Another High Rise in China Burns Completely Without Collapse

On Nov. 15th in China a 28 storey building burned on almost every floor, and stood the next day to be inspected. This was the fire:

And the next day:

Even the scaffolding is standing!!!

Furthermore, people are being held accountable in this very recent Chinese fire!

 The 9/11 victims families are still waiting for answers and accountability.

This is the fire that engulfed the Chinese CCTV building last year (and did not collapse):

Comparison Video - The Planned Demolition of the WTC


A video that compares aspects of well known, 'obvious' building demolitions with the almost hidden ones of WTC 1 & 2 on September 11th 2001. I say almost because ANYONE can watch this video and see it for themselves.

See hundreds of demolition charge flashes before and during the implosions of the towers.

Watch as huge horizontal blasts eject steel and concrete far below the collapsing section.

Its clear cut folks....those towers were absolutely laced with demo charges, fact.

And that creates all sorts of horrible thoughts....

We must expose the 9/11 Inside Job...for the victims, their families, subsequent war deaths and for everyone on this planet.

Thanks to the video "9/11: The Explosive Reality" - which inspired me to put this little video together.