Prison Planet : Fringe Theories Harming 9/11 Truth Movement

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Fringe Theories Harming 9/11 Truth Movement

Five Years Later Part 1: The obstacles we have overcome, the dangers we face

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | September 5 2006

The 9/11 truth movement is characterized by an increasingly credible veneer - largely thanks to the 9/11 scholars. As media attention builds to a deafening crescendo in anticipation of the fifth anniversary of the attacks, it is necessary to step back and distance ourselves from the more outlandish 9/11 theories and offset their damaging effects.

Over the course of the next week we will continue to take a critical and discerning look at the 9/11 truth movement, celebrating both its obvious measured progress while also highlighting areas of concern that need to be resolved before the next rung on the ladder to bringing criminal charges against the guilty parties can be climbed.

Our sole purpose in this piece is to weed out and discredit an element of 9/11 embraced by 'conspiracy theorists' as oppose to 'skeptics' of the official story. We will treat conspiracy theories that are as implausible or more so than the government version, which in itself a conspiracy theory, with the same contempt - because they are harmful to the 9/11 truth movement as a whole......... continued...

paul watson and aj need to do more homework

ive seen nobody spouting a hologram theory but instead a TV fakery/CGI insert theory.
this is getting serious and I think Paul Watson needs to publically identify the suspected disinfo agents -

Morgan Reynolds

Killtown talks about

Killtown talks about holograms as well, end of story. And Nico and Ewing are the same individual.

"Killtown talks about holograms"

I do???

Yes Shilltown, you do;

Yes Shilltown, you do;

7. Hologram technology (such as projected over a missile or other aircraft, or maybe projected flying into the Pentagon while bombs inside blew up).

Dem Bruce, are you really that dumb?

Can't you even read?

There have been many theories proposed as to what crashed into the Pentagon or caused the explosion either used alone or in combination. Note that this website doesn't necessarily agree with all or any of these theories.

(If you have a website which offers a theory as to what caused the explosion at the Pentagon other than the official story that I have not listed here, please contact me and I'd be happy to post it.)

Yea I can read, you have

Yea I can read, you have Hologram technology and CGI fakery junk all over your website. Almost as if you want to have zero credibility, isn’t it Shilltown?

what if no planers are

what if no planers are right?

does that absolutley destroy the main stream media, i think so.

killtown does top notch stuff

No it doesn’t, it

No it doesn’t, it preserves the corrupt corporatism running the media, because even if true no one will ever believe it.

What if pigs start flying over rainbows?

That would be pretty neat.


aj should be ashamed of himself

either he doesn't know all the obvious evidence, or he's insane, or he's a shill

but he's the t-rex of political talk!

and he's got a central texas command post, deep behind enemy lines!

i'm kinda on the fence about AJ on this one. on the one hand, he's busy, he researches alot of subjects, and he certainly does his share as far as educating people on a variety of topics. on the other, i think this piece (written by PJW, although i believe AJ supports it) dismisses NPT issues too quickly and without giving them true exposure-- especially WTC2 impact physics which makes the strongest impression on me.
alex wants your 15¢/day, he wants you to buy berkey light water filters, and he wants you to use the secure online shopping cart @ but a shill? eh, i don't think so...
...but that doesn't mean i won't send him and PJW a few emails highlighting some 'difficult anomalies' with the alledged planes.

and there's a war on for your mind!

AJ just said the other day that NPT is pushed by disinfo ops and should be "thrown in a ditch". I was glad to hear that because I couldn't agree more.

I am officially changing from NPT

to TV Fakery. NPT is not needed to prove tv fakery. Fakery is already proven. And since there's NO EVIDENCE that the original planes crashed on 9/11, we should all agree that it's time to put that conspiracy theory to rest for good.


there's definitely some dodgy videos being passed around... what this 'proves' or who made them and why is anybody's guess. It's difficult to imagine why anyone would push the topic so hard unless they had it in for the movement.

Looking into it is one thing, constantly spamming topics about it is quite another.

Congrats on disavowing No-Planerism, I guess.

While they may or may not have been

the original planes, there IS EVIDENCE that planes hit the towers, in the form of eyewitness testimony, a lot of which is very compelling (I'm thinking especially of John Albanese.) Yes, eye witnesses may not remember clearly, may not discern clearly under stress and all that, but taken as a whole, it is evidence. (I also believe that some video evidence is almost certainly not faked.)

What would have been great -- and I think it's way too late now -- would have been an oral history project like the one they did of the first responders, documenting the experiences of the civilian eye witnesses.

yes, there is evidence that

yes, there is evidence that planes hit the towers. But there's also evidence otherwise. Some people reported seeing missiles, not planes. Others reported seeing nothing at all.

But IMO, whether the planes were real or not is unimportant. What's important is that CGI was used on ABCs and FOXs feeds. This is a fact, assuming the video evidence hasn't been doctored to trick us. The way the planes entered the buildings, the nose out with no crushing, no exit hole, and different flight paths all prove "TV Fakery". And based on that Technology Review article I keep citing, this is what people must know about. The world MUST learn that news video can be faked, on-the-fly, in real time, live, as an event is happening.

thanks for the email addys!

thanks for the email addys! I sent this link to both:

Paul Watson is a GREAT

Paul Watson is a GREAT writer. very underrated.

yes he is.

Let's just hope he wakes up to TV Fakery

heres hoping he doesnt "wake

heres hoping he doesnt "wake up" to it. you "tv fakery" people have ZERO TACT, you have no idea how the media works obviously. yeah, lets lead with "CGI"..........

No idea how the Media work?

Video Fakery people *do* know how the Media work. That's the whole point.

If the Media were *ever* going to help awaken the public, it'd been done already!

No offense, but I can't stand people who chase the Media, thinking there will be a breakthrough and just waiting for their moment in the sun with the Media. It's not going to happen. The Media are not our friend.

The idea that our movement could somehow handle the Media, with tact or in any way whatsoever, is the biggest delusion.

The Media constantly diss us, but if we get some small attention, even negative, we think just around the corner is the big breakthrough. ...That's because we have all been conditioned by the Media as much as the poor "sheeple" everyone here looks down upon.

We are "sheeple" too. Believe me.

It's like an abused spouse who covers for the batterer.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

excellent point!

I couldn't agree more!

They lie to us

because they love us. They must really love us a lot!

no offense taken, i dont

no offense taken, i dont expect the corporate media to do anything at all. you missed my point. you people have no tact, you dont understand the media. that has nothing to do with my trust in the media, because i have none.

Paul Watson is a "GREAT writer"???

What? Are kidding me??? What kind of "great writer" tries to debunk a theory that's been abandoned YEARS ago???

oh yes, hes extremely

oh yes, hes extremely underrated, his analysis of major news stories is spot on almost every single time. the guy is a great writer who knows how to break down the news perfectly.

but of course i realize

but of course i realize anyone who thinks no planes hit the towers has ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone that doesnt agree with them. its like a friggin cult....

more like insanity...

more like insanity...

You don't get it Chris

He didn't break down NPT, he was basically beating a dead horse. NO no-planer I know subscribes to hologram theory anymore and hasn't for a loooong time. Paul can't even write about CURRENT stuff apparently.

I usually like his stuff, but this article was APALLING because it was attacking OUTDATED theories.

dont put words in my mouth.

dont put words in my mouth. did i say he broke down THAT ARTICLE or did you assume that? hes a great writer in my opinion and i was making a general statement.

Ok Chris

What do you think of PJ's article then? Is it "great", or less than stellar?

he makes some very good

he makes some very good points, like his main one that its ultimately harmful. and like most others, im all for all avenues of research but you "no-planers" dont seem to understand the media or the general public very well.

Or they do dude, and their

Or they do dude, and their disinfo.

thats obviously another

thats obviously another likely option, haha.

I'm getting really tired of

I'm getting really tired of this, I'm not responding to anymore lunatic fringe garbage. I mean this is just the most obscure and unusual shit, and to respond to it is a waste of time. I hope they get banned, and banned soon.

do you know 911blimp?

do you know 911blimp?

i dont want to speak for him, but to suggest that noone still subscribes to the hologram theory is not true, it just may not be among those whom you consider informed.. that theory is still very much in practice, it didn't just disapear overnight..

i say all that outside of any commentary on this article, just pointing out the hologram theory is still supported by some, just perhaps not by those so entrenched in the web community..