9/11 Civil Information Activism

RECYCLE - 5th. Consecutive Year 9/11 Civil Information Actions - Folk Festival

YouTube by Civil Information Activist Doug Brinkman - http://www.ciactivist.org/: EDMONTON August 11, 2013: Not only did the Edmonton Folk Festival have 5 consecutive years of 9/11 truth actions outside her gates but in this city of summer festivals Heritage Days last weekend also saw it's 5th consecutive year on 9/11 civil information actions.Next week the Fringe Theatre Festival will also see it's 5th consecutive year with 9/11 truthers outside it's gates too. Over the years other festivals where civil information actions took place included the Street Performers Festival, The Works arts festival, The Art Walk and last year for the first time outside the gates of the Interstellar (music) Rodeo. These festival civil actions along with regular Farmer's market 9/11 truth actions puts the famous words of former media tycoon Izzy Asper to actions "If you want the public to hear you once, you have to say what you're saying five or 10 times."
Izzy Asper was the founder of Canwest...

LINK YouTube Playlist: 43 Civil Information Action Reports

Cooperative Communications with Doug Brinkman - 9/11 Civil Information Activism

New Video added January 14, 2013

Thanks to everyone at Edmonton Cooperative Communications for the opportunity for me to share ideas on "Civil Information Activism" and 9/11 Truth in Edmonton, AB, Canada.


Civil Information Activism

I didn't see the "Idle No More" Flash Mob @ Kingsway, but called the cops instead

YouTube: 9/11 Truthers bullied by security guy who had a cop do his censoring of free speech.

By Doug Brinkman January 5, 2013

Archived 9/11 video footage from July 2010 added to this 2013 talk show discussion on activism. I tried to arrange meetings with Edmonton City Council last year over the on-going harassment by local police and peace officers during my civil information actions that include leafleting and collecting petitions.