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Menace of 9/11 myths......NYPost........


This seems to be the beginning of a major mission to paint the 9/11 truth movement as dangerous.  Read David Ray Griffin's new book, "Cognitive Infiltration" for an update on the thinking in the Obama administration (his appointee Cass Sunstein particularly) of how the growing "menace" can be contained.  It would not be surprising if there is soon a 9/11 truther, or group, framed in some kind of violent crime, after which almost any method of containing the truth movement will seem acceptable to most Americans.


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Menace of 9/11 myths

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Posted: 2:52 AM, September 26, 2010

Let's be kind. Let's say it was a coincidence that, at about the same time the Iranian madman was at the UN spewing his nonsense that 9/11 was an "inside job," the Pakistani terror mom was in a downtown courtroom claiming Israelis destroyed the Twin Towers.

Now let's be honest. The only coincidence was the timing. The similar content of the two claims illustrates a growing menace in the Muslim world.

The myth-making about 9/11 is spreading, and so is the danger. Nine years after the mass murder by Islamic terrorists, conspiracy theories are deflecting Muslim guilt and inflaming a new generation of jihadists, many of them living in the West.

It is comforting for Americans to dismiss the "truthers" as crackpots since they are the same kind of people who celebrated as the towers and the Pentagon were burning. But the increasing boldness of the wild claims is an alarming indication of how widely accepted they are among mainstream Mideast audiences. We ignore this new phenomenon at our peril.

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