Why are the Military Industrial Complex & Fox News funding the Ground Zero Mosque?

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This is what I was hoping for. I'm absolutely stoked this was done. Danny, if you're reading this, thanks so much, and please do this again. Very, very important. Also, try to underscore that what we're dealing with here is the seed money. Fox News' Eric Bolling is allegedly 'following the money', because he claims to be 'emotionally invested' but the seed money is the money that kickstarted the whole operation. Fox News and Eric Bolling are clearly experiencing selective amnesia. Whatever funding came after the seed money could be set up as an 'Easter egg' specifically to be 'discovered' by Fox News or Eric Bolling, pointing to some controversial figure or organization in the Middle East. An extra bonus would be if such a figure or organization had expressed doubts about 9/11. Cue the Fox News disinfotainment charade in time for the ten-year-9/11 anniversary.

Fox News is up to something w.r.t. 9/11 in 2011. I know it. They're going to try to do something terrible to the 9/11 truth movement. Don't fall for Fox's flirtations with the 9/11 truth movement. Remember the Fable of the Fox and the Crow.

More info: http://911blogger.com/news/2010-09-10/untangling-bizarre-cia-links-ground-zero-mosque

I think you are right.............

.................but I will say that at least Fox puts 9/11 truth out into the public, one way or another.

I'm glad you think this is worthwhile, as I thought it was but have little knowledge of these connections to the Mosque.

I wish we could get more followup.