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KTH: Coin scam exploiting tragedy of 9/11?

Is a coin company profiting off 9/11? Are their commemorative coins a scam? Anderson Cooper is keeping them honest.

CNN exploiting Anderson Cooper exploiting a scam exploiting 9/11 that the government exploited to exploit Iraqi oil fields?

no doubt that these people selling these coins are the scum of the earth - so - I guess we'll give Cooper a pass on this one.

FBI investigations that corroborate Sibel Edmonds

Luke Ryland, proprietor of the blog Let Sibel Edmonds Speak, discusses the disclosure of pre-9/11 FBI investigations that corroborate some of Sibel Edmonds’ previously unsupported claims, Turkish lobbies involved in Congressional bribery and drug trafficking, US foreign military aid (funded by taxpayers) that keeps the world awash in F-16s and lines the pockets of defense contractors and the best online resources for getting up to speed on Sibel Edmonds’ story.

They Could Have Stopped 9/11 - Coleen Rowley on the Moussaoui case

The website - which has historically shown mixed interest in 9.11 Truth issues, is running this interview with Coleen Rowley. It was a pleasure for me to meet Coleen at the Treason in America conference last week. It was somewhat sureal that, years after including her story in my film, she was rushing up to me in person, after my presentation, to shake my hand and thank me.

Coleen is an extremely important part of our efforts to reach out and connect with a new audience. Like Cindy Sheehan she is building bridges for 9/11 Truth with the antiwar community - and we should all support and promote her efforts as vigorously as possible.

Coleen Rowley, retired FBI agent and 9/11 whistleblower, discusses the myth that FISA restrictions (and not incompetence at FBI and CIA headquarters) prevented critical intelligence sharing prior to 9/11, CIA Director George Tenet’s August 2001 “Islamic Extremist Learns to Fly” powerpoint briefing about Zacarias Moussaoui and why the creation of the DHS and increased centralization of intelligence organizations did nothing to fix 9/11 failures.

7 Years Later - Silence in New York City

The anniversary of 9/11 never ceases to evoke strong feelings here in NYC. I had hoped that the years would heal these wounds - but they have not.

I ride the E Train to work every morning. This is the one subway line that has the World Trade Center as its final stop. The train today had small pockets of people carrying photos of loved ones, dressed in their best clothes, as they were apparently on their way to ground zero for the anniversary.

There is never really very much conversation on the trains in the morning. This is afterall the most highly populated yet most lonely city in the world. But, this morning the silence seemed deafening, as we shared a subway car with family members holding large photos of their loved ones that stared back at us with faces that look so much like our own. Ordinary people with ordinary faces, snapshots from the past, in happier times - just like any of us - cut short in their prime - no chance to say goodbye or bring their loved ones to closure.

9/11 Truth Under Siege - Disinformation and Disruption on the 7th Anniversary of 9/11

9/11 Truth Under Siege - Disinformation and Disruption on the 7th Anniversary of 9/11

For many years this problem has torn us apart from the inside. Even those of us who have our hearts in the right place – and integrity on our side – have been divided over the issue of disinformation for 7 long years.

- 911Blogger itself inadvertently promoted the work of such known disruptors for years, who now actively promote hoax theories and slander against 911Blogger, after years of internal strife and division here over the issue of whether they should be allowed to participate – or censored.
- Even a 9/11 stalwart such as Jon Gold has found himself at odds with other sincere activists who openly opposed his support of the NYC Ballot Initiative, as it was conceived, controlled and managed by a well known NYC activist who has organized 9/11 anniversary events which publicly branded other 9/11 activists as government agents and terrorists.

Seeking Details, Lawmakers Cite Anthrax Doubts


September 7, 2008

Seeking Details, Lawmakers Cite Anthrax Doubts

WASHINGTON — A month after the F.B.I. declared that an Army scientist was the anthrax killer, leading members of Congress are demanding more information about the seven-year investigation, saying they do not think the bureau has proved its case.

In a letter sent Friday to Robert S. Mueller III, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Democratic leaders of the House Judiciary Committee said that “important and lingering questions remain that are crucial for you to address, especially since there will never be a trial to examine the facts of the case.”

The scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, committed suicide in July, and Mr. Mueller is likely to face demands for additional answers about the anthrax case when he appears before the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on Sept. 16 and 17.

FoxNews Protest - Calling All NYC Activists

This cannot stand.

The recent attacks upon Rosie O'Donnell from FoxNews cannot be allowed to go unanswered by the 911 Truth community.

Not only is FoxNews conflating Ms. O'Donnell's statements out of context - they are also attempting to silence all debate on the issue of 9/11 - and inappropriately using the victim's families as pawns.

Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and FoxNews do NOT represent the interests of the victim's families - anymore than Ann Coulter (who claimed that the Jersey widows were enjoying their husband's deaths) does.

I would like to call on all 911 activists in the NYC area to join me tomorrow morning in front of FoxNews studios at 8:00 am - at 6th avenue and 47th Street. FoxNews broadcasts in front of an open window. I suggest we make our feelings known on live TV.

Anyone with those large red 9/11 Truth signs in the NYC areas should support us in the effort.

This is important. This is the first major breakthrough in the media we have experienced - with a mainstream TV personality demanding answers to 9/11 on daytime television.

Finally - KSM Connects the Dots

I must profess embarrassment. After 5 years of 9/11 activism KSM’s confession today has brought my world crashing down. After years of paranoid conspiracy theories I must now accept the government’s word that this confession is the genuine bona fide article – the final smoking gun behind 9/11.

It is therefore out of respect for our legal system that I will reproduce KSM’s confession here:

I, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, being of sound mind and body, un-coerced through torture, and fully enjoying the legal representation and due process afforded me under the constitution of the United States of America, hereby confess to the following crimes associated with 9/11:

  • I confess that in the summer of 2001, I instituted the Visa Express Program in Saudi Arabia which allowed terrorists to enter the United States without even being interviewed by a consular officer. The Visa Express Program was ONLY instituted in Saudi Arabia, and no such privileges were extended to other US allies in Europe or the Middle East – ONLY Saudi Arabia, a country known to have a large population of Muslim fundamentalists hostile to the United States, and loyal to Osama Bin Laden.

Breaking News - Viacom sues Google, YouTube for $1 billion

You can kiss streaming video goodbye.

$1 Billion?

$1 Billion?????!!!!

The sad thing is that this lawsuit has validity. Clearly Google and YouTube have allowed people to post content that contains protected material.

I think Google and YouTube are going to be forced to shut down shop completely.

From a journalism standpoint you could argue that films (such as my own) contain content under the fair usage interpretation of the law. Since my film is not being sold or profited off of, they would be hard-pressed to make a case.

BUT - i doubt Google and YouTube can police and moderate all content in this way. The $1 Billion lawsuit is the FIRST SALVO in what could be an avalanche of lawsuits from every media company.

as usual - the public loses.

Illegal Wiretapping and Sibel Edmonds Claims supported by 2 FBI Whistleblowers

Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Government Officials and Misuse of FISA

State Secrets Privilege Was Used to Cover Up Corruption and Silence Whistleblowers

The National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC) has obtained a copy of an official complaint filed by a veteran FBI Special Agent, Gilbert Graham, with the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (DOJ-OIG). SA Graham’s protected disclosures report the violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in conducting electronic surveillance of high-profile U.S. public officials.

Before his retirement in 2002, SA Gilbert Graham worked for the FBI Washington Field Office (WFO) Squad NS-24. One of the main areas of Mr. Graham’s counterintelligence investigations involved espionage activities by Turkish officials and agents in the United States. On April 2, 2002, Graham filed with the DOJ-OIG a classified protected disclosure, which provided a detailed account of FISA violations involving misuse of FISA warrants to engage in domestic surveillance. In his unclassified report SA Graham states: “It is the complainant’s reasonable belief that the request for ELSUR [electronic surveillance] coverage was a subterfuge to collect evidentiary information concerning public corruption matters.” Graham blew the whistle on this illegal behavior, but the actions were covered up by the Department of Justice and the Attorney General’s office. runs first 9/11 Truth Editorial

It appears that there is a small crack in the ice appearing for 9/11 Truth at

In the past I have pointed out that runs editorials by syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts - with the exception of editorials he has written on the subject of 9/11 Truth. It appears that is actively censoring Mr. Roberts on this subject. In fact, Mr. Roberts has contacted me and expressed his opinions on this matter.

And while regularly runs editorials by Justin Raimondo in which Mr. Raimondo skillfully attempts to pin 9/11 on Israel, it appears that a very clear line has been drawn in which facts regarding American complicity in 9/11 would selectively be allowed to see the light of day.

Strangely enough, while sees the logic in exposing the recent revelations by Seymour Hersch that the Bush administration is actively and clandestinely funding Al Qaeda-linked groups, it appears that does not wish to connect the dots and consider the underlying history and relationship between Al Qaeda and the United States of America. George Bush is diverting American tax dollars to the very people who attacked us on 9/11?

What I Saw on 9/11. (Part 1)

September 11, 2001

I was concerned about being late for work that morning. It was a crystal clear cloudless morning when I left my apartment and headed into work at 888 7th Avenue in Manhattan. My appointment was for 8:30 to meet with my department head in the corner office of one of this building’s uppermost floors.

I arrived approximately 15 minutes late and was approaching his office, laptop computer still slung over my shoulder, jacket still on, when the loud sound of an approaching plane began to fill the air. An employee with an office immediate adjacent to the corner office I was approaching could suddenly be heard yelling out “Oh My God!” as a very large commercial jet passed over our building. This was a very low flying plane, and given its size we all felt the effects of the illusion that it had almost hit our building. In all probability it was not as close as it felt, and the noise this plane made probably added to the effect of a perceived near miss. But it was indeed flying too low for Manhattan.

Organized Disruption Hits NY911Truth

A few weeks back I blogged here that St Marks church had swastikas and photos of feces posted on its walls as part of a disruption campaign waged by activist/researcher Nico Haupt. The following is the video of these events - in unedited form.

Some key things to look out for:

1 - Haupt repeatedly curses and rages, hurling obscenities at participants of this event, some of whom are simply attempting to calm the situation down and restore order in the church. In one case he nearly comes to blows with an individual he is accusing of betraying America.

2 - At one point you will see complaints trickling in from the upstairs residents who were holding a theatrical event. Haupts screaming was disturbing other residents of the church.

3 - It has been announced that 911 events at St Marks are now suspended.

Rick Siegel Speaks Out About 911truth

Here, in unedited form, is Mr. Rick Siegel's most recent editorial on 911 Truth. For those who do not know Mr. Siegel, he is the producer of 911 Eyewitness, as well as webmaster to numerous 911-themed websites that promote the work of James Fetzer, Judy Woods, Nico Haupt, Morgan Reynolds, 911Blimp, Webfairy, Killtown, among others.

Mon, 02/12/2007 - 17:16 — rick
Year End Report from the Battlefields

It has been a little over a year since my introduction into the world of “911Truth” and this is a report of it to my readers.

When Henrik Melvang, from, first contacted me, then introducing me to Dave, the producer and researcher from Blue Star Media, I had no idea what my recording from that day had, nor what was in store for me. The tape, showing criminal culpabilities of the ruling class, is more the Monkey’s Claw than the key to happiness and freedom it was hoped to be.

John Albanese to appear on Visibility 9/11 with Michael Woolsey

The broadcast time of this interview is still to be announced.

"...Ashcroft has revived the FBI's totally discredited COINTELPRO program, which flourished from 1956 to 1971, during the anti-war and civil rights movements."

John Ashcroft On Trial
Turning Justice On Its Head
by Nat Hentoff
January 11, 2002

This week, Visibility 9-11 visits the topic of COINTELPRO in what hopes to be a new series on issues facing the 9-11 Truth Movement. "Left gatekeepers", dis-information specialists, agent provocateurs, and internet "trolls" all work to distract and/or discredit the fine work of literally thousands of good and caring Americans involved in 9-11 Truth. It is important to recognize the history of things our government has done which has violated every tenet of a free society.

John Albanese will be discussing his upcoming film "Disinformation in the Information Age" and the rash of disruptions that have taken place within the 911 Truth movement over the last several years.

Subjects to be discussed:

- Cointelpro today - this is not your father's Oldsmobile - is it legal under the constitution?
- Is all research created equal?