911 in the media

Gothamist Covers March 26th W. Hartford Event and Building What?

In a stop story, The Gothamist covers the March 26th event in West Hartford Ct., and includes original Building What? Campaign commercial.


Video: Ad Demands Probe Into 9/11 WTC Building 7 Collapse

The group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth claims that 1,464 verified architectural and engineering professionals and 11,470 other supporters have signed a petition demanding of Congress "a truly independent investigation" into what caused the collapse of WTC Building 7 on 9/11. And on Saturday, March 26th, there will be a big conference at the University of Hartford to dispute the official conclusion [pdf] that the 47-story tower collapsed due to fire, and raise money to get this commercial on the air:

Néjàd vu, all over again: The media, ‘pretext’, context, & 9/11

The mainstream media's favorite scapegoat, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, resurfaced on Saturday amidst reports that he called the attacks of September 11, 2001 "a big lie."

According to the immediate and rabid response of virtually every Western news network around, this was simply the latest insane claim of the same raving madman who has previously threatened to wipe a foreign state off the map and denied the Holocaust.

Mainstream Danish newspaper runs feature article by Professor of Chemistry on unexplained WTC7 collapse

On 31 March 2007, the Danish newspaper, Information, ran an article by Prof. Niels Harrit of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. In the article, Prof. Harrit argues that the destruction of the World Trade Center has not been adequately explained, and focuses particularly on unanswered questions surrounding the collapse of WTC7.

"WTC7 collapsed exactly like a house of cards. If the fires or damage in one corner had played a decisive role, the building would have fallen in that direction. You don't have to be a woodcutter to grasp this."

An English translation of the article is available here: