Zero: 9/11 - a review.

If Matt Taibbi had even one percent of Gore Vidal's intellectual grasp of American history, perhaps then it would make reading his presumed 'leftist' opinion about 9/11 a little easier to stomach. (I presume that Taibbi pitches from the left, because his screed is published at and Fortunately, we don't need him. Gore Vidal is still among us, and it is his image and voice in the new Italian documentary 'Zero: an investigation into 9/11', that expresses a critical perspective of 9/11 that will ring true to the ears of those who will hear, and will help to free the prisoners currently living out the Allegory of the Cave, mesmerized by shadows of terror, cast upon the wall by the likes of yellow journalists like Taibbi.

Vidal was an early critic of the official story of 9/11, and has maintained a firm distance from Neoconservative interpretations of 9/11, instead turning to the analyses provided by Stan Goff (and Barrie Zwicker) in 2001, Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed in 2002, and David Ray Griffin in 2005. He has maintained varying distances between himself and the broader 9/11 Truth community, but through it all, Vidal has never believed the version of events of 9/11 as portrayed by NORAD.

In short, Vidal charges the investigations into 9/11 so far as failures, letting the Air Force off the hook, and regards the lack of intercept of even one hijacked airliner as suggestive of a stand-down order rather than a protocol failure. There is further discussion in the film about intercept protocols that were changed in the summer prior to 9/11, and this discussion is led by Robin Hordon, who speaks from his experience as a former Air Traffic Controller.

Hordon also talks about the highly protected airspace around Washington, DC, and his points are amplified by John Judge, a longtime researcher of events like the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, and MalcolmX. Judge is also known for his work with former Congressional Rep. Cynthia McKinney, which resulted in a 9/11 Congressional Briefing in 2005. (You can see Judge's current activites at the Coalition On Political Assassinations {COPA} website.)

Zero spends about 20 minutes on Pentagon anomalies, with observations from Russ Wittenberg, Barbara Honegger, and Albert Stubblebine. (Here, I wince, because I have seen Stubblebine's performance in Jon Ronson's film, "The Men Who Stare at Goats", and I still shudder with incredulity as I visualize Stubblebine failing to dematerialize and walk through a wall.) This part of the film also features commentary from Italian Nobel Prize-winning Playwright, Dario Fo. Fo also shares his opinion about the destruction of the WTC, at the beginning of the film.

The first segment of Zero deals with the theory of the controlled demolition of the three WTC buildings. We see some familiar faces here; Steven Jones talks about his research into the examination of Ground Zero dust samples; Kevin Ryan speaks of his experience as a whistleblower and his observations on the NIST reports (and the experiments that bolster the reports). Jeanette McKinley makes a brief appearance in the film, relating her unique position for gathering dust samples, and once again, William Rodriguez speaks of an explosion that preceded the aircraft collisions on 9/11.

There are multiple Italian speakers in the film, including former NYFD member Louie Cacchioli, who was on the job on 9/11, and a new Italian voice offering his informed opinion on the state of the WTC steel, Italian metallurgist, Paolo Marini. His observations tend to not support the natural collapse scenario.

Most of the information presented in the controlled demolition (CD) section of the film is common knowledge for people who have seen a few 9/11 documentaries, fortunately, the film does not entertain a variety of completely unsupportable theories, but restricts itself to the only evidence-based inquiry out there, the CD scenario that involves thermate-related incendiaries.

Zero is a valuable film for Europeans to see, as it relies on a healthy dose of originally compiled interview material, with some of the foremost 9/11 researchers out there. To see people talking about 9/11 in your native tongue has got be a positive thing, and convincing for non-Italian Europeans unfamiliar with 9/11 skepticism or Loose Change. Following the release of the German Unter Falscher Flagge earlier this year, it's clear that skepticism of the official 9/11 narrative is only growing across the pond, and for the architects of global domination, this can only mean bad news.

Aside from purely physical anomalies, the film also examines the historical roots of "al Qaeda", with presentations from Nafeez Ahmed, Juergen Elsaesser, Michael Springmann, Ralph Schoenman, and Daniel Hopsicker.

What Ahmed and Elsaesser make clear is that the Arab Afghans, (or 'Arab Foreign Legion' that was created in Afghanistan to fight a proxy war against the Soviets), were propped up throughout the 1990s to fight little proxy battles in the Balkans, by the U.S. -- The ties to the mujahideen were never severed. There is also a drug trafficking subtext that the film doesn't really get into, but it's documented in the written and online works of Michel Chossudovsky, among others. This makes it very difficult for someone who is aware of these problematic links to the Islamic patsies, if you will, to get behind the Clinton machine. The Bush regime did not pursue the Clinton administration for supporting an Islamic terror network, and if there is a new Clinton administration, it's highly unlikely that they would pursue Bush II for its litany of lies and war crimes. It's a power hand-off with unwritten quid pro quo agreements obvious to any who care to look. Bush II investigated for 9/11 complicity by the Clintons? Not bloody likely.

Among the other interviewees in the film are Colleen Rowley, and Sibel Edmonds, and a complete list of the interviewees is here.

Zero is an eclectic film, but perhaps it is richer for its variety of viewpoints, some 9/11 Truthers will be dismayed by the opening focus on CD theory, some will be disappointed by the examination of physical anomalies at the Pentagon, some will be discouraged by the inclusion of an examination of the historical roots of "al Qaeda", but for Europeans seeing this information for the first time, they will have to take on this information and research it accordingly, should they see fit to do so. Will Zero have the impact in Europe that Loose Change had in the U.S.?

One of the driving forces behind Zero is current EU Parliamentarian, Giulietto Chiesa. In Zero, Chiesa reveals a briefing for EU politicians from 2005 that was produced by Washington thinktank, CSIS. The presentation was based on a fictional incident of nuclear terrorism in Brussels. Following the fictionalized incident, the EU audience that was invited to the event was presented with a digitized version of Osama Bin Laden claiming responsibility for the attack.

Chiesa relates that the parliamentarians present at the briefing were dumbstruck. The authenticity of the "confession" video was stunning. It led to one un-named politician to stand up and question the veracity of all of the OBL videotapes that have been presented to the public since 9/11. Chiesa says that CSIS would not allow the makers of Zero to use their digitized OBL in the film.

I wonder why?

Overall, I think that Zero will help to raise the consciousness of any European who watches it, to the very real possibility of False Flag terrorism, and also to the true history of "al Qaeda". For Americans, and others outside of Europe, the film is worth having simply to see Gore Vidal putting his true skepticism of 9/11 on the record in a film format. When this bellwether of the Left speaks, others should take note, because the vicious sputtering from the keyboard of Matt Taibbi is so far from where the center of Left should be, that it is troubling, and suspicious, but definitely not reasoned.

Here are some other screen caps from Zero. (It's possible that some of this content may look a little different when the final DVD is shipped, as I used a screener copy for this review.)

Dang! Oil was $24 a barrel when the Iraq War started...

The high so far today has been $132.08

ZERO addressed the primary reason for staging a false flag op, did it not?

Show "So it's basically..." by Jon Gold

I for one couldn't be

I for one couldn't be happier that it starts with the CD theory.

Show "Good." by Jon Gold

Uh, actually I was using the

Uh, actually I was using the word 'theory' loosely there. In the mind of myself and millions of others including the 380+ architectural & engineering professionals at, the CD of the towers is fact. As Richard Gage himself said on this issue: "The time for debate is over."

And I'm not voting down your comments. :)

Show "Ok..." by Jon Gold

I agree Jon!

I am sick of all the speculation and conjecture, I want some answers. I want to see televised congressional hearings. I am inclined to believe it was CD but there are far stronger and obvious pieces that are provable beyond a shadow of a doubt, i.e. Able Danger, ISI and Atta, Wargames, the Mineta testimony ( where is that young man?), sibel edmonds, etc. I'm with you Jon. And on another note why the hell do comments get hidden when they are voted down. That just seems so counter to what this movement, in particular this website is all about... truth. It's not about covering stuff up. Who cares if people disagree don't hide the comment. It just seems so stupid to me.

Time's UP

Japan's MP, Fujita says we have enough evidence not it's time to hit the streets.

Japan now knows they are violation of their own Article 9, that forbids Japan to engage in belligerent actions or to aid countries that are. If Fujita convinces parliament that they are in violation, they will be bound to cease fueling American ships to pursue the War on Terror. They will also ask for an investigation into the Japanese nationals who died on 9/11.

So fill up your gas tank and drive to DC.!


not logical

>>Well if 380,000 architects and engineers thought it was CD

That doesn't make a lot of sense.

Did 380,000 architects and engineers "prove" it wasn't CD? If not, the official version, as we all know, is just a theory. That's blind faith of NIST and FEMA . . . they don't have to prove and can hide all their calculations, but anyone who questions them is held to completely different standard??

Sorry Victronix...

But I'm going to ignore your incessant attacks on those who even dare to question the idea of CD. I don't like to be forced into believing anything. Sorry.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?


so, on the one hand, we have a bunch of physical impossibilities plus the surrounding coverup.
Which has woken up thousands and thousands of people, including some very credible scientists who jumped on board due to this. Jon Gold calls this 'speculation'.
On the other hand, we have dubious stories about 'foreknowledge of an al-quaida attack' and stuff like the 'graham report' , which all support the 'hijackings', which are incompatible with the much stronger and much more direct evidence and physical impossibilities which are happening right in front of our eyes (that Jon tells us to not believe in). We have absolutely no 'proof' for these dubious hijacker stories, and they keep the major 911 myth alive. Jon Gold calls this 'i want some fucking answers'. I call this 'pretty fucking strange'

Did I tell you...

Not to believe in something? Nope, I don't think I did. I love when people put words in my mouth.

Scientists like Judy Wood, Jim Fetzer, et al? Yeah, they've been a fantastic addition.

"Dubious stories about foreknowledge"... you must not remember the countless statements we heard from people saying that they had no idea... that the Government couldn't have possibly conceived of what happened... that we were completely taken by surprise. Gee, when I find information that shows they were lying through their teeth, I dunno, call me crazy, but I think that information then becomes IMPORTANT. And imagine what someone could do to insure the success of an "attack", if they know when, where, and how it's going to happen.

"No proof" for these hijacker stories. Sorry but proof does exist. Maybe you don't think it's legitimate, or maybe you think it's faked, or maybe you think the hijackers were actors, but information about "hijackers" DOES exist. I can't help it if something is right in front of your eyes, and you can't see it.

Anything else you'd like to claim I said that I didn't? By the way, feel free to vote this comment down as well. I think it's funny.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Who are the hate trolls that are voting you down?

I thought I heard that some of them were banned from the site.

I think you are right re hijackers and there being aspects of the official CT that are correct, because they wrote the goddam Act!! Currently reading Hopsicker's Terrorland book, and while it is not great prose, it is wild reportage of a huge aspect of the 911 cover-up. Recently saw something that discussed that he was involved in the drug running side and that explains why he was an available patsy.

Later time for this site.


Jon - Where does your doubt about controlled demolition lie?

While I completely agree with you that 9/11 truth is far more than the controlled demolition of three buildings, I'm curious as to why you are hesitant to conclude that the Towers and WTC 7 were, in fact, brought down by some form of controlled demolition.

Are you simply uncomfortable with the technical aspects of CD (not a "science person")?

We still need investigations to determine who did it and exactly how it was done, as well as on everything else having to do with 9/1101 (leading up to, the day itself and afterwards).

Frankly, aside from the ongoing forensics that Dr. Jones and others are doing, I'm quite bored with controlled demolition and far more interested in tracing the social and financial networks to get at the more distant perpetrators and their masters. Controlled demolition, especially that of WTC 7, is a great tool to make many people aware of the severe problems with the government's myth of 9/11 and I will continue to use it in my activist work.

At this point I'm also more interested in championing the needs of those affected by the dust* who have been abandoned by the government, which I find incomprehensible and shameful. These folks need our help right now. At the West Coast Convergence we just had I met a guy who did a benefit for the Fealgood Foundation and I'm planning on working with him to do more benefits, something I'd like to talk to you about soon, actually.

(*dust created by controlled demolitions, I might add)

In my activist work I have found many people who are left cold by the controlled demolition argument, but who are drawn in by many other anomalies and unanswered questions regarding the events of 9/11/01, so I always ask people what questions they have and take it from there. This has worked quite well for me.

I also understand your frustration with people who think that CD is the end all, be all of the 9/11 truth movement and am frequently trying to get fellow activists to broaden their understanding and approach toward the events of 9/11/01.

We always need to stick to physics, facts and logic, and always avoid speculation when working with the public.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

The trailer looks excellent

Thanks for sharing this, I'm looking forward to watching it. :-)

The first fourteen minutes

The first fourteen minutes are excellent!!!

Could someone please explain to me their rationale for not putting the entire thing on Google for free? I know they have a reason but I can't quite remember what their explanation is, and can't find it on their site.

This does look like it might be by far the best 9/11 truth doco yet.

URL missing

It might be useful to add this somewhere in the opening paragraph:

It's already hyperlinked.

'Zero: An Investigation into 9/11' is hyperlinked to that URL.

Free fall speed is an

Free fall speed is an answer. Molten metal at the site is an answer. Unreacted thermate in the dust is an answer. This is past any question.

Show "wasn't free-fall" by Tiguhs OndaBayou

with the amount of heat that

with the amount of heat that was being put out by the melted metal and the amounts found compared to the damage done, and added also the amount of time it remained hotter then what could have been produced in the first place by the jet fuel fires then it becomes obvious even to the untrained eye that something melted more metal.....

add that wtc 7 also had these melted deposits and its end game for the "are you sure its not the melted plane parts......"

if you want to create a little scientific experiment in your own back yard.... pile some bricks up and then push them over. once they have finished moving remove them from the pile.
now get out a magnifying glass and see if their is molten steel mixed with the dirt.

sorry for being logical.... its all i have left.

It looks very sharp, but

It looks very sharp, but also like this is another one that pairs the "no Boeing" claims with demolitions and other strong evidence -- does it? That's often a fault of many of the more slick films, to treat all evidence the same. I tried to send it an email and it bounced back.

John Gold

I think I might be confused. Are you saying that you do not believe the towers and wtc 7 were brought down by CD?

that's what i'm saying (not sure about wtc-7).

I abandoned this "movement" b/c it claims to KNOW the truth, not out to seek it. 9/11 as an activist issue is not the "Controlled Demolition Movement"

What? you abandoned this

What? you abandoned this "movement"? I didn't know there was a sign up sheet. I assumed it was simply a mass of people who have looked at the overall official explanation of 911 and have concluded that is a big lie, cover up, and very likely, complicity. Basically, anyone with half a brain and not afraid of looking at reality square in the face is part of the "movement." Certainly there are those who are more active in spreading the facts and those less active. The facts of 9/11 include everything from Controlled Demolition to FBI Whistle Blowers to the Air Force Stand Down to Insider Trading and everything in between. Controlled Demolition is simply one parcel of evidence in a criminal prosecution; there are dozens of other parcels of evidence. My question to John Gold was about my confusion about his take on the collapse of the WTC Towers and WTC 7, about whether or not he thought Controlled Demolition was undeniable - which it is, unless you have some new information which can discredit physical evidence of Controlled Demolition. If you do, you need to send that info to everyone, including Professor Steven Jones. If not, then what is your point?

Show "pfffffffft" by Tiguhs OndaBayou

My man, I know a horse's ass

My man, I know a horse's ass when it's in my face. If I was going to send this horse to jail for sticking his ass in my face I certainly would go through the courts and prosecute and prove my case. But just because I haven't dragged this horse's ass to court yet doesn't mean I cannot recognize the reality of the horse's ass in my face. So when I see WTC 7 come down in perfect Controlled Demolition fashion, I am not a friggin idiot, it's a Controlled Demolition. The challenge for all of us at this stage is not proving our facts, they've been proved. We need to get into court so we can illustrate our facts and prosecute.

Perhaps you are simply concerned with framing discussions about CD for sheeple. If that is true, I agree with you. You never come across with absolute confirmation of CD, a sheeple needs to discover that on his/her own. But there aren't many sheeple these days on 911Blogger so I speak freely and openly.

If you are still out of touch on CD I highly advice you to visit ae911truth and watch their presentation of the facts for CD. If you still have doubts after that I don't know what you are doing here on 911 Blogger. Go back to watching Dancing with the Stars and good luck with the rest of your life, it sounds like you're gonna need it.

Tiguhs confusion

Looks like there is a problem separating 2 things:
The "truth" as in, what exactly happend, who exactly did what, etc.. do i know that? sure not, no.
I hardly know anyone who claims that, and the guys from dont to that either afaik.
But, do i know that 3 buildings cannot crush trough themselves as they did due to jet fuel? Yes, with 100% certainty. As certain as i do know that the cup that im holding in my left hand won't crush trough my table here and pulverize everything on the way , if i let it fall . So yes, according to my definition of 'certainity' , thats a 100% match.
Have you seen an explanation for the collapse that works for you, and that does not require massive amnounts of "added energy", be it explosions of any sort, thermite, laser beams, bigfoot or godzilla? i haven't. Potato chips maybe?


I think I might be confused. Are you implying that if I don't "believe the towers and wtc 7 were brought down by CD" then I'm not a legitimate member of the 9/11 Truth Movement? Sorry, but the idea of Controlled Demolition does NOT define the 9/11 Truth Movement. It is NOT the only issue pertaining to the 9/11 attacks. It IS a legitimate issue, but it is NOT the only one. I am sick to death of people who want to force others to believe what they do, and if they refuse to, then they are considered "shills", or "disinfo". dz, the founder of this site, explained rather well why this mindset does nothing but hurt the movement.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Show "completely agree" by Tiguhs OndaBayou


you got it wrong, Truthers are very intolerant of opposing views (esp. CD theory). The fact that the admins of this site allow majority tyranny via censorship is a testament to what is wrong with the movement.

Who actually supports this form of censorship??????????????

I don't know who you are talking about,

who are all these "intolerant" "Truthers"?

I welcome opposing views that are based on physics, facts and logic. No one I work with has stopped asking questions and wanting answers that make sense.

I take it you still support new investigations into the events of 9/11/01, yes?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks for the review, Reprehensor.

It's so important to support the efforts of others worldwide.

I'm so glad they realize how important 9/11 is in Italy!

...don't believe them!

Yes, thanks, Rep....and John Gold...

Rep, one man's "edit" is another man's "censorship". Nothing wrong with running a tight ship, and making the pirates walk the plank if need be.

...and Jon Gold,
Many thanks for continually asking the hard questions...and not settling for easy answers.
CD, true or not, is the tip of the iceberg. What I want to know, is WHO?WHAT?WHERE?WHEN?HOW?
BTW, I like your new tag line: "Why isn't Dick Cheney in jail?" I've been wondering about that since, say, 2002.

Also, thanks for the reminder LeftWright
"The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward."

Indeed. Love is the key that will unlock every mystery.

I have a friend who jokingly calls me "Crazy" for my 911Truth opinions. So far, he won't even READ the info on any of these 911Truth sites, and he is an engineer. I think he is afraid of what he might learn, afraid that it will tear down everything he believes in. But I keep planting seeds...sending him the occasional URL ...just in case he gets the courage to consider....and something takes root. I always let him know that I can vehemently disagree with him, while respecting him as a(n uninformed) person. I don't want to change his mind, I want HIM to change his mind. I want the evidence and the uncertainty of official explanations to spark his curiosity and awaken his outrage. But it can't be forced.

We're all in this together, whether we agree or not.

Speak Truth to Power, and don't forget to love.

..speaking of 911 and love...a poem prayer by Mark Susnow

Prayer for the World

Shortly after 911, I wrote this poem in remembrance of this tragic day. More than ever I realized that we are all in it together. Today is the 7th anniversary of that tragic moment. Let us take time to say a prayer for the world.


Find your vision
-Be your dream
--Live your life
---Know who you are

Find the light
-Be the beacon
--Light the way
---For others to see

Say the word
-That speaks to all of us

Know we will be healed
-We who are visionaries
--Visionaries of the dawn

Show the way
-Be who you are
--Now is the time
---Don't wait any longer

We know who you are
-Your time is at hand
--Take a stand
---Take a stand at this moment in time

Join with me
-we are one
--One family
---Dreaming... hoping for a better world.

A world
-in which we see each other
--as friend rather than foe.

As brothers and sisters
-rather than our separateness
--A world in which our differences
---inspire us to look deeper.

A world in which we know
-that what we all want is to love and to be loved.

A world in which we all say yes.
-Yes to the moment.
--Yes to the spirit in all of us
---waiting to be expressed.

So join with me
-Let us see the love in each other
--The love that is all around us in each moment.

Let us say yes to love.


Mark Susnow (c)2001