Police State Crackdown, 2nd Raid on Occupy Oakland

Abby Martin of Media Roots went to Occupy Oakland at 4:00 am to cover the second police raid and crackdown against the peaceful protesters at Frank Ogawa Plaza.

The footage shows the intensity in the air leading up to the raid and the insane amount of police presence that showed up to destroy the encampment.

Mayor Jean Quan's legal adviser resigned at 2 am in protest to the heavy police response.


Thanks again Abby


The world is watching you Americans to give us hope for future !

Herblay FRANCE

the world is watching all this by the internet. Thanks to all that are putting this up the videos, photos and information on this subject.. In France we are looking at what you are doing "Occupy Wall Street" for our own hopes and future :

see http://911blogger.com/news/2011-11-05/occupy-la-d-fense-french-equivalent-occupy-wall-street-4th-nov-2011

We cannot continue like in the past. We have to have to change our society for the best !

The human, the citoyen should be the center of life not money and more money ! Not the world company !




I love these Occupy Oakland

I love these Occupy Oakland videos you are producing. Thanks for keeping the world updated.

We are winning

Hat tip to YT.


To the ones who created this!