Inside 9/11

History Channel: "Inside 9/11" Is Total Propaganda

"We need a new 9/11" said one of the final voices in the HIstory Channel documentary, "Inside 9/11." This documentary was so blatently fraudulent, I would recommend showing it to someone so that they can see what the official story is. (At least at this time)

Some of the highlights are:
"Fires at the impact zones reached 2000 degrees farenheit."
Yet, there were people standing in the impact zones?
Yet they play the audio of firefighters on the 78th floor?

"The planes knocked all the fireproofing off of the building."

Then the timeline went something like this,
"10:20 a.m. - The South Tower collapses"
"8:20 p.m. - George Bush gives a speech from the White House"

Did they forget something? Oh yeah... building 7. That can't be important.

I'll have to watch this agan, hopefully someone will get it up on Google Video and do a full analysis.