Our new slogan - 9/11 TRUTH ENDS WAR!

This is one really powerful arrangement of words and the person who came up with it needs to be seriously commended! It says everything to the Anti War/Peace Movements that most of us have been frustratingly trying to communicate for a long time now but in the most succinct way possible.

It gets the message across perfectly to all the people who have yet to grasp the bigger picture and need that thought provoking spark. "9/11 TRUTH ENDS WAR" deserves to be right up there with all the other fantastic slogans thought up at the grassroots, I say we run with it!


Now that public opinion has turned strongly against the WARS, the Peace movement realizes that they were shat upon by their Democratic Saviors, and Cindy Sheehan is turning to TRUTH, the slogan "911 Truth Ends WAR", might take off.

I hope one track peacemakers have come to the realization that they were totally conned and that the con men they believed in are complicit in the warmongering war profiteering and now are soul searching for truth. We need them, they need us, we are them, they are us- just don't know it yet.

I have a button that says "Peace Needs Truth"- which without the "911" is to vague to comprehend except by those that already know.

Of course I speak in sweeping generalities.


While we're on the subject of Truth

The slogan should actually say:

911 Truth Ends All Wars

Afterall, these are the individuals who supply weaponry to nearly every conflict on the planet, both sides. If we bring them down most fights would resort back to minor disputes.


1. 911 Was an inside job... Automatically causes people to do the "psychological cringe". Not effective in my opinion, great at starting arguments and polarizing people.

2. 911 Truth Ends War... Automatically turns off all the people who are still for the war or do not identify as anti-war. We NEED these folks. We must attack the neocon BASE.


It's obvious, it's accurate, it has no immediate political bent, and best of all it causes people to THINK.

Join http://ae911truth.org


I would go with what all the top tier politicians very expensive research. They've concluded that the anti-War issue is what is going to drive the coming elections. It's the momentum they always try to catch a hold of (sort of pathetic). Anyway, no reason not to exploit this valuable info, especially because it is the Truth. The anti-war position is presently the most encompassing issue, so get on board.

911 Truth Ends War

I am on board

I can not go up to one of my professors and say "911 truth ends war" because it means basically nothing if you are not already a truther.

"Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers" is a scientific statement that can be fact checked. It has real meaning. That is why it is powerful.

http://ae911truth.org - please check out the presentation on the left.

I'm not dissing your slogan... it's great at the peace rallies.

Not my slogan

I saw it first on a war protester's sign in Texas or San Fran, I believe.

Great slogan

"9/11 Truth ends war" will be far more effective than "9/11 was an inside job", which tends to put people right off.

Different slogans for different uses!

This slogan "9/11 truth ends war" is what this movement is all about, but it is not the whole truth!

"9/11 was an inside job" is the whole truth but too hard for some folks to read!

We need both!

Our main slogan for our Sydney group is "Investigate 9/11 before it's too late!"

I will be making banners that say all three, as we are trying to get this message through to every one and we need different logo's and slogans.

Kind regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

It should be called the 911 wars

If it wasnt for Bush and his Neo con war pigs of power we wouldnt be in this fuckin mess.
Bush is just like Hitler (easily manipulated) he is being used buy the bankers.

9/11 TRUTH WILL.....

not only end the war, but it will open the floodgates of ALL TRUTHS, and people will finally see what has been going on for decades. There are many TRUTHS about 9/11 and many other things that are bursting at the seems, ready to unleash a firestorm of rage on these criminal bastards who are too self centered to see the error of their ways. Excuse my french, but damn, are these people running the show human? Are they conscience? Aware of the damage that they do, or the effect? It really urks me when people at work talk about how they like this candidate or that candidate but they are totally oblivious to who those people really are. We need to be strong in this fight of truth and justice. 9/11 TRUTH ENDS WAR!

The Truth Never Lies

9/11 Truth Ends 9/11 WARS, The "Official" Story is FICTION

9/11 Truth Ends 9/11 WARS, The "Official" Story is FICTION

A variation I might put on a Freeway Banner.



this is an excellent photo. will put it to good use.

go for it with that

go for it with that statement because in the light of day it is truth!
yes there is more to it then that but once the to movements are joined how can the mass media not listen!
yes i to believe if we can pull this off truly no other government in the world would ever be in the position to manipulate and send its poor to kill other peoples poor ever again!
time this world woke up to the past and find out its hero's are often profiting from there freely given blood!
do something or pay the price!

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o.!

Should be

"9/11 Truth Accomplished!"

What's that chimpanzee doing

What's that chimpanzee doing on a battleship!? Oh right....

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

You're over there in Vancouver, right Danse?

I found a decent looking martial arts school in Vancouver, so it's a lock. I'm definitely going to try to move out there. Between all you guys talking about it here on Blogger and me seeing a show about it on the Travel Channel this week, I don't think I can resist. Gotta save up some money in Toronto for a while but unless something special happens to keep me there, it's west coast here I come.

Sorry to go OT. That slogan is great. I would say use it in conjunction with the "Inside Job" one. END THE 9/11 WARS!!
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

The more the merrier! Great

The more the merrier! Great to hear Consc. I took Tae Kwon Do and jiu jitsu myself but a broken back put an end to that. by the time I recovered I lost interest. Anyway be prepared for rain! There's so many advantages to living in Van they outweigh any wetness, not the least of which is the sky-scraper sized trees (which the rain brings), but best bring an umbrella. When you get to town ask Reprehensor to give you my email. :)

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Just a broken back? C'mon, get back on the horse!! ;)

I might be in Toronto for a while, my finances are pretty much non existent right now, but when I get around to heading out that way I'll definitely be needing someone to show me where all the hidden treasures are. I'm a little torn right now because I do love Toronto and I missed it while I was away, but on paper I think Vancouver has Toronto beat. Decent size city, PLUS mountains nearby, PLUS ocean nearby, PLUS enchanted rainforrest... Toronto's really only got the big city aspect. The closest skiing/snowboarding is about 45 minutes away, and that is really just a mole-hill. You have to go all the way to Montreal to find a halfway decent mountain.

So how does it rain out there? Fierce storms, or constant drizzle? I've dealt with fierce storms in Florida and constant drizzle in Toronto, so I should be able to cope with either.
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

Nice summers

(actually amazingly nice summers)
Winter is a long haul with a constant drizzle when it isn't a cold rain, interrupted by the occasional (4 or 5 times last year) huge wind/rain storm (100k+ winds) and a bunch of minor storms & the occasional partly/mostly sunny day to remind you it ain't always so dreary...
City too big for me though, yet not big like TO.
you`ll like the W Coast people Consciousness

Storms? Not enough if you

Storms? Not enough if you ask me – I love storms – but I’m spoiled; we only ever get mild storms up in BC; Florida has the real deal.

Rain? Lots. The rumors were true.

But if you ski or snowboard, good lord, you’ve picked the right destination.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

and btw

"broken back" = broken bone in back. Not spine. My fault.

Still hurt like bejesus. But that's why we have morphine.

Now I'm fit as fiddle, no worries.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month



and there are days in spring you can ski in the morning and still get to the beach in time for an afternoon picnic...

Here's what he had to say...

...about his battleship:


"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)


kickass pics The Eleventh

Really beautiful to see

Each one of these pictures seems quite compelling to me. Particularly for the swingers (neither left nor right on 911 Truth). Really great.

In the first picture, to have "Iraq Veterans for 911 Truth" out there along with "911 Truth Ends War" - oh, to see these two together is great.

And in the second picture, to see "911 Truth Ends War" alongside "Civil War Accomplished" - it's great to see those two together as well.

No Fear

"I am not afraid" (actually, I am, but don't tell anybody)

Playing the coin a little differently, maybe exercise the mirror neurons a bit. We went into Iraq out of fear. We are being taught to fear Iran now. What I'm really looking for here is to plant a seed, or spread the notion perhaps to people NOT in this movement "I am not afraid". It's a slogan for supporters of the official story. Why fear an investigation?

Maybe even find a high profile figure to act as a mole? I think it would be cool if a public figure who is secretly a member of this movement could champion the official story and gain popularity doing so. Also, to champion this message before a very large audience when the chance presents itself. In this way, the mole will not be discovered, and an important seed may be planted in the minds of millions. Eh? Sounds to me like a cool gardening project.

btw: I am really digging this - "9/11 Truth Ends War", however, I do find it a bit presumptuous. It's certainly emotionally compelling, and deserving of great praise in a political context. But in the case of "9/11 was an inside job", I don't even think that's legal. Is it? If you call someone a criminal, and they haven't been convicted, it is my understanding that that violates our laws. It also puts people so far off, as others have said above, I think as to heighten the existing domestic polarization.

Its good to be attractive to others. To be successful, loving, and with a good sense of humor. Consider these things when presenting yourself as a truther to others. Find satisfaction; be attractive. Of course, I can only guess we are best served by being ourselves as we are; honest and sincere, with pain and rage, or with any set of emotions.

My satisfaction comes from the mathematical certainty of a rising and never-falling movement (in terms of its size). It comes from knowing that this investigation will come to pass as a mathematical certainty. It primarily comes from knowing that this will make America so much better than it presently is. It's a beautiful dream. We can clean closets, and send a very strong message to the (remaining) government as to their humility and subservience. It will help us bring an end to warring for the oil, clean the environment, and focus more on issues like global warming. It will bring peace to a present condition of civil unrest, between supporters and opponents of the war, and between supporters and opponents of the official 9/11 story. Everyone stands to gain, in their peace, and in their prosperity.

When half the population it is war with the other half, I don't think a new investigation is too much to ask. This is simply solved by appointing a group of experts that will be trusted by each side to provide the answers for all of us.

Some weeks ago

I created this T-shirt !

It's a "bit" degraded but still..

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

Here 's the source file:

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

I love it!

It reminds me of a discussion I just had with a pro-OT debater who compared the Twin Tower collapses with a man standing on an empty beer can - it can hold the weight, but it only takes a small disturbance, like a poke with a pencil in the side of the can to cause it to collapse.

My answer was that this comparison was bogus since there were no big men, with the same size ratio to the buildings as a man to a beer can standing on top of the buildings. A more accurate beer can analogy would be to stack 6 empty cans, lift the upper one about an inch, release it, and see if it caused a collapse wave that would destroy all the cans.

Guess I should send him this drawing - it illustrates the problem with the speed of the collapse very simply and elegantly.

I like the T-Shirt, and I like the Beer Cans!

Either a T-shirt with the two towers as above, but with less text, and a slogan on the back. On the front: "10 Seconds" under each picture, and no other text. On the back, in large letters, "Resistance is Futile" (bit of a pun).

But for beer cans, dude! How about a picture of a tall stack of beer cans, like 110 of them, and then pulling out the 88th can and trying to get the 87 underneath it to be destroyed - LOL! I'm already at the local pub with that one.

Edit... Towers on the front, Large letters on the back RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, and below in small letters, "when Bush is in office"

Coffee cans would give a better comparison

Since the height to width ratio of the twin towers was 1368/207 or approximately 6.5 to 1, I think about five coffee cans would accurately be comparable. The six beer cans would have an aspect ratio of approximately 12 to 1 and could buckle in the middle which wouldn't be possible with a 6.5 aspect ratio.

Coffee cans would give a better comparison

Hi! I enjoyed your paper on the mechanics of the towers so much, I sent it to all my friends!

I can't structurally engineer my way out of a paper bag, it seems. 12 to 1 could buckle in the middle? Is that a thing about beer cans, or just the aspect ratio in any event? Is there an aspect ratio thing about skyscrapers?

I also have a question about that paper. It looked to me like you might be saying that 40% of the core columns and 80% of the perimeter columns could be removed, and it would still handle the gravitational load. But I also see a reference to 60% of the columns, and so is that an average? 60% across the board seems incredible just to picture it! (But it's surely a far cry beyond the official 20% in either tower). Could 60% of the core columns be removed, and 60% of the perimeter columns, and still withstand the gravitational load?

I totally agree

that it's powerful and I've been trying to remember where I first saw it because I wanted to thank them. I think it may have been someone on 911blogger but not sure. Anyway, I liked it so much that I created a logo gif from it which I use as a sign-off on much of my email.

I 'm sending the logo to dz and I'm sure it can be made available to anyone who might want to use it.


Righteous truth leads to righteous action.

I read this somewhere, not a great slogun, however it is a great truth;

" Righteous truth leads to righteous action."

9/11 Truth Ends War is a great slowgun for the morale of those who see the truth of 9/11 however, NO slogun will teach people the truth, that has to be done slowly, and often one on one,. I think the thing to keep in mind is that the vast majorty of people when informed with the truth,. that is to say that are not ignorent of the truth, will act in accordance with the truth and take right action. On the other end of the spectrum we need to face the reality that 65 percent of people would be willing to kill for athority; see Milgram Experiment
Obedience is taught and continuously reinforced thoughout our socialisation and in fact lives,. the process is continuous. These are survival mechanisms nearly hard-wired into our consiousness,. this stuff is tough to get through however, I'm writing this and your reading it,. proof it can be done. Lets hope enouph people can learn the truth in time,. before thies NEOcon warmonger madmen, unleash more hell on the people of the world.

Bumper Stickers . . . Nobel Peace Prize

9/11 Truth Ends War! This is a GREAT slogan. Much like "8643", it takes a bit to sink in. Maybe only 9/11 Truthers will get the aggregate, deeper meaning (i.e. 9/ll Truth has the potential to end all/most "false flag" initiated wars on this planet). But I think it still works for the general unawakened anti-war (or even just anti-Iraq 'war') population if they associate the current wars/occupation with knowing about 9/11 Truth.

Is anyone connected with CafePress.com or anywhere else that could get this slogan on a bumper sticker ASAP? I think simply black on white and/or white on black "9/11 Truth Ends War!" would be a strong (emphatic) and easy to read look . . . . The originator of this slogan should get a Nobel Peace Prize!

I posted a pic...911 Truth = End of Bush Terror

...which developed after some consideration of what 911Truth could achieve. I agree that it could be a great way to push for the end of the Bush War On Iraq, but I think 911 Truth would achieve much more. I don't have the doctored pic on a hosting site, but it is still up on our local 911 Truth Alliance yahoo listserv, at http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/911truthportland/photos/view/5111?b=1 .

"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin

Great Slogan

I wouldn't mind having bumper-stickers or a lawn sign with that slogan on it. 9/11 truth will do more than end all wars. It will bring down the whole NWO scam. Wouldn't that be nice! All other issues shrink to insignificance next to 9/11 truth.

Question - doesn't the New Slogan tie the Iraq

Invasion to the events of 9/11/01 ?

I am afraid that if the slogan "9/11 truth ends war" is adopted that those who are marginally informed could be mislead into believing that the US went after Saddam in Iraq because he was involved with 9/11.

We would lose the facts that Saddam was assisted to his position of power by our CIA and was an enemy of Al-CIAda. I believe that the only reasons that we were given to invade Iraq was because Saddam had Wmds and was going to use them on our troops in Afghanistan. Supposedly because that is where Osama Bin Laden had gone, even though the FBI released information that most of the Hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, the slogan itself becomes a lie.

Not so sure I can agree with that

I think it could put off a small number, but also, I think it's quite clear that most Americans associate the Iraq war with 9/11: Check the polls. I know that a year ago, for example, 70% of the US armed forces in Iraq polled thought 9/11 was the reason we were there. Most Americans also know that this administration wanted to go into Iraq before they took office, and are aware of the FACT that they worked VERY HARD to link IRAQ to 9/11.

It also treats Bush War on Iraq as...

...war, rather than the invasion/occupation it really is. That is why I thought "Bush Terror" was more accurate.

"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin