Me and My Shadow


"...Ashcroft has revived the FBI's totally discredited COINTELPRO program, which flourished from 1956 to 1971, during the anti-war and civil rights movements."

John Ashcroft On Trial
Turning Justice On Its Head
by Nat Hentoff
January 11, 2002

This week, Visibility 9-11 visits the topic of COINTELPRO in what hopes to be a new series on issues facing the 9-11 Truth Movement. "Left gatekeepers", dis-information specialists, agent provocateurs, and internet "trolls" all work to distract and/or discredit the fine work of literally thousands of good and caring Americans involved in 9-11 Truth. It is important to recognize the history of things our government has done which has violated every tenet of a free society.

Will we still be here in 2008, passing out DVDs etc?

Is it possible that 911truth is not the only way to achieve our goal (which i presume is the same for all of us, to restore our gov't of, by and for the people - 911 truth being just an avenue towards that goal.)

It goes without saying that all 911bloggers are also anti-war - since we know the 'war on terror' is a scam - we're just the most informed of the anti-war crowd.

Are you absolutely positive that handing out 911 dvds and blogging is the most effective way to reach our goal? What if it's not? What if the masses are not ready to march on DC re: 911, but they would be willing to march on DC to end the war.

This is a bit dis-jointed, sorry but the mojo is not flowing today- but i'm posting it anyway because I really want y'all to consider what i'm saying.

Everyone here knows about cointelpro right? When the Downing Street Memo came out in May '05, (I think it was) World Can't Wait announced their next major march for October... ie World Can't Wait says 'wait til october' ha ha...

Anyway, now UFPJ has announced their next big march for Jan 27th. Another Saturday afternoon march which will accomplish nothing. BTW- it's the Saturday after the State of the Union... anyone else think 'they' are afraid of a Mosh like event occuring?

COINTELPRO: The FBI's War on Black America

I wanted people to see this movie.


Meanwhile, when he unilaterally lifted restraints on the FBI, Ashcroft reopened the door for COINTELPRO—counterintelligence program—the massive FBI spying operation against law-abiding civil rights, anti-war, and other activists run by J. Edgar Hoover from the mid '50s to the early '70s. In 1976, after a year-long investigation, the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, chaired by Frank Church, blasted COINTELPRO for methods "indisputably degrading to a free society" in "a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association." Though Church promised that "never again will an agency of the government be permitted to conduct a secret war against those citizens it considers a threat to the established order," COINTELPRO is, for all intents and purposes, back with a vengeance.