500,000 Views for New 9/11 Mini-Documentary on Building 7 in 4 Weeks

By World911Truth.org | September 15, 2011.

In less than one month, this important video narrated by American actor Ed Asner, and produced by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth.org), got over 500,000 views on YouTube. This group of over 1,500 professionals are calling for a real scientific investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. 

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We invite you to share this important video on Facebook, Twitter and other social forums so more people can watch it. Let's go viral with this 15-minute documentary and it will hit 1 million viewers soon.

If you are an architect or an engineer and feel like we need a new investigation into Building 7's collapse, please sign their petition. If you know an architect or an engineer, send them this video.

If you support a new Building 7 investigation, join the Remember Building 7 campaign led by 9/11 family members, first responders and survivors and backed by AE911Truth.

Newspaper of University of Texas at Arlington has this embedded

The student newspaper (The Shorthorn) at the University of Texas at Arlington has this Ed Asner video embedded in their recent article about 9/11.

UTA is host to a large, recognized School of Architecture. http://www.uta.edu/architecture/
This 15 minute Ed Asner video should raise eyebrows to any faculty who have critical thinking skills.
Our North Texans for 9/11 Truth group has mailed the AE911Truth postcards ( http://www.ae911truth.net/store/product_info.php?products_id=133 ) to many of the faculty at UTA. The postcards also carry a short note referring to the article video.


I had the honor of spending

I had the honor of spending the tenth anniversary of 911 with Ed Asner (at least we were in the same room) and hearing him speak. I've lived in LA my whole life & have never before actually seen a Hollywood celebrity until that night. It pays to come in a little late because Asner was later too & he & his wife? sat right behind me.Better yet Judd Nelson & his wife (also late) set right next to me (until the panel discussion). It was freaky actually.

Question about new vid on WTC 7.

Apropos WTC 7, a University colleague today asked me about this "new" video:


Shows/alleges flashes on the side of WTC 7 just before it falls. Personally, at this time I think these flash-effects are faked, but would appreciate comments from the community on this video.

OTOH-- the video with Ed Asner is very good.
I would like to see folks emphasize NIST's concession to us that indeed WTC 7 fell at FREE-FALL ACCELERATION for over 100 feet; a technical point perhaps, but a very important one.

Sure looks to be..

If you stop the video at the 0:16 mark, there is a flying saucer going over top. Someone's idea of a bad joke?

peace all


On the new WTC 7 video

It looks like it is part of the east penthouse during its collapse that you are still seeing and the view is cropped. It isn't a flying saucer.

A strange thing about this video is that the images are mirrored. To get that effect someone would have to reverse the frames and it could not have just been found on an old digital camera like that, as claimed at the beginning of the video.

It is very likely a fake.

There's also no time between

the collapse of the mechanical penthouse and the rest of the penthouse, while in reality there was about 6 seconds between them.

The sounds are probably dubbed in (it sounds pretty real I must admit), plus the movie stops right after it begins to drop.

In other words, forget about it.

Stop beating around the bush


C'mon folks!

And yes, the flying saucer at 15-17 seconds is just above the roofline.

This was called a hoax within an hour of it being posted. I called it within seconds of seeing it.

So obvious.

Smoke would obscure this view, obviously, if it were real - And you would see the Penthouse much differently.

Fortunately many of us are sure: