = = = = = =

Unnerved, Patrick Shepard turns away, staring coldly out the driver's side backseat window. Somewhere in the distance is FDR Drive, beyond that the East River. There is only darkness out there, save for two towering infernos --  the Manhattan Bridge to the north, the Brooklyn Bridge to the south. The two expanses had been destroyed seventeen hours earlier, yet the incendiary thermite used in the blasts still burns, the chemical compound melting right through the steel girders-

                -just as it had on September 11th, 2001. 

                 Three buildings had collapsed at near free-fall speed. Two had been hit by hijacked planes, the third building - Building-7, a forty-seven story structure - had folded like a deck of cards hours later, floor after floor - the skyscraper having been hit by nothing more than debris. While most Americans never questioned what their eyes had seen, scientists and engineers were baffled by events that defied every known law of physics, engineering, and metallurgy known to man.

                 In the end it came down to a simple numbers problem: How could jet fuel, which burned off rapidly at 800 to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit liquefy steel girders, which melt at 2,500 degrees, more than twice the jet fuel's highest recorded heat? There was no doubt steel had melted; molten steel was videotaped pouring from windows moments before the collapse, and a lake of molten steel had burned beneath the World Trade Center foundation for months after 9/11, despite fire-fighters best efforts to quell the fire with millions of gallons of water and Pyroccol, a chemical fire suppressant.

                 Homeland Security had shutdown all access to Ground Zero effectively preventing any close inspection of the debris; still, resourceful engineers managed to collect plenty of particle samples -- their analysis revealing the presence of a foreign substance that should not have been in the wreckage: Thermite. A pyrotechnic material used by the military and construction engineers to collapse steel structures, thermite generated temperatures at a super hot 4,500 degrees. Thermite also burned for extended periods of time. And it could be applied as a paint.

                 In response to independent experts unsettling discoveries, the National Institute of Standards and Technology released a thousand page report containing explanations that defied every known case study of high-rise building fires. The report never accounted for thermite residue, now would it acknowledge the mysterious lake of molten steel. NIST officials also refused to address the series of explosions reported by hundreds of eyewitnesses moments before the towers collapsed. Or the video tape evidence of Building-7's collapse, which clearly showed squibbs - puffs of smoke created by demolition explosions - coming from each floor as the tower pancaked at near free-fall speed.

                 More than four hundred independent architects and engineers disputed the NIST findings - to no avail. America had been attacked and Americans wanted retribution, not ridiculous conspiracy theories.                

                   It was during Patrick Shepherd's second deployment when he first learned of the controversial 9/11 Truth websites from a fellow commando. The accusations infuriated him. So what if the towers were known health hazards, filled with asbestos? So what if Building-7s collapse was reported by the BBC forty minutes before it actually happened? Or that the tower housed the second largest covert CIA station in the country, as well as the SEC offices investigating Enron and World Com's fraud. True, Larry Silverstein, the new owner of the World Trade Center had shut down a few of the Twin Towers' elevator shafts for 'upgrades' a month before 9/11, but so what? How could any loyal American believe elements within their own government could have aided and abetted such a nefarious terrorist attack, using the event as an excuse to invade Iraq? It was utter nonsense.

                 The mainstream media refused to buy into it, and most Americans, Patrick among them, refused as well. But as the years went by and the deployments mounted, Patrick's mind began to warm to the evidence, and the toxic thoughts turned his heart stone-cold.

                 He learned modern history was littered with false flag events - acts of violence, organized by ruling elites designed to direct blame at an enemy in order to amass the public's support. In 1931, the Japanese blew up sections of their own railway as a pretext for annexing Manchuria. In 1939, the Nazis fabricated evidence of a Polish attack against Germany to justify their invasion of Poland. In 1953, the United States and Britain orchestrated "Operation Ajax," a false flag event that targeted Mohammed Mosaddeg, the democratically elected leader of Iran. Nine years later, President Kennedy stopped Operation Northwoods, a Department of Defense plot that would have blamed Cuba for a rash of incidents, including the hijacking and crash of a U.S. commercial airliner. Years later, another false flag operation - the Gulf of Tonkin incident escalated the Vietnam War. 

                 Three thousand innocent people had been murdered on September eleventh. As horrific as it was, the numbers were almost negligible when compared to the history of modern warfare. Hitler had exterminated six million Jews. Pol Pot had systematically eliminated over a million Cambodians. The Chinese were massacring Tibetans on a daily basis. Genocide had wiped out a million in Rwanda. The U.S. invasion had killed a million Iraqis. . .even though Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction and Iraq considered Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda a sworn enemy.

                 To the military industrial power brokers and Wall Street's elite, three thousand casualties were nothing compared to Iraq's oil reserves and a trillion dollars in no-bid contracts and military expenditures. 

                 Seated in the backseat, Patrick recalls the moment the truth about September eleventh finally clicked in. It was the last day of his fourth and final deployment, the day he realized that the country he loved had been taken over by the corporate-elite, that he had killed innocent people to support their empires of greed, and that he was destined to burn in Hell for his actions, never to see his soul mate again.

                  Staring now at the burning bridges, Patrick registers the familiar copper taste of hatred in his mouth. It is a hatred that has blinded him for the better part of eleven years, an anger so deep that it smothers every ounce of love he has ever felt, destroying every decent memory, blocking every speck of Light. And in this sudden moment of clarity, another truth surfaces its ugly head. . .

                "They're going to incinerate Manhattan."

                 His fellow passengers turn to face him.

                 Paolo grips his wife's hand.  "Who's going to incinerate Manhattan?"

                  "The Feds. The Department of Defense. It'll happen soon, probably when the sun comes up. It might have happened hours ago, had they gotten hold of this vaccine."

                 "How do you know this?" Pankaj asks.

                 "Back at the VA hospital, I overheard Bertrand DeBorn threatening to spill the beans about anthrax and the attacks back in 2001."

                  "Kogelo's Secretary of Defense?"

                  "What does anthrax have to do with--"

                  "The anthrax originated from CIA-run labs. I'm guessing Scythe was designed in a similar lab."

                  "For what purpose?" Paolo asks.

                    "To invade Iran. Since we lack the manpower to take over another country, the Intel guys came up with a new plan. We unleash a biological like Scythe, gut the country's militia, then ride in with the vaccine and negotiate peace."

                  "I don't believe that," Francesca states emphatically. "I refuse to believe it. This is Manhattan, the Big Apple. No one's going to incinerate the most populated city in America."

                 "They don't care," Shep says, closing his eyes. "We're simply numbers on a ledger sheet, acceptable losses. They'll incinerate Manhattan, blame Scythe on a bunch of terrorists, and the next thing you know, it'll be World War III."

Here we go again

Nothing this guy does is of any use to us. What he advocates is what benefits him personally. He sold some of us a lemon last time, so let's send this shameless self-promoter on his way.

judgements miss the bigger issue.


What do you really know? Well, you haven't read his book. It was just released. You disregard his efforts to bring 9/11 truth to light to his mainstream audience; you neglect or maybe not know about his role in helping 9/11 truth leaders meet with one another in a monthly teleconference, where Richard Gage, Bob Bowman, Barbara Honneger, Manny Badillo, and others can share insights and plans for united and collective efforts.

It is easy to put down people who are trying to do something in different ways to bring the truth of 9/11 to light. People in our movement that focus on minute differences miss the concept of the greater significance of where we all agree.. such as for a new 9/11 investigation. We need all the avenues as possible to help achieve this goal. So, please withhold judgment until you walk in someone's shoes for a mile.. metaphorically, getting to know them for their perspective.. Otherwise we can fall into a trap of bantering one another with limited perceptions to accomplish our goal.

Steve Alten is one of our most talented writers for fiction today. The facts he interjects into his stories can help awaken many. I suggest staying open-minded and read his book. We need us all.. and this book drives the awareness of bio-weapon research and threat of a future crime of genocide by pharmas, the military industrial complex and greed.

The author outlines the comments from

an unnamed oil executive as an anonymous first hand souce who attended Cheney's energy meeting that rings true to me.

OK, point taken, but...

I welcome Steve Alten's efforts to inject 911Truth into our consciousness. I welcome notification of this publication on your blog. I applaud any efforts he is making behind the scenes to bring 911Truth people together for worthwhile group aims. If you want to spread this book around to all the people you know, I would say "great!".

I don't feel the same way about Mr Alten's suggestions for strategy, which, for some peculiar reason, always ask for sacrifices from others for things which benefit him personally. I wonder why this would be?

I'm entitled to draw my own conclusions. I don't have, or even want to have, any opinion about Mr Alten as a writer. But he should be careful. Can the impartial Truth really be served by a person who actually holds a personal type of motivation, which is never openly acknowledged? Personally I doubt it. Is there any evidence that this motivation may exist? Yes.

What do I really know? I know this sort of thing can vampirize us, suck our energy away, into pursuits that waste our time. I watched it happen last time with The Shell Game. I took careful note of the events that transpired at that time. Some people got right behind the author's suggestions. The impact of the book itself turned out to be small but perhaps worthwhile; the strategy pursued, however, I suspect, left some people feeling a little deflated. You know like how you feel when someone makes all kinds of demands on you which exhaust you, and then it turns out it was all for their ego?

When I said he sold us a lemon, I was referring to his suggestion last time, that 911Truth people purchase his book The Shell Game in such quantities that it would make the New York Times bestseller list. I was not referring to the book itself, but to his strategic suggestion. When I said "let's send him on his way", I meant "I feel we should not, as a movement, take up Mr Alten's suggestions". On the other hand if anybody wants to support the book, great. I could have made these things clearer.

At the time The Shell Game was published, Mr Alten had a guy named Bill Douglas spruiking shamelessly right here on this website for his book. He pretended to be impartial but he wasn't; his motivation was always to publicize Mr Alten's book. Did anyone ever figure out if he was getting a cut? Anyway, in his way and manner, many of Mr Douglas' posts seemed downright deceitful to me. I remember well what it was like reading those horrible posts. I felt like someone was trying to force the book down my throat sideways. Significant numbers of contributors to this website supported Mr Alten and had great hope that his book could lead to major 911Truth breakthroughs. A lot of energy was put into these hopes. These hopes proved unrealistic.

Now we see Mr Alten again making three "humble" requests, each of which basically involves other people going out and buying his book and spreading it around, just like last time. We again see Mr Alten waxing uninhibitedly about the "wonders" of his new creation, just like last time.

If Mr Alten's books are any good he certainly doesn't need to ask for this kind of help; it would be forthcoming anyway as the movement is always looking for worthwhile new things.

To those who are considering getting behind this "initiative" of Mr Alten's, in the hope that it will lead to direct 911truth breakthroughs, I would be inclined to say, "caveat emptor". Anyway, thanks for your reply to my comment, I pretty much agree quite strongly with the gist of your remarks, except in respect of the matters I have discussed above.

motivation and trust.. and accumulating impact.


thanks for explaining your feelings.. I understand your sense of the "hype" and the deflated feelings.. and appreciate your acknowledgment of what I think were the more significant developments from it.. I believe those positive elements came because the motivation of both Steve and Bill were pure, their pain, intense, and their efforts were immense.. in a kind of a do or die spirit.. But because of what I sense of their positive motivations.. way beyond the issue of money, selling books, but for all coming to terms with a much greater issue, all the while Steve has been diagnosed with a disease.. you can understand the difficulty in not letting our fears push us too hard..

"Below the Radar"

In our last teleconference, Steve mentioned the above a lot in understanding why the public was so stand-offish. He was not aware of the depth and functioning of such mind control where people refuse to look at 9/11 because they are afraid of what the consequences may mean. Fear holds them back from dealing with reality..

So as an experienced NY Times best-selling author.. this book, which Steve considers his best.. has learned what did not work in the Shell Game.. It was too direct. Now.. here we are again with trust and motivation.

I trust where Steve is coming from in wanting this book Grim Reaper: End of Days..
which is timed perfectly in a frustrated population before Halloween.. knowing something is foul.. and when they get absorbed in a story.. it is like taking a trip.. but in a conscious way Steve Alten wants to be successful and turn on the public to the experts in nonfiction independent research on 9/11.. I trust that.. and he has a chance to succeed.. and with the right intentions, no matter, it will only be positive and add to accumulating efforts to succeed in a possible international probe into the events and science of what really happened on 9/11/01.

For the record

I got his last book from the public library the place I borrow DVD's etc. The last time I subscribed to cable there were no commericals. However I think you have made some very valid points Allison.

The shell game was fantastic

I really enjoyed the page turner and I am looking forward to this book, it most likely will be the only "fiction" I read again for a couple of years. Those who have read the shell game will recall somewhere around page 278 the scientist tells our hero to google the names of the dead microbiologists to verify that the strange circumstances surrounding their deaths are true. A couple of days later after finishing the book my curiosity peaked and I googled the unknown names and to be honest I was scared by what I found. Not a subject to cover with too many folks but nonetheless a disturbing situation to say the least. With the economic model destined to fail based upon the current and projected population numbers it has my attention. I would suspect this book is very important.

Bob Bowman agrees..

On last teleconference, Bob Bowman mentioned that he really enjoyed The Shell Game, too.. and looking forward to the next one..

For myself.. I am also.. However, I felt the issue of peak oil in the Shell Game was misplaced.. I always call it 'controlled oil' ever since it came around for over a hundred years. Sure it will get more expensive.. but it is mostly due to control and suppression of alternatives. We may run out of oxygen before the end of this combustible fuel.

In the Grim Reaper: End of Days the story line is more around the dangers of bio-weapons, which I am much more concerned about.. His books have a way of taking you into the story with him, and the characters Alten creates. Let's hope Grim Reaper goes big.. and Alten's support for AE911 and David Ray Griffin has major impact. We need all the allies we have.

Disclosure.. Steve Alten is sending me the Grim Reaper T-shirt for Halloween. And although I think it is way cool.. (pics at ) that did not influence my supporting his books.