Going Shopping

This Summer I plan on being even more dilligent spreading the truth. I hope to buy a portable projection system so that I can take my message to people as they do the things they do. I have found several self contained units which range in price and quality from $300 to $1000. The units can project pictures ranging from 60" to 35 ft.... they have built-in DVD players and sufficient speakers.... Many come with their own carrying cases.

I plan on targeting Shopping malls and shopping centers. Wal-Marts and Walgreens. Football and soccer games. I just need darkness and a wall sufficient enough to accept the projected image..... If you can park in the first row of parking near a mall or shopping center the picture should be perfect and over 35 ft across.

Getting attention...you better believe it.

Can you imagine "Loose Change Final Cut" blowing out at 35 ft across?

Would love to project it onto the base the Washington Monument

Here are some projectors I have found:



This is the one I want to get:

The price has come down quite a bit since I first saw this model.... It can project up to a 35 ft image before it loses too much clarity

nice thought...

I've long wanted to do the same--I have a projector already, problem is finding a portable power source that isn't a pain in the butt....


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Need More POWER!!

You simply need a power converter if you are anywhere near you vehicle..... Plug right into your cigarette lighter

many new cars have one built-in

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i wouldn't be near the vehicle, which is too old anyway

and i don't know how an external car battery/power converter combo would handle a dvdplayer and projector...


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From what I know about power inverters...

You can get a 300watt 12v DC inverter...

i.e Belkin AC Anywhere - F5C400-300W

300watts is plenty for a laptop, DVD Player etc, but unsure if it would juice a projector, especially a bright one with cooling fans etc, worth noting the limitations anyway.

Good Luck


Going to have to Pimp My Ride

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Great idea

Glad to see you survived the anonycaust, JJJames.

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Anonycaust, ha!!!

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

WHAT anonycaust?

JUST KIDDING! Ha! I'm an anonycaust denier, get it? Oh, I kill me...


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Great idea.

And I hope overenthusiastic law enforcement officials don't interfere with your plans...

Recommend trying silent videos w/captioned text so you're less likely to get charged with disturbing the peace (and saves you the trouble of having to set up sound.)

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You DVD toy is 12volts

You DVD toy is 12volts already.

you get the most mileage from connecting it to a car battery DIRECTLY.

Amazon has it cheaper

However convenient, it is not very bright. You need to find a really white wall in a darkened corner. But it should be great fun... I laud the idea and am tempted to buy one myself.

are more powerful slide

are more powerful slide projectors any cheaper?

have you looked into tv lens kits? they have less brightness i think, but they are much cheaper:

this is a great idea.. i actually talked about such a guerrilla project with someone up in chicago.. the hotel rooms went around in an oval over the breakfast area.. 2 guys with a massive sheet, 1 guy with a projector - on opposite sides of the oval would have been super easy.. but, the lightness would probably have been an issue..

good luck, be sure to let us know what you end up doing!

I can't wait to see some video posted here...

...of how this plays out....

Guerrilla-Truthing at it's best, potentially....

Not Prepared

I have found two places where I can project that get alot of foot traffic at night. One is a State Courthouse and the other is a Federal Courthouse.

The Federal Courthouse is directly across the street from the biggest bar in town.

The State Courthouse is directly across from the late night after bar eatery.

Bottoms up!
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