Olbermann wonders if FOX should Fire Judge Napolitano For Being A 9/11 Truther - 11/24/10

Olbermann knows the truth.

I wonder why he had the little notation "not really" with the photo. He's no dummy. He knows the truth. He's owned. Thank God for those like Olbermann for speaking out on other issues, but it''s so heartbreaking to have to tolerate his compliance with the network. He has been walking on thin ice lately, almost getting fired.

I sure wish all those that knew the truth would just all split, and form their own network. They all have enough money to collectively buy one. The fascist FCC might be a troublesome entity for them though.

Maybe we should write them all and suggest that. ????? Wouldn't that be great? Probably just a pipe dream though.

"Thank God for those like

"Thank God for those like Olbermann for speaking out on other issues...."

Isn't that like the old, "Other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"

Once again, we get the truth from a great libertarian, and then the mainstream media "liberals" - when they're shown courage and leadership - have the opportunity to follow, and instead they divert and digress like the murder-loving cowards they all are.

The libertarian site LewRockwell.com had a good post about this. Here are a couple of excerpts:

"....the attacks on Judge Andrew Napolitano speak volumes about the enforcer-commissar strain of the Left (which in my own experience is practically the whole Left, with a few anomalies here and there like Glenn Greenwald and my co-editor Murray Polner). [....]

Instead, without even acknowledging any of this — I mean, isn’t it at least slightly interesting that a rising star on the right holds these views? just slightly? [....] "This man must be crushed. No more Question Authority. The new motto is Shut Your ——- Mouth.”

Scratch a “progressive” and you find a neocon with sandals. The attacks on the Judge tell you all you need to know: they prefer the neocons to a consistent advocate of liberty. They attack the neocons now and again, to be sure, but not in the career-destroying mode they reserve for actual dissidents.


I hear you, and understand

I hear you, and understand your disgust, but the fact remains that Olbermann does expose much of the ugliness of power, especially the neo-cons' filthy tactics. None could fathom the level of corruption we know, if not fathoming that which comes close to the hideous tactics of those slime balls like Bush. He does do some good work.

I haven't looked at Lew Rockwell's site for awhile. I should revisit it. I've always like his exposes.

Couldn't hurt trying ;)

you provide mail-adresses - and lets see what happens ;)

An Uncompromised network!

I suggest we write them and tell them, we know their ability to report is compromised by the war profiteering networks that pay them. Quite frankly, I personally believe, and I think we must mention it, that they are faced to look themselves in the mirror each morning, and selling their soul for a paycheck, must hurt when they have to face themselves. Also, we should mention that we know they are intelligent enough to see quite clearly, if they do honest objective study, the official version, with Bush people "engineers" versus independent ones, well, there is no doubt who is more honest.

Another point worth mentioning is that FOX is the first network to open up this can of worms, and for God's sake, let's not let this network who is dishonest about most all else, be at the forefront of this. I am flabbergasted they, FOX, that is, touched on it, but for God's sake, if they ran with it, who knows how it will be twisted. Also, other journalists besides these, you all could think of some of them also. As many of us come to this site, if we were to write to them, it might have an impact. I don't think that our sole focus should be on 911 Truth, because, we need to show that we realize they are compromised on multiple issues, despite the fact that they are telling of many truths, untouched by other networks. Also, we need to make clear we are intelligent individuals, who are aware of many issues. Since the work of stigmatizing us has been working against us, this image we must shake, because if 911 Truth is ALL we care about (despite the fact we know it's the basis of the hell Bush unleashed upon the middle east, and here as well, dismantling our country in laws, integrity, and much more).

Yes collectively, a network without psy-ops would be a gift to the country.




Judge Napolitano

The only Fox News anchor I can find who has spoken out against Napolitano is Eric Bolling, who is the host of Strategy Room, and his show follows Freedom Watch on the Fox Business Channel.

"Judge is a very smart man & great friend.. on this, however, I know more than him, Geraldo, Alex Jones. I was one of a handful who had access to the site immediately after the terror attacks. I spent the next seven years there..feet from the burning rubble. I KNOW what happened. Radical Muslims killed my friends. NOT MY GOVT! Your B.S. is hurtful to those of us who lost loved ones & co-workers. Go elsewhere."
Eric Bolling

It is interesting to note that Andrew Napolitano is the regular substitute host on The Glenn Beck Program. What will Glenn Beck say about him now?

"And I have been warning about these people for years. I know you have been on it, too, that these 9/11 Truthers are truly disturbed people. And they are you'll see them next week at the Ron Paul libertarians and you saw them with the anarchists here. They are a "Destroy the government, scorched Earth" kind of people. And you know what, you can question anything you want in America. You can say, "Well, I don't know, there's a lot of unanswered questions." That's fine. But these people take it a step further to where the hatred and the vitriol is remarkable."
Glenn Beck

I think

to get something talked about in the MSM you need to get people arguing for and against it
its standard broadcast journalism
eg mike graham on talksport- got people like cynthia mckinney and dylan avery on air but dissed 9/11 truth (devils advocate in my opinion) and seemed to play a characature of a defender of the official story, but deliberately got 9/11 truth on air
the people on a side in the argument can be playing devil's advocate or playing the devil even , but the point is they are accidentally on purpose doing what the politicians wont do

politicians will talk about 9/11 for their purposes, but nearly never about 9/11 truth

go journo's , more of you can step it up

mutiny now, unite

Well, I sent them letters,

Well, I sent them letters, and I suggest using large font to let them be read easily, and more difficult to dismiss, NOT tossed into the heap. Thanks. Others?

Olbermann Chooses His Words Carefully

Olbernann said:

"OK. Napolitano is a truther. I don't have to agree with him. You don't have to disagree with him. But according to his employer's code of smear, they've got to fire him."

If said a certain way, one could assume "I don't have to agree with him" is equivalent to "I don't agree with him". But since Roger Ailes was the worst person target and not Napolitano, I would take Oblermann's words as carefully chosen and politically safe but not actually anti-truther. Nevertheless, I bet many will get the impression they are anti-truther.

Straws grasped for....but not

Straws grasped for....but not swiped.

Alex Jones and WeAreChange communicated with Olbermann (along with many other Viagra-popping freaks in the MSM) several YEARS ago. They chose their path - lies and murder.

Investigate 9/11 Keith!

MSNBC Staff Assaults Alex Jones & Free Speech

We know he's limited as to

We know he's limited as to what he can say, and he did not say, although he suggested he didn't agree with the Truth Movement, he did NOT say he disagreed with us. He is not allowed. I would bet that he has been told to speak against us. I've noticed the trend. The networks that are war profiteering, have been dropping jabs at us, to shame anyone from considering our points, and the glaring facts that show the absurdity of the government, with video documentation on our side has them shivering in their shorts.

i'm no oberman fan. . .

. . . and am not versed in his style. but that having been said...to me oberman's pseudo-rant has sarcasm dripping from it. he seems to be more attacking fox's ridiculous "code of smear" and mock-daring fox to "go ahead. put your outrage where your money is" and fire the popular napolitano, knowing that fox wouldn't dare, because it would cost fox money.

rarely an optimist, i nevertheless see this oberman clip as a positive development for 9/11 truth. that is, it's "truther" going mainstream with oberman casually saying about napolitano's being a "truther," that " i don't have to agree with him, you don't have to disagree with him." from this, it follows implicitly that 'we can still be friends because being a truther is not determinative of our relationship.'

another step up for the previously-scorned 9/11 truth in msm, in my view. hope we can keep it going!


This should not be misconstrued as Olbermann saying he thinks Napolitano should be fired. In effect, and to our great benefit, he is instigating a controversy at FOX, whether intentionally or not, that could lead to an explosion of discussion about 9/11 and Building 7. Napolitano and Glenn Beck are supposedly good friends. How are Beck and O'Reilly and Hannity and FOX going to respond to this? This could be very good. The discussion that has emerged out of the Geraldo interview thus far is huge, and it might only be the beginning.

Quite intentional, IMHO

he is instigating a controversy at FOX, whether intentionally or not

I would like to think that it is more than just his usual ragging on Fox just to see if he can get an apoplectic reaction out of the likes of O'Reilly et al, but we'll have to wait and see.

I liked the clip

Of course I would have preferred he said:

"9/11 WAS an inside job. Look at the evidence."

But that's just me.


Keith is the left's version of Beck...

...he is meant to seem anti-establishment enough to channel anger at government into support for the establishment (Beck channels that support to the R's and Olbermann channels it to the D's). They're both bitches for the state.

Any solution that involves the state is not a solution.

In fact, when the time comes, it will be admitted that there was a 9/11 cover-up but it will be used to transition to the total state. People will be so angry that they will be easily fooled by the show that is put on into believing the new guys are on their side.


Sure he knows

that 9/11 was an inside job. They all do. I did like what he said about marijuana. Most people don't know that it is the most medicinal substance found in nature. Pure THC can be extracted from the plant and used as medicine. It's called Hemp Oil. It will cure cancer and almost any other disease. If Hemp Oil were put on the market it would put Big Pharma plus most doctors out of business. Don't believe me? Google Rick Simpson and watch his video "Run from the Cure". http://www.phoenixtears.ca/

per usual, some attention is usually better than none

i was watching the show when it was brought up, and i was saddened that he did not extend at least the same courtesy to the building seven campaigners as did geraldo and fox news.

i do not watch fox news. i did watch the video clips of geraldo and the judge talking about their perspectives on the 9-11 truth movement, as well as a video clip of alex jones and the judge recently.

i do not consider olbermann to be, in any way, the glenn beck of the left, as one commenter here has claimed. olbermann takes real news and puts it through his liberal frame of reference.

beck is a liar and a fascist, from what i can tell.

what is most troubling with the Liberal Cable Network of MSNBC and Keith, Rachel and the others, is their almost exclusive focus on Democrats versus Republicans.

There is a progressive community which supports and is involved with the 9-11 truth movement, just as there is a conservative libertarian community involved in 9-11 truth as well.

But few if any leading progressive elites, nor Ron Paul, to be blunt, advocate for a new investigation of the events of 9-11.

The Left could ask Dennis Kucinich about 9-11 on MSNBC interviews, but they do not, though he is a frequent guest on their programs for many other issues.

I am currently having conversations with someone who leans towards the official version of 9-11, and upon watching some 30 minutes of a European documentary about 9-11, told me he learned many things he did not know. But he shows a deep reluctance to learn more, and remains profundly skeptical of the alternative explanations for 9-11.

While this person is a Democrat, a progressive or liberal in his views (critical of current wars, of the crackdown on civil liberties, the economy of the few over the many etc), he struggles with the idea that elements of the government were active in making happen the events of 9-11.

Upon recently being shown news clippings of FBI agents funding and promoting terrorism inside the USA as "counter terrorism informants," I hoped he might begin to understand the nature of false flag terrorism operations.

There is lots of evidence accumulating, including the recent TSA scandal with Chertoff, where it appears the war on terrorism is mainly about profit-making for the neocon war and disaster making complex, as Naomi Klein wrote about in her best selling (and poorly reported upon book) The Shock Doctrine.

But there is a huge cognitive hill to climb for many people, to truly question who is running this country and why, and how sick and evil some of these people are.

Many on the left question capitalism and the military industrial complex, but they are not comfortable with the concept of False Flag Terrorism and the Imperial Strategy of Tension, where Wars and Counter Terrorism Strategies are, at Root, One and the Same.

As John Kenneth Gailbraith has written, Reform begins with Changing People's Beliefs.

Creative Resistance, Intellectual Persistence, Never Losing Sight of the Importance of the Work, and a Commitment to Verbal as well as Strategic Nonviolence is essential.

Blessed are the Peacemakers......The Truth Shall Set You Free...