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Mythbusters Tackle 911

Mythbusters Tackle 911
By Douglas Herman

Armed with a brand new batch of clever inventions and one eye-popping scale model, the intrepid team of Mythbusters decided to test a 911conspiracy theory, that the WTC towers collapsed by controlled demolition.

"We wanted to prove the conspiracy wackos wrong," said the intrepid duo, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. "And of course score some big bucks by blowing things up."

According to the New York Times, Mythbusters "may be the best science program on television." Throughout scores of entertaining episodes, the dynamic duo of Savage and Hyneman patiently construct scale models and then smash them, crush them, burn them or blow them up.

"Or blow them down," said Savage, cracking a grin. "All in the name of science."

Douglas Herman: The Absurdity Of The Official 9-11 Account

Comparable Examples of Fictional Media Reports

By Douglas Herman
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In a complex and well-coordinated heist, combining speed and stealth with an uncanny knowledge of automobile security systems, four tots hotwired a Toyota Land Rover and cruised along fabled Deco Drive in South Beach Miami. The merry group spent the evening crashing top night spots and easily eluding waitresses, bartenders and bouncers. Credit card receipts, obviously signed by one of the tots, showed thousands in charges for table dances, champagne and limo service. A crayon drawing left by one of the tots lent conclusive proof of their guilt, according to local law enforcement officials.

A trio of nuns broke into a North Dakota missile site in a complex and well-coordinated heist, combining speed and stealth with an uncanny knowledge of USAF security systems. The nuns quickly removed the nuclear warhead in 20 minutes from the ICBM using a crescent wrench, car jack and plastic crucifix. A nun's habit and Gideon Bible, inscribed with the name of one of the nuns, providently found at the crime scene, indicated conclusive proof of their guilt and the trio was quickly captured.