Revised Comments on the Draft Report NIST NCSTAR 1-9 by Dr. Frank Greening

Comments on the Draft Report NIST NCSTAR 1-9: “Structural Fire Response and Probable Collapse Sequence of World Trade Center Building 7”, issued by NIST August 21st, 2008

(Revised and Extended Version of Comments Issued September 11th 2008)

By F. R. Greening

1.0 Introduction

A preliminary (draft) version of NIST’s final report on the collapse of WTC 7 was issued on August 21st 2008 together with a call by NIST’s Investigation Team for the submission of comments on the Draft Report from interested parties within the general public. First I wish to thank NIST for producing such a detailed technical report on the collapse of WTC 7 and secondly, I applaud NIST for allowing researchers from around the world to offer technical feedback that hopefully will be duly considered by NIST before a final version of the report is issued.

Dems plans for 2007: Reinstitute the Draft

By Bob Dart, Cox Washington Bureau, Published on: 11/21/06

Washington —- "A leading member of the new Democratic majority in the House is calling for resuming the draft to spread the burden of military service across society —- a gap that Congress itself illustrates."

"When the Democrats take over Congress in January, Rangel said, he will introduce legislation to reinstate a draft for all young Americans".

See article here: http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/printedition/2006/11/21/natdraft1121a.html

My prediction: Rangel introduces the draft, Pelosi counters with “national service”: a draft for everyone. Bad cop, good cop.

Protest the war? Hell no son, you’re going to fight in the war. I here Iran is beautiful in the springtime.

Reminds me of an old folk saying: “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”