Constitution, Capitalism and Anarchism: Moving Beyond Corporatism in a post-post-9-11 United States of America

This piece is a conglomeration of responses inspired by George Washington's piece entitled Are Those Who Question 9/11 Anarchists? and the dialogue it engendered. It got me thinking about the nature of our form of government, its relationship to the best in anarchist thinking and the creative possibilities for a future America post-9-11 justice. It's a bit rambling and jumbled, but I wanted to put it out there for folks to read and respond to if they so desired.

It started with a response to Jon Gold's laying out the definitions of anarchism in relation to the criminality and lawlessness:

Jon Gold:
I think it's important for people to see...
The definition of anarchy...

an·ar·chy –noun

1. a state of society without government or law.
2. political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control: The death of the king was followed by a year of anarchy.
3. a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary
association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.

Guns & Butter 1pm PST - 9/11 In Context: The Strategy of Tension Gone Global

Guns & Butter
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9/11 In Context: The Strategy of Tension Gone Global

Interview with 9/11 researcher and writer, Tod Fletcher. Under the pen name Max Kolskegg, he has posted online a three-part series of articles on 9/11 in its historical and political economic context: "After Genoa: Reform or Revolution"; "9/11: A Desperate Provocation by U.S. Capitalism"; and "9/11 in Context: Plans and Counter Plans". The link to these articles is: This program was originally broadcast on January 24, 2007.

Guns and Butter 1pm Today - Loren Goldner: Fictitious Capital, Real Retrogression

Guns & Butter

Wednesday April 4, 1:00pm

Fictitious Capital, Real Retrogression

Interview with independent writer and activist, Loren Goldner. Loren Goldner is author of numerous articles on political economy including "International Liquidity Crisis and Class Struggle"; "The Dollar Crisis and Us"; "1973 Redux: Continuity and Discontinuity in the Decline of Dollar-Centered World Accumulation"; "Two Short Texts on Economic Crisis and War"; and "Fictitious Capital and the Transition Out of Capitalism", among many other essays. Visit his website, Break Their Haughty Power, at

The underlying economic forces and dynamics of the forward-flight of capitalism behind US aggression abroad. The US as a hegemony in decline creating chaos and dissension among rivals in order to strengthen a sinking hand.

KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley 1pm PST, and streaming and archived at