The Eleventh Day of Every Month

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

There's a lot of sentiment going around that this is going to be the year that 9/11 truth breaks out and it does seem to me that all current indicators would agree. I think it's obvious that there's no stopping the truth - but in my opinion we really need to push it - accelerate - commit to do as much as we can every day to spread the truth, reach as many people as possible - in order to maximize the potential power in what is already an unstoppable force of nature. Because on the one hand we have Barbara Streisand's husband, HUSTLER magazine, one of the coolest directors in Hollywood and the impending Final Cut but on the other there's the psychopaths with the nukes and detention camps acting more desperate and dangerous by the day.

January 11, 2007 marks the 64th month since September 11, 2001. The criminals responsible for the 9/11 and ongoing psyop and mass murder campaign are not only free and at large but they are now publicly fantasizing about nuking countries full of people you and I will never meet. Here in the land of the free the majority seems to be asleep to just exactly what a nationalized ID card means or the fact that they will soon be required to carry one. A fully operational concentration camp system has been set up for immigrants under ICE. All legal blocks to a total police state have now been removed and "radicals" are invoked even before "terrorists" in the Puppet-in-Chief's latest threatening utterances regarding the security of the Homeland.

We've got to act and we've got act visibly on a regular basis.

It's been suggested that the eleventh day of every month be observed as a day of united action for the truth. The idea being for truth activists everywhere to all act together on a regular, ongoing basis. I think it's a great idea and I'm going to do everything I can to promote it and I know a number of other people are too. From now on I will observe the anniversary of 9/11 every month with action and I encourage everyone else to do the same. I think this idea could grow into a powerful unifying force for the truth movement in a fairly short amount of time. We have grown so much over the past year - we can be a truly amazing force for change if we act together. Imagine the effect it will have when national days of truth action are occurring monthly with ever increasing participation, creativity and visibility.

So let the eleventh day of every month be a day of united action for truth -

Spread the word.

im in lets do

im in lets do it.....southern california.....holla at me bloggers

right on!

Spread the word - also if you register here local people will be able to get in touch with you through your account.

This is what we need!

I'm glad this idea is catching on. I went downtown today to put up flyers for the 11th, but by the time I got there, I realized I had forgotten tape! I'm gonna make up for it tommorow, and resolve to do better Feb. 11th. :-)

I keep a shelf stocked with everything I need for outreach

that way I'm less likely to forget anything I need when I head out.

I hope you handed out some of those flyers you couldn't tape up. :)

No, didn't hand out flyers...

But I did go out again today to post them. BTW, the flyer was a simple design consisting of a smiling portrait of bush with the caption underneath: "9/11 was not an inside job!"

(It's my post above, from when I did not have my password handy.)

Right on, Zach

A bit of reverse psychology, eh? Do you have any other info or websites listed on the flyer?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Glad you got the reverse psychology. If anyone wants to make their own copies, the photo I used comes from Wikipedia's page on bush. I think it's the official White House portrait, plus it's public domain!

Listing a few websites is a good idea for next time. Or maybe just a few search engine phrases like "Operation Northwoods".

For Feb. 11 I'm thinking of distributing DVD's and maybe copies of the Hustler article. I hope Mr. Flynt doesn't mind.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Definitely include some good sites

If you want I can send you a bunch of deception dollars, they're very popular and have a lot of sites listed on them including 911blogger.

Good idea on making copies of the Hustler article, I might do that too.

I'm planning on distributing a lot of dvds at the march this Saturday.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Whether individual actions or group endeavors, we have got to go beyond the internet this year, for two reasons. (These are the two reasons all visibility actions are important, really.)

Get the message out.
Show people that OTHER people know, so they can feel empowered themselves to
Get the message out.

This message is getting a lot of support on myspace

A lot of people are looking for ways to get involved - a way to take action.

9/11 is a large enough crime that its anniversary should marked with highly visible action every month.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

OK, we've got a month to plan for it....

....What do we do....?

One idea: How about a 9/11 Truth protest at the same place (City Hall?) in each town on 2/11?

Hand out Flyers & DVDs. Video it. Engage people as they enter and leave City Hall. (Have brownies and coffee handy to give police :).

February 11th is a Sunday

Which should be helpful in getting people to participate. City Hall sounds like a good place to start. Either City Hall or another highly visible location downtown. Dvds, flyers, signs and yes - get pics and video of your actions. We're starting a new local group here to focus on planning actions for the 11th of each month.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

This is EXACTLY what is

This is EXACTLY what is needed. I couldn't have come up with a better scheme myself ;) Here we have a concrete plan of action that has the potential to turn 911 truth into a nation wide resistance movement.

The beauty of this plan is that -- if successful -- it will continue to crescendo and snowball until it can no longer be contained. If the numbers grow and continue to grow the herd will fall in line and we will become unstoppable.

I urge everyone to embrace this plan of action with gusto. We've done enough letter-writing and blogging. It's time to take it to the streets.

Say it again!

There may be some bloggers in the back who didn't hear you. :)

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

City Hall on Sunday

isn't very high visibility here, so I'm considering other spots in the city for February.

It might be good to do coordinated City Hall actions on one of the 11ths that falls on a weekday.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

the rising tide

Yea I like this idea a lot. It's catchy and has the right ingredients for growth.


I like this quote:

"Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the roar of it's many waters." - Frederick Douglas 1857


If someone asks "what if I'm too busy on the 11th?", you could tell them that they should take action on the 10th. Say the 1oth NOT the 12th. That way it's not procrastination enabling.

cleveland ohio is on board

cleveland ohio is on board

I'm in too from Buffalo

I'm in too from Buffalo!!

Buffalo Cleveland Louisville San Diego Vancouver Portland Austin

Buffalo, Cleveland, Louisville, San Diego, Vancouver, Portland, Austin and San Francisco checking in so far - right on

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Great Idea

Really does sound like a great idea. And simple enough to where little actions here and there can really branch off into something big. People who do it on a regular basis can start to become expected to do so, and people get interested. Just hearing about the possibility of government involvement tingles people's ears, and makes them want to know more. I'm in.

how about the "eleventh day activists" ?


This is Phil in Daytona Beach, FL. I'm one of the coordinators for the Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace ( For over a year we have been handing out DVD copies of Loose Change, Terrorstorm, 911 Mysteries Part 1 Demolitions, and other 9/11 Truth movies with other anti-war flyers and 9/11 Truth flyers to cars stopped at the red light at the weekly CODEPINK Women for Peace ( in Daytona Beach. As far as I know, there isn't a really strong 9/11 Truth group in our area yet. If you folks know of any people I could hook up with to get a 9/11 Truth group going for Central Florida, please put them in touch with me at Thanks a lot.

As for the 11th day of the month idea, I think that it is a great idea ! Isn't there some kind of religion called the "Seventh Day Adventists" ? How about using the "Eleventh Day Activists" for the campaign you are suggesting ? Or something like it ? Something catchy. Thanks for all that you are doing !

Phil in Daytona Beach

Something catchy

National Days of Truth Action

Thanks for checking in, Phil - keep spreading the word!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

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Disgusting...but I suppose

Disgusting...but I suppose that's your point...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

for Dan

R.I.P. Dan Wallace

Feb. 11th
Candle Light Vigil for Dan Wallace as well as film showing about Dan.

From Luke...

On behalf of Dan's Wallace family and friends.

We as NY911Truth and CHANGE have been doing street actions every Saturday and several weekdays, Dan was a huge part of these street actions and the only way I can think of remembering Dan is with the continuation of these street actions national and globally. On every 11th of each month stand up for the truth and do a street action in your community. Do it for Dan! Do it for Dan’s father Robert Wallace. Do it because the victims of 9/11 deserve the truth. This is the only way I can remember and respect Dan, by fighting for the truth. Me and Dan fought together shoulder to shoulder for the truth. This is what he would want.

This Sunday February 11th NY911Truth and CHANGE is doing 2 street actions in NYC. Do one in your community in memory of Dan.

1pm - 4pm Union Square
1pm - 4pm Ground Zero
Later that same day February 11th 6:00pm
Candle Light Vigil for Dan Wallace as well as film showing about Dan.
St. Marks Church, NYC
10th Street 2nd Ave.

"We love you so much Dan. I miss you so much, you were like a brother to me. I’m going to make you proud and get justice for your father, I promise".
- Luke

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Thanks YT

I have added it to the "Events Calendar" - Hope I did it OK...

Best wishes


"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!"
-Dan Wallace


I realized there are a lot of links to this page out there so I thought I should add some updates:

A Call to Action
NYC 2/11 report
SF 2/11 report
Truth Action forum - a dedicated space for planning the campaign


Loose Change
Youth For Truth
SF Truth Action
Louisville Truth
Northern California Truth Alliance
Floridians for 9/11 Truth
Skaters for Truth

Get your group involved today!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month