American cameraman / 22 hours of 9-11 footage / now wanted for murder

Headline: "American cameraman faces extradition"

Noteable and extremely significant excerpts:

•Kurt Sonnenfeld, a man who was provided provisory refugee status seven years ago, is now wanted by the US government on murder charges

•He is the only cameraman that filmed crucial images of Ground Zero in New York after the Twin Towers collapsed.

•Sonnenfeld, who lives in Buenos Aires with his Argentine family, says the footage proves that 9/11 was a lie. He still has the 22-hour footage that US authorities want.

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Personal commentary about this news: I think that this guy was framed just because they wanted to take his video footage.

We Are Change Activist Framed for Assaulting Handicapped Girl

(See also Gary's post-release statement.)

We Are Change Activist Framed for Assaulting Handicapped Girl

Kurt Nimmo, Infowars - April 24, 2008

It was apparently not enough Gary Talis was attacked and punched by John Lovetro for making the mistake of asking the women of the Bush crime family a question about 9/11 truth and the illegal and immoral Iraq occupation.

Witness Dianne Lipson took this photo of John Lovetro, restrained after attacking We Are Change activist Gary “German” Talis.