Anti War/Peace Movements

Sign at anti-war demo

This is a sign held up at the front of the Stop-the-War demonstration in Trafalgar Square, London. It is to the left of the green CND poster. There was a slight surge in people responsive to leaflets I was handing out as a consequence of this.

It was taken on my mobile so apologies for the quality.

Our new slogan - 9/11 TRUTH ENDS WAR!

This is one really powerful arrangement of words and the person who came up with it needs to be seriously commended! It says everything to the Anti War/Peace Movements that most of us have been frustratingly trying to communicate for a long time now but in the most succinct way possible.

It gets the message across perfectly to all the people who have yet to grasp the bigger picture and need that thought provoking spark. "9/11 TRUTH ENDS WAR" deserves to be right up there with all the other fantastic slogans thought up at the grassroots, I say we run with it!