9/11 Family Group: Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera Are Right to Question Building 7 Collapse


NEW YORK CITY  — Today, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN), a group of family members of those killed in the 9/11 attacks, issued the following statement:

We who lost our loved ones on September 11, 2001 vigorously applaud Judge Andrew Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera for the courage they have shown in publicly questioning the official claim that the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 was due to fire.

In the week since Judge Napolitano aired his views on Building 7, many voices in the media have singled him out for attack while conveniently ignoring the sequence of events that led to his revelation and the overwhelming evidence that validates his concerns.

This past month, on TV screens across the New York Metropolitan Area, millions of viewers have been seeing footage of Building 7′s collapse for the first time ever.  This is because we took it upon ourselves to produce and appear in a TV ad to draw attention to the fact that more than 1,300 architects and engineers publicly join us in challenging the official explanation that Building 7 came down due to fire.  We were fortunate enough that Geraldo Rivera saw our ad and invited our representatives to appear on Geraldo At Large.  There they presented the irrefutable evidence that Building 7′s collapse could not have resulted from fire as the government claims.  Geraldo Rivera then appeared on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano to discuss our campaign and express his doubts about Building 7.  The following week, Judge Napolitano courageously voiced his own opinions on this matter.

However, you would not know anything about our position if you are getting your information from outlets like Media Matters and the Huffington Post.  On November 29, Media Matters published an article entitled, “9/11 Victim Families Criticize Judge Napolitano Comments,” in which four 9/11 family members were quoted as attacking Judge Napolitano, without a single mention of the more than one-hundred 9/11 family members from NYC CAN who share Napolitano’s skepticism.  One family member quoted in the article went as far as to say, “Anybody who talks about that is obviously not a family member and just trying to stir the pot and cause controversy.”

We who lost loved ones on that day cannot stand idly by as our honest search for the truth about their death is trampled upon.  We demand that Media Matters apologize for its unfair, irresponsible and injurious coverage of this deeply sensitive issue.  And we call upon other voices in the media to follow the lead of Geraldo Rivera and Judge Napolitano, who have so courageously begun to question our government’s scientifically bogus explanation for Building 7′s collapse.

For more information and to view the TV ad, go to: http://www.BuildingWhat.org.

Media Matters

Okay, let's go over to MM, all and give them the facts.

I usually post this, which immediately, upon the clip opening shows the reality of explosives...


They don't have much time to run from the facts, or attempt to rationalize themselves out of believing it. I sent it to the staff there.

Mockingbird Mockingbird

Sing me a song. If you think Media Matters then bring them along.

Media Mad Hatters

Media Schmatters

media distortionists

I got that article from a 9/11 list I am on.. and responded at the url of article after registering, but it was never posted. I complained to who sent me the email article.

I appreciate this post knowing that real thinking families of 9/11 victims are responding to such an insult of consciousness and basics of science, justice, for a civilized world. Hope remains.. but right now the illusionists seem to be in control.. and its manifestation is chaos and destroying most everything in life. Thanks to all making some noise during the catastrophes we are living through.

CNN weighs in..

SnowCrash pointed this article out in another thread.
TRENDING: Fox takes heat from left and right over analyst


its own blog entry - IMHO

How do you comment at CNN?

I can't find where you can login to post a comment. Just a Facebook recommend which I don't want to do.

A new low for Media Matters

I can't imagine the author was unaware of the scores of family members who question the official account of Building 7's "collapse". Nothing like a "media watchdog" engaging in yellow journalism of the vilest sort. I'm guessing they get their funding from some dubious source.

Sunstein's minions and other assorted dupes are polluting the comment section, with very few reasonable voices to be heard.

If they had any integrity at all they would at least publish the NYC CAN piece in response. I'm not holding my breath.

Good to see

people coming around to the truth about 9/11 and Building 7. The controlled demolition of Building 7 is so obvious a blind man could see it. I have always said that Building 7 was absolute proof that 9/11 was an inside job. Weather anyone will do anything about it remains to be seen.

Let's all write MM, please

Well, we can at least inundate them with reality. Maybe they will rethink and then come to our side. If they came to our side, it would be a great stride for us. We have to at least try, regarding Media Matters.

If they know they will be wearing egg on their face, it might persuade them. What a shame that pride is such a motivator, or deterrent to growth/awareness. That seems to be a well sculpted tool for the powers that be. Pride. It seldom accompanies integrity. We have integrity around here. I so marvel at the fine strength of character of the Truth Movement.

All, please write them.


So....these mock 9/11 Truth

So....these monsters mock 9/11 Truth (and Justice, as I like to say) for years, they go out of their way to ignore the innumerate family members who've called for 9/11 Truth (and Justice), they cherry-pick quotes, they disparage a highly-regarded man who exudes sincerity like Andrew Napolitano....

....And you think writing letters to them is going to magically make them honest.

That's like saying that reading the Ten Commandments to Jeffrey Dahmer would've made him stop being a serial killer. It's like saying that talking to Butch Cassidy about property rights would've stopped him from stealing. That's like saying writing letters to Coca Cola is going to convince them to stop selling soda.

Dude, grow up. These mainstream media "liberals" and "progressives" are murder-loving phonies cloaked in warm-hearted compassion. Their "rebelliousness" is as much of an act as gay actor Neil Patrick Harris's womanizing on TV is. The writer of that article absolutely knew about 9/11 Truth, because he quoted it and cited it extensively in the article! What more could they POSSIBLY due to expose themselves as willful liars? It's like these dudes you see trying to talk to reporter Jonathan Kay, whose been attending 9/11 Truth rallies for years, only to mock and undermine them in his newspaper. They all know that he's been doing this for years, but like trailer trash battered wives, these media-worshiping doofuses continue to go up to him, "Mr. Kay! Mr. Kay! Will you please give us your approval! We need the approval of the mainstream media!"

THOMAS WOODS: Scratch a “progressive” and you find a neocon with sandals. The attacks on the Judge tell you all you need to know: they prefer the neocons to a consistent advocate of liberty. They attack the neocons now and again, to be sure, but not in the career-destroying mode they reserve for actual dissidents.

Write them letters. Hilarious.

million dollar soros baby

"Media Matters, which claims to “monitor, analyze and correct” right wing “misinformation” in the US media, has regularly portrayed 9/11 truth as a right-wing extremist cause. "

haha like you could see hitler and the nazis joining the reichstag truth movement


Soros's baby. Exactly. It's

Soros's baby. Exactly.

It's like, what does the mainstream media have to do to get these people to wake up? It's like a woman who's screaming at you, "I think you're disgusting and I'm screwing your sworn enemy and bearing his child....Leave me alone!" And these guys are just like, "Well, maybe if I wear a different tie she'll start to like me!" No: she hates you and wants you gone. Stop wasting your time on these willful, wanton scumbags.

It's probably hard to swallow for some people who tend to lean toward the left, but, by and large, I believe that libertarian and right-leaning politicos have been more receptive. Don't get me wrong - this is about MURDER, not about political leanings. And there are people of all political stripes who've stood up for 9/11 Truth. And I believe that it's wrong for us to start fighting with each other because of our views on taxation or trade policy or education. Just the same as two homicide detectives must solve a murder even though they may have personal disagreements. But having said that, it's just completely surreal to me that people continue to believe that Keith Olbermann or Jon Steward or the NY Times or any other "progressive" is going to suddenly do a 180-degree turn when they've shown no strength, no courage, and actually a delight in supporting the government's account.

You don't see too many people with right-wing leanings going, "Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are going to support 9/11 Truth. We just gotta write them letters!" No: They're clearly lying scumbags who prostrate themselves in front of mass murderers for the sake of their careers. So right-leaning 9/11 Truthers don't waste their breath.

But, again, we're talking about murder and you can find great people of all stripes all over 9/11 Truth. (Again, like two homicide detectives with different political views.) But I just smack my head at this battered wife syndrome-type obsession with mainstream media "progressives".

I used to watch Bill O'Reilly on Fox

Obviously it wasn't to do with news - i just liked an angry man shouting at me in the morning as I had to get up at 3.30 am for my shift at heathrow.
most of the time being in the uk i didnt know much about the people he was dissing apart from one name that stands out- they seemed to me to be his arch enemies- the ACLU
that was at the 'trying different ties' stage of my first marriage (re cameron fan site- made me smile , memories....)
post divorce i was free to have blood relatives all over again and one of them hooked me with loose change 2nd Ed-
big shock!
then i got into 9/11 truth

Where is

"Jester" when you really need him?

P.S. Don't believe the (pysop) b.s. on the page I linked. Just to show you what a special op looks like on the internet.

(An encrypted file tends to look completely random, that's the big idea)

Contact Mediamatters at (202)

Contact Mediamatters at (202) 756-4100, and ask them why they have ignored the 9/11 family members seeking justice for what happened to their loved ones for all of these years, and ask them to release an apology to all of them for their attacks against those seeking justice.

I've been commenting...

...at mediamatters.org on some of their Napolitano stories, and it's actually quite fun and seems useful, since most of their other commenters (and, presumably, readers) are so ignorant about 9/11. I just try to stay on topic and behave civilly to those who treat me that way. I haven't commented really about family members, though.

Always be civil

Even when being insulted. Just ignore the insults and address the topic matter, If there is no topic matter, don't respond. Just leave the jerks there with egg on their face.

I have been posting there too and the pro-truth posters are very articulate.

The readers can easily see who has information and can present it, and who has only insults and denial.