9/11 Experiments: Eliminate the Impossible

Another great piece

really enjoyed it. I liked your putting in Tom Petty for a bit of humor along the way.
I was just a little confused about the term "nano thermAte" that you used at one point. Nobody has used this word as far as I know.

But as a whole, a very compact rapid fire story about why the OCT is, with 100% certainty, a fraud which, considering the stakes, can be nothing else than deliberate. Thanks for making this.

Good catch

That Nano thermAte was a typo with the intro slide but correct in the actual picture of one of the chips. After all my review...I still missed it. And it does sound like I actually said it too in one spot. I have been playing with thermate so much that I guess it's ingrained. My bad.

I agree.

Yet another amazing video presentation by Mr. Cole. As already mentioned, the information in videos like this really need to start appearing in courts of law sometime soon. The science, and the experiments proving the science, are as close to undebunkable as you can get.

Keep up the great work, Mr. Cole. And keep pressing for the truth. It will pay off one day. It has to.

Well done, Jon

I can see that a lot of time and effort went into this presentation. Thank you! I agree with Sandberg, above that it's "a very compact rapid fire story about why the OCT is, with 100% certainty, a fraud"
It's very well done. I've already passed it along to several others as well as cross posted on Facebook.

Four of the suspects were alive?

If this was an incontrovertible, provable, demonstrable, debunker-proof fact - not just a BBC report - the entire 9/11 charade would collapse on this alone. BBC is not exactly reliable - as they announced the collapse of WTC7 before it happened.

Jon - May I politely and respectfully suggest that you stick with what you do best --- demonstrate Newton's incontrovertible laws. Unsubstantiable claims undermine your otherwise stellar work.

Mainstream "experts"

Actually, it wasn't my claim. The mainstream was wrong in just about everything they reported, hence the quotes. My aim was to demonstrate to the average person all the convoluted and contrary information they recieved over the years by the "experts".

With all due respect...

... I don't see this as a flaw in Jon's presentation. This news item was provided by the BBC, and I have never heard anything about them retracting it. Unless I missed it...

Ultimately, I find the presentation to be a very good summary of the case against the official conspiracy theory and entertaining. Nice work again Jon!

BBC's coverage of the issue:

Original: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/1559151.stm

Editor's Note: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2006/10/911_conspiracy_theory_1.html

Another fantastic video Jon!!! I wish we could get this to a court of law sometime soon :) Take care/Thanks.

I stand corrected...

Thanks for the update, Orangutan...

GJ Investigation of NIST

Brilliant! I'm mixing a drink to celebrate this one! Great narration and presentation, Jon.

We really must move beyond merely "waking up" people to actually forcing legal action in 2011. How the Manhattan D.A. can NOT act on this air tight indictment of NIST is beyond me. The next wave of TV ads needs to explicitly call for the Ctiy Council and DA to take action.... IN THE AD itself.

And let's make good on the Grand Jury Investigation of NIST/Sunder.

This is a good dissemination piece

Thanks Jon ! I like the approach.

Dear Official Story

Something's changed.

I'm not the same person that you met all those years ago. I know you can feel this. I think it's best for us to have some time apart, you know…. take a breather, figure out who we are.

Please don't call me or text. I need to recoup.



Nice one

see my "accentuate the positive below"

B-b-b-b-b-b-but Jon !

You thinkins wrong someweres ... or your just plane nutzo!

Nobody can no stuff like Newtown physicals and thermastats and chemocals cept you eggheads, so why wood we believe you rather than are own govt scientists who all think your nutzo anyhow?

If it was true, news woulda ben all on it!

Geezus you eggheads and twoofers aint got no cents! All 10 of yous! Your worser than them mars hoax people (:

All yours doin is disgracin the victims with that bs. My brothers a cop and they TOLD him at work the A-Rabs did 9/11. Dont you think they wooda told him if Bush planted the bombs - duh? For an egghead you reely are dum. D-U-M ... dum!

'Jet fuel aint hot enuff to dont melt steal' ... huh? How wood you like me to poor some on you and light it and see if it dont get hot! I reckon that it prove it !

And my cussins in the army and he sad hes gonna kick your but cuz alls yours reely doin is just aiding and betting on the emeny!

Read the Constipation! You aint got no right to be batmouthing the USA!

Sides Americas got Talents on and who cares bout this stuff anyhow? Get a life! No wonder aint nobody likes you!

< Nanoo-termites ... geez, now them twoofers think bugs from Ork blue up the towers ... >


Very funny summary of the de-bunkers rhetoric, gallenk -

And another excellent video, Jon! Keep up the good work!
(Suggest including Norman Mineta as one of the principal whistleblowers.)


the rocket projectiles, the disappearance of the spire and the swiss cheese remnants of steel beams make me speculate if the hollow steel sections of the columns were just stuffed full of lots of nanothermite in dust form

especially the disintegration of the spire after it finally starts falling

i understand that lasers on alleged search and rescue bots at ground zero may have been used to finish off unexploded ordinance after the collapses- could it be that the spire containing nanothermite in its hollow steel sections was lasered in multiple places + from a distance to activate the nanothermite that hadnt gone off till that point?

just speculations- i hope not too far-fetched

Aha! I see what you did there...


mort de rire

rire de mort !

Is this video out of focus on your computer?

It is on mine. All other videos on my computer are fine.

accentuate the positive

accentuate the +ve = good research
eliminate the -ve = OCT
don't mess with mister in-between= poor research!!

and happy chinese new year!!

A laser beam like the one I put on my web site ?

Herblay FRANCE

for years I have been thinking that a laser beam at a set frequency scanning downing the towers could be a way to trigger off the nanothermate. Helping to reduce the number of wire connections.

A laser beam like the one I put on my web site

I can imagine though that it could be very risky in the timing ?




as part of the demolitions but just to clear up left overs so perhaps they might have had one on standby just in case

its just the way the spire is- it stands then it starts falling , then it seems to almost evaporate

i don't know if its camera angle, the dust cloud obscuring it or what

it doesn't bend - it maintains its straight form then puff! its gone

zarrebi nest pas mon pot ?

i saw the pic- thx

the speculation about that's how the cement was turned to dust - na, i think that was explosives, but still i think its possible there was cleanup of the spire by laser if the footage is reliable

poss was in WTC7 and got destroyed + evidence swiftly removed in cleanup

though remembering that barry jennings was in 7 around the time of the spire and witnssed noone other than himself and his colleague, perhaps the laser would have been operated remotely but positioned in 7

Testing 1 2 3 Hello? Anybody home?

Is this video out of focus on your computer? It is on mine.

All other videos are in focus - so I surmise that it is not my computer.

I cannot understand why no one has commented on this..

I cannot understand why no one has responded to this same question which I asked on this thread a few days ago.

Everyone seems to think that this is a fabulous video - but no one (except me) seems to care that it is out of focus.

i found the vid really good

and didn't notice that it was fuzzy

it is a bit fuzzy

ive had similar results when copying video when ive taken a segment from a youtube video off of someone else and cobbled it together with stuff i was doing

like a copy of a copy on a photocopier the blurring or fuzziness starts

not sure why there is a bit of fuzziness on the vid by john but didnt notice it really till you pointed it out